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Kernel Linux cumpre 30 anos.

Bom aniversário ao Tux e boas celebrações para quem use Linux !



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Mais um novo "sabor", Cutefish a versão baseada em aparência "tipo" Mac Os.

"CutefishOS is a Linux desktop operating system that focuses on simplicity, beauty and practicality. Our goal is to provide users with a comfortable interface design, a better user experience, and meet the needs of various scenarios."

Link dos desenvolvedores »

E uma distribuição com o referido, ambiente de trabalho.


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Star Labs introduce the small and mighty StarLite Mk IV​

Star Labs was formed back in 2016 by "a bunch of geeks" and they offer something not many vendors do with Linux support out of the box, open source firmware support that allows you to switch between American Megatrends (AMI) Aptio V or coreboot any time you feel like it. They even have their own open source coreboot configuration UI, that allows you to tweak all sorts of hardware settings.

Pena ser ainda um Gemini Lake refresh, custa à volta de 400£