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O comeco de uma nova era Seagate Lanca ATA V

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Isotic, 22 de Julho de 2002. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 975)

  1. Isotic

    Isotic Power Member

    Seagate Launches The Barracuda ATA V

    On June 24, 2002, Seagate launched their latest and greatest in hard drive technology - the Barracuda ATA V. This drive carries a total of 120 GB of storage capacity, but what's impressive is that it does this utilizing just *two* platters.

    That's right - two. The ATA V uses the latest in extreme data-density to pack more information in the same amount of space.

    But it doesn't stop there. This drive will also be the first from Seagate to offer their new Serial ATA Interface.

    So What is Serial ATA?

    Today's PC's utilize a parallel ATA drive bus. This technology has been around for nearly 15 years, and while it has done its best to keep pace with advances in other technology, its time has come. There are just too many technological hurdles to make it an efficient choice for the future.

    Enter Serial ATA. At speeds up to 50% higher than parallel, Serial ATA wraps the data bits into a packet and sends them down the wire. Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC) is also improved. Today's parallel interfaces perform CRC checks on the data being transmitted - but not on the commands. Serial ATA integrates CRC on both command and data packet levels, meaning enhanced bus reliability. The CRC code detects all single and double-bit errors, ensuring a detection rate of 99.998%, which prevents both data corruption and avoids time-consuming retransmission. Performance is enhanced further by a 150 MB/sec data transfer rate on the bus to the host system. Add to that intelligent data handling, hot plug capability, the elimination of master/slave jumpers, and longer, thinner cables with snap-in connectors, and you've got every reason you'd ever need to make the switch already.

    But How Fast Is The Drive?

    According to Seagate, "mainstream applications see performance boosts of as much as 44 percent". Barracuda ATA V has the world's fastest PC hard drive internal transfer rate at up to 570 Mbits per second, and a 9-msec seek time. The Ultra ATA/100 version features a 2-Mbyte cache, and the Serial ATA version will sport an 8-Mbyte cache, the largest on any PC hard drive.

    So Quiet, You Could Hear A Bit Drop...

    Seagate's patented SoftSonic(tm) Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor makes the fast 7,200-rpm Barracuda ATA V almost too quiet to hear, using the same technology that made Barracuda ATA IV the first virtually silent PC drive. Seagate invented the FDB motor for hard drives and has shipped more than all other drive makers combined. No more turning your speakers up to drown out your hard drive noise.

    In Conclusion...

    Obviously, there is more to this story than just the hard drive. Several key pieces have to fall into place before you'll get the full performance from this new technology. But imagine in the near future the first consumer *Terrabyte* drives and just how much you could put on one. The data-density technology leap is the first step to get us there.

    Source: Seagate
  2. Rudzer

    Rudzer Power Member

    Bem mesmo a calhar a ver se aparece +/- com as boards baseadas no KT400 ou sis648 a preços decentes claro ;)
  3. pnabais

    pnabais Power Member

    Gostava de saber era o preço disso ... da versão serial-ATA, claro. :)

    SKATAN Power Member

    não se esqueçam de adicionar o preço da mobo que suporta serial ata , claro ;)
  5. RedEagle

    RedEagle Power Member

    Great Hard Drive

    Excelente Post!

    O meu único comentário é o seguinte:

    Finalmente existe um concorrente para os discos Western Digital - Special Edition com 8 Mb cache!

    Só é pena que ainda demorem a aparecer as boards com suporte para serial ata e também vamos esperar um pouco pelos discos, de certeza...

    Sem dúvida que a tecnologia continua a evoluir rapidamente.


    Red Eagle
  6. Caspanatola

    Caspanatola Power Member

    Curti o conector.

  7. pnabais

    pnabais Power Member


    Se deres uma vista de olhos pelas specs das boards vais encontrar RAID IDE, som on-board 6 canais, Firewire, Usb2.0, etc.
    Por isso, não me pareçe que um controlador serial ATA torne a board muito mais cara ... o meu receio é mais com os discos.

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