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Novos Mods para Vice City

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 12 de Abril de 2004. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 1583)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Em vez de estar a abrir uma thread para cada um aqui fica:

    KillerKip's Full GTA Vice City Mod Pack 1.3 - http://www.killerkip.be/gtavcreadme.htm

    This mod installs the following new features: DMagic1's Wheelmod installed (DMagic1); standard-custom wheels (Blaer); New loading and exit screens; New menu-screen; New in-game loading screens; Gangs are not hostile; Extra cars in the streets; New handling for many cars; New colission files for most vehicles; Correct carnames; Credit-boards ingame; Adapted carnames for the Gone In 60" missions; Hidden packages replaced by Chupa Chups; Nude models in the stripclub (Nico); New Sunbrellas; DeathStar moon; Money dropped by pedestrians is in euros; Many new weapons (Commando Funebrero) ; New advertisement billboards. Plus, the mod adds more than 90 new vehicles! For more details check out KillerKip's website.


    HALO Invasion - http://www.kdiweb.net/software/games/shootemup/gta/index.php

    Through a time warp between video games it was possible for a Warthog of the future to slip into 80's Vice City. Now Tommy, transformed into a HALO soldier, can do real damage! Featuring: [ the famous "HALO Warthog" that replaces the "BF Injection" - Player model of HALO sordier (beta version)! - Trademark logo of HALO at the back! - Rotating minigun on top of driver! - Specially edited .col file to match model. - Large wheels like a monster track (or a mini-monster track) ]. Experience the massacre a soldier from the future caused in 80's Vice City!



    Master of Disguise - Volume 2 - http://www.kdiweb.net/software/games/shootemup/gta/index.php

    In this package you'll find over half a douzen of "costumes" Tommy uses and make him resemble famous and infamous personas of Vice city. You'll recognize a few, figure them out yourselves. Tommy has been doing it for so long that it's like a second nature to him. He picks a person, kills him, and pretends he is him for a while so that he passes unrecognized to his avengers. But don't keep a disguise too long or they'll sniff you out! This is the second volume of a two part series of disguises, check out the first one also that contained 12(!) costumes


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