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OCZ PC2-6400 EL Platinum XTC

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    Press Release OCZ PC2-6400 EL Platinum XTC
    OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the highly-anticipated Platinum XTC memory series. The first inclusion to the new series will be the PC2-6400 EL Platinum Edition XTC, engineered to implement the recently introduced and highly commended OCZ XTC heatspreader design.

    In addition to offering gamers and overclockers an enhanced thermal solution for their memory, the PC2-6400 Platinum XTC series delivers exceptional next generation DDR2 performance and stability. At DDR2-800, these modules are rated to run at 4-5-4 timings offering lower latencies than standard DDR2 modules and giving high-end Intel based systems that extra performance edge that is demanded by today's hard core gamers and enthusiasts.


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