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    AnyDATA Corporation announced the release of the world's smallest wireless USB modem to carriers worldwide. The ADU-610 allows Internet download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps making wireless broadband accessible for PDAs, notebook and home PCs.

    The ADU-610 high-speed modem works
    worldwide on 3G networks that utilize the latest HSDPA/UMTS technology. In areas where the carrier has deployed 2.5G networks, the USB modem till transmits at 384 kbps.

    Even though it provides ample speeds for home Internet access, the ADU-610 is designed for portability. It is small as a keychain - 35x93x10mm - and has an internal antenna unlike first-generation data cards. The device is certified for PCs using Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) drivers. The modem has also been certified to support Windows Vista.

    The USB modem has its own battery and operates at maximum allowable output power. The modem works worldwide on wireless networks that utilize high-speed 2.1Ghz frequencies as well as 1800 and 900Mhz GSM networks. One of the leading carriers in Korea has already certified the ADU-610 and is commercially available to its subscribers.

    "It has never been easier to enjoy the speed and ubiquitous access of broadband 3G wireless networks, than using the breakthrough ADU-610 modem," said Charles Napier, Vice President of Marketing for AnyDATA. "While innovative in its performance and small design, it comes with the reliability of AnyDATA who has certified its modem products with over 54 carriers in 42 countries worldwide."

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