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novo PDFClerk 3.0 by SintraWorks

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  1. syMMys

    syMMys Banido

    PDFClerk meets Leopard.

    Nova versão deste bom software desenvolvido em Portugal.


    SintraWorks Releases PDFClerk Pro 3.0
    PDFClerk Pro 3.0, the sequel to the PDFClerk 2.x series was written from the ground up to take advantage of Mac OS X 10.5's many improvements. It is both more efficient and more powerful, adding many new features to its repertoire, and improving on features it already performed well. These are the main new features:

    New: PDF outlines (a.k.a. Boomarks): Create and edit outline items manually or automatically.
    New: PDF annotations: Mark up and collaborate on documents with ease.
    New: PDF forms: Create and edit interactive forms.
    New: PDF document encryption.
    New: Selectable and searchable document text.
    New: Thumbnail view for light-table style views of your documents.
    New: PDFClerk files can be exchanged without losing custom layouts.
    New: More powerful page and imposition layout features: incl. even/odd sheet margins and resizing media boxes.
    New: Speech: Have selected text or whole documents read back to you or saved to an audio file.
    New: Applescript: Automate repetitive tasks.
    New: Font info: the fonts used in selected text.
    New: Use the remote control to browse documents and/or present them fullscreen.
    New: More new features and many interface improvements.
    Download: http://sintraworks.com/media/PDFClerkPro3_0.dmg

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