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Nokia N-Gage 2 expected on 14th

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  1. jll

    jll Power Member

    " IN AN ATTEMPT to bolster its attack on the gaming sector, Nokia is expected to showcase an improved version of its N-Gage 'gaming deck'.

    This improved version, labelled the N-Gage 2 by most observers, will cure two of its main deficiencies.

    One much needed modification will be to allow MMC cards - used for storing games - to be inserted and removed without the necessity to disassemble the battery, like now.

    The second will be an improved means of using the N-Gage as a regular mobile phone without having to hold it to your head like a Dork. This mod could be as simple as improved support for Bluetooth headsets.

    However. Other sources say Nokia will simply relocate the microphone and earpiece so it more closely resembles a mobile phone.

    According to our sources, the N-Gage 2 should feature one of the latest Texas Instruments OMAP 2 chips ? either the OMAP2410 or the OMAP2420 ? which incorporate the PowerVR MBX core licensed from Imagination Technologies.

    A picture of the N-Gage 2 has appeared here) which implies the N-Gage 2 will have a built in camera as there's a camera menu option clearly visible. µ "

    More infos in: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=15293

    Jorge Lopes

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