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Xbox OnLive - Revolutionary New Gaming Platform.

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por hugiPT, 25 de Março de 2009. (Respostas: 6; Visualizações: 719)

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  1. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    To make this clear because some people are confused
    Your computer isnt playing the game, your watching an instantaneous HD Video stream of the game your playing on On Lives Supercomputer.
    Your controller responses upload instantaneously to the game and the compression rate sends you an HD stream of the game back to your computer in under a millisecond.
    They are able to do this with a new form of compression they created called Interactive HD Video Compression.

    This allows you to play the HIGHEST end games on a basic computer because your just getting an HD video stream


    G4TV Interview

    Gametrailors Interview

    This platform will support titles by publishers currently on
    Xbox 360, PS3 and possibly Wii
    And future titles that the current gen consoles cant handle
    graphically wise.

    OnLive will make upgrading your computer for new games or buying a new generation console obsolete.

    OnLive is a new revolutionary gaming platform that uses a plugin into your browser & full screen display to play games on a super cloud-computing server farm while streaming the hi-def video back to you in under a millisecond (reaction times beyond human perception) with their new video compression technology.

    (there will be NO response lag. It will perform like LAN)

    Consoles will simply never be able to compete with this processing power because everything is run on a SUPER SERVER FARM beyond anything you can buy for home.

    So now computers with a GPU from 1995 can play CRISIS on its highest settings as long as you have a:

    1.5 M/bit connection (STANDARD DEF)
    5 M/bit connection (HIGH-DEF)


    The OnLive service will be a monthly subscription much like Xbox Live, but you get so much more.

    - Movies
    - Games (Rent a game, Buy a game)
    - Brag Clips (Record your games and clip them)
    - Full Profile
    - Webcam support! (Use your existing computer webcam)
    - View other players playing games (Millions of people can watch 1 person)
    - Try before you buy (Demo games or watch top players)
    - High-performance games (No high-end hardware required)
    - Any game, instantly (No downloads or installs)
    - State-of-the-art gaming (Always the latest titles running smooth as silk)
    - LAN equivalent online multi-player


    Why is this so amazing?
    Any computer is turned into a console reguardless of its hardware

    All games are played on a sever farm so its LAN gaming online.

    The moment a new game is released its already available OnLive to be played.
    No waiting to get a game, no need for preorders.
    And the games never have to be downloaded. One click and your playing.

    OnLive can be played with mouse and keyboard OR a controller
    (and you can designate your game to restrict one or the other)

    The OnLive Controller


    Whats the best part?
    Its been in development for 7 years.
    Its available WINTER 2009!!!

    The current publishers that are providing games are
    More publishers will be added/announced in summer.


    Desculepm estar em inglês mas tirei dos Forums da MLG.

    Só espero que isto tenha os Shooters da Xbox.

    Vou comprar :D
  2. SUN

    SUN Power Member

    Quero ver o tempo que isso demorará a chegar a Portugal.

    Por enquanto é tudo muito bonito, vamos ver quando passar a practica.
  3. hugiPT

    hugiPT Banido

    Estou a rezar para que seja PERFEITO !

    Pois vai ser Épico :D

    Só espero que tenha Halo , Gears e CoD´s :D
  4. raVemjr

    raVemjr I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Ideia demasiado à frente do seu tempo. Numa altura em que o pessoal se queixa de ratos wireless terem demasiada latência, jogar lado-a-lado com uma ligação HD deve ser bonito, deve...
  5. SUN

    SUN Power Member

    O youtube que n é interactivo é lento, fará milhoes de pessoas a jogar.
  6. .DX.

    .DX. Power Member

    tal como diz um tipo da infinity ward

  7. EagleEye

    EagleEye Colaborador
    Staff Member

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