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No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por end0rphine, 30 de Agosto de 2002. (Respostas: 4; Visualizações: 2658)

  1. end0rphine

    end0rphine Power Member



    "While Cate Archer wasn't the first popular superspy to spoof the sometimes hammy settings, villains, and plots of the numerous James Bond movies, she was the first computer game character to do so in such a successful manner. Released in 2000, The Operative: No One Lives Forever was a superb first-person shooter that blended an impressive graphics engine with witty dialogue and a humorous setting, which made it one of the most memorable action games in recent memory. In fact, NOLF's single-player campaign was so good, the game walked away with our Action Game of the Year award for that year. But as well executed as No One Lives Forever's single-player game was, its multiplayer component was passable at best. Quake III and Unreal Tournament weren't even a year old at the time of NOLF's release, and when compared to those two online powerhouses, the multiplayer modes and the somewhat floaty controls of No One Lives Forever simply didn't stack up. In creating the sequel to No One Lives Forever, the designers at Monolith opted to eschew the tried-and-true but highly competitive standard multiplayer modes of deathmatch, capture the flag, and whatnot in favor of the path less traveled: cooperative play--the ability for multiple players to work together in order to complete objectives in a manner typically found in single-player games. We were able to take a firsthand look at NOLF 2's somewhat unique multiplayer mode during a recent visit to the Monolith offices in the Seattle area, and we liked what we saw.

    The streets of Calcutta are cramped but very colorful.

    Only a few first-person shooters in recent memory have included a single-player cooperative mode, the most memorable of which are the Serious Sam series for the PC and Halo for the Xbox. In all of those games, this mode is simply the single-player component played with numerous players simultaneously. And while there's no questioning the amount of fun to be had in Halo's or Serious Sam's cooperative modes, replicating that formula for No One Lives Forever 2 would have been impossible, according to Monolith. That's because the single-player game is so story driven, so dependent on Cate Archer's presence, and has so many lines of dialogue and scripted events, that converting that entire campaign into a cooperative mode would have "broken" the game. Instead, No One Lives Forever 2 will have about a dozen cooperative-only levels that will be slightly different from their single-player counterparts in that they'll have their own plot and characters. Most of these missions will take place either before or after familiar single-player missions. For example, one of these minicampaigns takes place in Calcutta, a few hours before the events in the corresponding single-player level. You'll be part of a team of UNITY members--the same organization that sponsors Cate Archer's globe-trotting and villain-bashing--that's been sent in to prepare the area for Cate's arrival, which takes place in one of the single-player missions. You and the other players on this intercept team will be tasked with scoping out the area where a meeting between Cate and a local named Balaji Malpani is scheduled to take place.

    Cate Archer has seen some better days.

    Successful completion of this and other multiplayer missions will require that you accomplish several tasks as a team. In the case of this Calcutta mission, your first task is to meet up with a UNITY informant named Kamal, who'll ask you for 40 rupees before giving you access to a part of town that you need to get to. This money is spread around the level in 10-rupee increments, though it won't take you long to collect the full amount in between the sporadic firefights that you'll find yourself engaged in. After paying Kamal off, you'll be able to enter the previously inaccessible part of this level, and it's here that the fighting with the locals really becomes frantic. The AI in NOLF 2 has been significantly retooled since the original game, and as such, the enemies that you'll face will put up quite a fight. In classic NOLF fashion, you'll often stumble upon a pair of guards who are already engaged in a humorous conversation about monkeys or grandmothers, but once the fighting starts, enemies in the area will be alerted not only by the sounds of gunfire, but by the sight of their fallen comrades. Since the enemies in NOLF 2 are so sensitive to dead bodies, you'll now have the ability to pick up those that you've killed or knocked unconscious in order to move them to a secure area, away from prying eyes."

    fonte: gamespot.com
  2. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    "I don't want your monkey!" ehheh :cool:
  3. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Isso é o teaser...
  4. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    *cof* Que eu já postei noutra thread criada para tal *cof*

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