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Vou usar este tópico para colocar algumas informações que os projectos vão apresentando nos seus sites e que podem ser relevantes. Alguém que veja alguma notícia importante fornecida por um determinado projecto, pode colocar aqui. :)

DepSpid em 11 de Setembro:
Longer planned outage
Starting at 24th September, the project server will be offline for at least 4 weeks. During the first 10 days of this outage, the project server will be partly online to accept returning results but there won't be new work available. The exact length of the outage depends on the progress of an outstanding restructuring of the backend database. It won't be shorter than 4 weeks but may even least for 5 or 6 weeks if things go bad.
Rectilinear Crossing Project em 21 de Setembro:
From November 14th 2006 until today we had no hardware problems at all. But today our server wasn't able to write to the raid anymore. After a restart most services work again and probably I will be able to reactivate the database and restart RCN today. But there must be some hardware failure and therefore the crash might reoccur in the future. Unfortunately I will be on a research stay in France from Sep. 25th until Oct. 8th. So if the project isn't running, you might want to crunch workunits from our Sudoku-Project ( meantime.
[email protected] em 28 de Setembro:
Work units aborted
It seems the new 64 bit applications are working very well indeed. Thanks a lot Crunch3r! I have aborted all outstanding work units now, so you will find that there's no credit for anything currently crunching. This is to stop them being resent every time they come in over deadline. You should all abort anything you have from APS on the client side to avoid wasted effort. Work is continuing to fix the deadline bug. Thanks for your patience...
Não há nada ainda sobre o XtremLab... :(
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@ nunyx, editei o título, para estar mais de acordo com o tema da thread ;)
Fizeste bem. :D

Mais uma notícia que me parece importante:

Malaria Control em 12 de Setembro (editada a 21 Set):
A new science application called "optimizer" will be launched from Monday 17.September onwards, or shortly there after. Watch this thread for news, it will be announced when we start.

At first, it will be run as a test application, meaning that only users who have "run test applications" and "run optimizer application" checked in their account settings (under preferences) will get work.

In addition, only windows hosts will get work.

Work units will take from 5 min up to one hour, depending on the model parameters. No checkpointing is done, and progress will not be indicated, so wait at least for an hour before thinking the work unit could be stuck..
Calculation is done by a java program, contained within the standard boinc-"wrapper" application. You need to have java installed.. if not, you will be prompted to do so.
Deadlines: in the testing phase 48h, after that three days.
Pus apenas parte do que lá tinham, podem ver o resto aqui e o update de dia 21 aqui, com alguns pormenores relevantes.

BURP em 29 de Setembro:
If you have workunits from session 648 please abort them as the session has been cancelled since it was hitting some of the built-in time limits of the client.
[email protected] em 29 de Setembro:
Additional clients
Thanks to Dotsch clients for PS3 and Sparc Solaris could be added. Please test and report success and problems in our forum. A Boinc 5.11.0 client for Solaris can be downloaded here.
PS3? :D

E agora algumas explicações para possíveis servidores down:

[email protected] a 1 de Outubro:
Server maintenance
Today at 6:30pm GMT I'll shutdown the server to do a full backup and database cleanup. The server will be offline for about 2-3 hours, during first 30 minutes website may be offline.
[email protected] a 1 de Outubro:
We had three server crashes over the weekend and are recovering now. Details later today in technical news.

a 1 de Outubro:
Há novamente um atraso na implementação da nova base de dados. Razões aqui. As novas workunits estarão disponíveis daqui a 1 ou 2 dias.
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[email protected] a 9 Outubro:
Partial results from the project are available here for everybody to download and will be updated once every day. The binary file contains all abc-triples we've found so far. Probably later on we will release something to read the file with and search through this database of triples. If you don't need this, please don't download it to spare the server.

Não são muitos os projectos que apresentam os seus resultados, mas é sempre bom quando o fazem. :)


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Ah, mas só agora é que puseram essa informação, ainda ontem ou hoje de manhã tinha verificado e não estava lá. Demorou, mas ao menos já deram notícias. :P


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ClimatePrediction a 22 de Outubro:
The BBC Climate Change Experiment has won the internet category of the Prix Europa, a pan-European media award. More details can be seen on the Prix Europa website. We would like to thank once again our BBC participants for all their efforts towards making this possible.

NQueens a 22 de Outubro:
Server down for few hours due to electrical issues.

MalariaControl a 22 de Outubro:
We have now opened account creation again. Welcome new users! Please read our Rules and Policies before you attach to the project.


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Enigma a 30 de Outubro:
I'm going to shutdown the server tomorrow (31.10.2007) at 7:30pm GMT to do a full upgrade to the latest SVN revision. The server will be down for a couple of hours, during this time only forum will be accessible, I'll make a post there with informations about progress.

Spinhenge a 30 de Outubro:
The new application with the new screensaver and checkpointing is out only for Windows. The Linux version will come soon. We have to correct something.

SIMAP a 31 de Outubro:
New workunits: The calculation of similarities and features of the approx. 80.000 new sequences, that were imported from the databases PDB, RefSeq and Uniprot in october, and the calculation of more sequence similarities of several environmental sequencing projects, will start on november 1st in the evening (UTC).

NCSSM a 5 de Novembro:
Account creation and user of the day is now disabled
Due to the abuse of this system by spammers, both account creation and the user of the day are disabled. Neither will be re-enabled until the db is purged of spammers and accounts can be validated.

POEM a 5 de Novembro:
First of all to state the obvious: We have a new webdesign^^. Apart from that we rolled out new applications for Windows and Linux on Friday, which implement checkpointing, so now you can stop and resume our workunits and don't need to finish them in one batch. However good news always come with bad news: The downtime from the 31. was postponed to today or tomorrow, so don't worry, if [email protected] is down for a few hours.

Rosetta a 5 de Novembro:
[email protected] has been updated to version 5.81. This version contains small, but essential changes to the scientific protocols. For details, see this thread.
Due to some bookeeping issues, the current stable version of Rosetta 5.69 is now 5.82.

[email protected] a 8 de Novembro:
At the moment our workunits are quite large, as we have run out of smaller ones due to a race, read more about it here ...
A new page, that shows the progress of the workunit batches on the server: Workunit status

[email protected] a 8 e 9 de Novembro:
Outage Notice: The project will be down tomorrow for a few hours starting at around noon Friday Nov 9th for maintenance and a server upgrade.
We are back online. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues trying to upgrade the server so the upgrade will be postponed until early next week.

[email protected] a 9 de Novembro:
Due to work being carried out in the Physics Department at Queen Mary, University of london the electricity supply needs to be turned off for the weekend. This means that the [email protected] server/service will be unavailable from 17:30 GMT today (09/11/07) till 09:30 GMT on Monday (12/11/07). Sorry for the short notice but we have only been informed. Thanks, Neasan & Alex.
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as wu's do qmc tao msm uma brutalidade bruta, tenho aki uma k tinha estimated time 200 horas...
Pois, mas acaba por ser só (:D) cerca de 66h. ;)


DepSpid a 11 de Novembro:
Project restart delayed
The restart of the project is currently delayed. There are two reasons for this delay: The main reason is a hardware failure which occurred more than one month ago. It took some weeks to find the cause for the hardware failure: a damaged graphics adapter. The faulty graphics adapter was replaced yesterday but the maintenance of the backend database which was the original reason for the long outage was interrupted due to the hardware failure and still needs to be done. The second reason is that a new spider application is currently being build and tested. This new spider version needs to be ready before the project will be restarted. The current estimation is that there will be another two or three weeks before the project will restart.