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novos virus!

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Andr0m3da, 25 de Maio de 2002. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 1223)

  1. Andr0m3da

    Andr0m3da Power Member

    Three computer worms are described in this week's
    report on malicious code: Spida.B, W32/Kazoa and VBS/Chick.E.

    Spida.B spreads through servers with the Microsoft SQL application installed
    and whose system administrator account is not password protected. For this
    reason, machines that have not been correctly protected -by default the
    administrator account is not password-protected after installation- could be
    infected by this worm. Spida.B is also designed to obtain passwords from the
    affected computer and send them to an e-mail address with a file called

    W32/Kazoa is a worm that spreads through the file-swapping application
    "Kazaa" and uses the name of a well-known computer game, film or music file
    to disguise itself and trick users into downloading the worm to their
    computers. After getting into a computer, Kazoa generates a large number of
    files infected with its code and 3,083 copies of itself in the folder
    "%Windows%\Temp\sys32", adding unusable data in order to increase the file
    size. In order to ensure that it is run every time the computer is started
    up, this worm modifies an entry in the Windows Registry in the affected


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