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Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por Tuga 66, 30 de Dezembro de 2007. (Respostas: 11; Visualizações: 2669)

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  1. Tuga 66

    Tuga 66 Power Member

    Boas amigos gostaria de deixar aqui a minha lista de jogos PSP

    deixem os voços também

    Fifa 2008
    Need For Speed Carbon Own the city
    Piratas das Caraíbas nos confins do mundo

    007 From Russia With Love​
    7 Wonders of the Ancient World​
    50 Cent Bulletproof G Unit Edition​
    300 March to Glory​
    Ace Combat X Skies of Deception​
    Aces of War​
    Activision Hits Remixd​
    Aedis Eclipse Generation of Chaos​
    After Burner​
    Ape Academy​
    Ape Academy 2​
    Ape Escape P​
    Archer Maclean's Mercury​
    Armored Core Formula Front Extreme Battle​
    Arthur and the Minimoys​
    Asphalt Urban GT 2​
    Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Mission Wifix​
    Astonishia Story​
    ATV Offroad Fury Blazin' Trails​
    ATV Offroad Fury Pro​
    Avatar The Legend of Aang​
    Battle Zone​
    Blade Dancer Lineage of Light​
    Bliss Island​
    Bounty Hounds​
    Breath of Fire 3​
    Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play​
    Brooktown High​
    Brothers in Arms - D Day​
    Bubble Bobble Evolution​
    Burnout Dominator​
    Burnout Legends​
    Bust a Move Ghost​
    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Ultimate Challenge​
    Call of Duty - Roads to Victory​
    Capcom Classics Collection Remixed​
    Capcom Puzzle World​
    Carol Vorderman's SUDOKU​
    Championship Manager 2005​
    Championship Manager 2007​
    Chili Con Carnage​
    Coded Arms​
    Collin McRae Rally 2005​
    Crash Tag Team Racing​
    Dave Mirra BMX Challenge​
    Dead to Rights Reckoning​
    Death Jr​
    Death Jr. II Root of Evil​
    Def Jam Fight For N.Y. The TakeOver​
    Diner Dash Sizzle & Serve​
    Disney's Cars​
    Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai​
    Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai - Another Road​
    Driver 76​
    DTM Race Driver 3 Challenge​
    Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground​
    Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony​
    Dynasty Warriors​
    Dynasty Warriors Vol.2​
    EA Replay​
    Everibody's Golf​
    Every Extend Extra​
    Exit 2​
    F1 2006​
    F1 Grand Prix​
    Family Guy - The Video Game​
    Field Commander​
    FIFA 2006​
    FIFA 2007​
    FIFA Soccer 2005​
    FIFA Street 2​
    FIFA World Cup Germany 2006​
    Fight Night Round 3​
    Final Armada​
    Finder Love - Aki Hoshino​
    Finder Love - Risa Kudô​
    Fired Up​
    Football Manager Handheld​
    Football Manager Handheld 2007​
    Ford Bold Moves Street Racing​
    Ford Street Racing L. A. Duel​
    Free Running​
    Frogger Helmet Chaos​
    Full Auto 2 Battlelines​
    Gangs of London​
    Generation of Chaos​
    Ghost Rider​
    Gitaroo Man Lives!​
    Glorace Phantastic Carnival​
    Gradius Collection​
    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories​
    Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories V3​
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories​
    Gretzky NHL​
    Gretzky NHL 2006​
    Guilty Gear Judment / Guilty Gear X2​
    Gun Showdown​
    Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure​
    Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire​
    Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix​
    Hot Brain​
    Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing​
    Impossible Mission​
    Innocent Life - A Futuristic Harvest Moon​
    Juiced Eliminator​
    Justice League Heroes​
    Kao Challengers​
    Key of Heaven​
    L.A. Rush​
    Legend of the Dragon​
    LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy​
    Loco Roco​
    Lumines 2​
    Luxor - The Wrath of Set​
    M.A.C.H. - Modified Air Combat Heroes​
    Madden NFL 06​
    Magic Sudoku​
    Magna Carta Portable​
    Marvel Nemesis Rise of The Imperfects​
    Marvel Trading Card Game​
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance​
    Me And My Katamari​
    Medievil Resurrection​
    Mega Man Maverick Hunter X​
    Megaman Powered Up​
    Mercury Meltdown​
    Metal Gear Ac!d​
    Metal Gear Ac!d 2​
    Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops​
    Metal Slug Anthology​
    Miami Vice​
    Micro Machines V4​
    Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition​
    Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play​
    Mind Quis​
    MLB 2006 The Show​
    Monster Hunter Freedom​
    Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner​
    Mortal Kombat Unchained​
    Moto GP​
    MTX Mototrax​
    MX Vs ATV Unleashed On The Edge​
    Namco Museum Battle Collection​
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes​
    Nascar 2007​
    NBA 2005​
    NBA 2007​
    NBA Ballers Rebound​
    NBA Live 2006​
    NBA Street Showdown​
    Need For Speed Most Wanted 5.1.0​
    Need For Speed Underground Rivals​
    NeoPets PetPet Adventures - The Wand of Wishing​
    NFL Street 3​
    NHL 2007​
    Online Chess Kingdoms​
    OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast​
    Over the Hedge - Hammy Goes Nuts​
    Pac-Man World 3​
    Pac-Man World Rally​
    Parappa The Rapper​
    Passport to Amsterdam​
    Passport to Barcelona​
    Passport to London​
    Passport to Paris​
    Payout Poker & Casino​
    Peter Jackson's King Kong​
    Pilot Academy​
    Pimp My Ride​
    Pinball Hall of Fame - The Gottlieb Collection​
    Pirates of the Caribbean At the World's End​
    Pocket Pool​
    Pocket Racers​
    Power Stone Collection​
    Practical Intelligence Quotient​
    Practical Intelligence Quotient 2​
    Prince Of Persia Revelations​
    Prince Of Persia Rival Swords​
    Pro Evolution Soccer 5​
    Pro Evolution Soccer 6​
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2007​
    Prostroke Golf World Tour 2007​
    Pursuit Force​
    Puyo Pop Fever​
    Puzzle Bobble Pocket​
    Puzzle Quest Challenge Of The Warlords​
    Puzzle Scape​
    Rainbow Islands Evolution​
    Rapala Trophies​
    Ratchet And Clank - Size Matters​
    Reel Fishing - Great Outdoors​
    Rengoku - The Tower of Purgatory​
    Rengoku 2 - The Stairway to HEAVEN​
    Ridge Racer​
    Ridge Racer 2​
    Riviera The Promised Land​
    Rocky Balboa​
    Samurai Warriors State of War​
    SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship​
    Scarface - Money, Power, Respect​
    Scooby Doo Who's Watching Who?​
    Sega Genesis Collection​
    Sega Mega Drive Collection​
    Sega Rally​
    Shinobido Tales of the Ninja​
    Shrek Smash'n Crash​
    Shrek The Third​
    Sid Meier's Pirates​
    Silent Hill​
    Smart Bomb​
    Smash Court Tennis 3​
    Snoopy Vs The Red Baron​
    Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo​
    Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2​
    Sonic Rivals​
    Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires​
    Spectral Vs Generation​
    Spider-Man 2​
    Sponge Bob Squarepants - The Yellow Avenger​
    SSX On Tour​
    Star Soldier​
    Star Trek Tactical Assault​
    Star Wars Battlefront 2​
    Steel Horizon​
    Street Fighter Alpha Max 3​
    Street Riders​
    Street Supremacy​
    Super Fruit Fall​
    Super Monkey Ball Adventure​
    Surf's Up​
    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror​
    Taito Legends​
    Tales of Eternia​
    Tales of the World - Radiant Mythology​
    Talkman Euro​
    Tekken Dark Resurrection​
    Tenchu Time of the Assassins​
    Teste Drive Unlimited​
    The Bigs​
    The Con​
    The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift​
    The Godfather - Mob Wars​
    The History Channel - Great Battles of Rome​
    The Hustle Detroit Streets​
    The Legend of Heroes​
    The Legend of Heroes II - Profecy of the Moonlight Witch​
    The Legend of Heroes III - Song of the Ocean​
    The Lord of The Rings Tactics​
    The Sims 2​
    The Sims 2 - Pets​
    The Warriors​
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006​
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007​
    Toca Race Driver 2​
    Tomb Raider Legend​
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas​
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials​
    Tony Hawk's Project 8​
    Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix​
    Transformers - The Game​
    Traxxpad - Portable Studio​
    Twisted Metal Head On​
    UEFA Champions League 2006-2007​
    Ultimate Board Game Collection​
    Ultimate Ghost'n Goblins​
    Untold Legends - Brotherhood of the Blade​
    Untold Legends - The Warrios Code​
    Valhalla Knights​
    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth​
    Vampire Chronicle - The Chaos Tower​
    Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble​
    Virtua Tennis 3​
    Virtual Tennis World Tour​
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire​
    Winx - Join the Club​
    Wipeout Pulse​
    Wipeout Pure​
    World Championship Poker 2 - Howard Lederer​
    World Series of Poker - Tournament of Champions 2007 Edition​
    Worms Open Warfare​
    WRC FIA World Rally Championship​
    WTF - Work Time Fun​
    WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2007​
    WWE SmackDown Vs Raw 2006​
    Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force​
  2. Sora

    Sora Power Member

    ^Isto é o que eu chamo de aproveitar a pirataria ao máximo!

    A minha lista é pequena por isso não têm muito que ler.

    UMD Games:

    - Pirates of the Caribbean At The World's End
    - Daxter
    - Tekken Dark Ressurrection

    UMD Video:

    - Resident Evil Apocalypse

  3. SiliconeSoul

    SiliconeSoul Power Member

    Grande LOL, acabaste esses jogos todos ou isso é só para fazeres colecção ? é que assim nem usufruis daquilo que tens.

    Só tenho estes (originais) e já me dao para entreter:

    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    Bubble Bobble Evolution
    SmackDown vs. Raw 2008
    Smashcourt Tennis 3
    Última edição: 30 de Dezembro de 2007
  4. Tuga 66

    Tuga 66 Power Member


    tenho k ser cinsero é obvio que não os joguei todos mas exprementei-os lool

  5. l@rama

    [email protected] I folded Myself

    Qual é a piada? Aposto que não tocas em nenhum
  6. Sora

    Sora Power Member


    Acho que a regra é simples... Comprar (ou noutros casos, "adquirir") e aproveitar completamente a experiência de jogo e só depois "adquirir" outro jogo.

  7. Drakes

    Drakes Power Member

    fds tipo...com tanto jogo ai em casa deves pensar o que vais jogar nao?? para que tanto jogo... desses jogos todos usas para ai 15 no max :s

    bem cumps
  8. zeNice

    zeNice Power Member

    A reportagem que deu no discovery como se tem vindo a comprovar, isto dos jogos já é quase uma maneira de um gajo se exibir e de muita competição, mas é saudavel.

    Vir para aqui mostrar o histórico do emule e torrents para dizer "ya man tenho bue jogos, sou buedabue" é que está mal.

    Todos esses jogos deves ter jogado uns 10 e já são muitos, para quê meteres ai a lista toda dos jogos de 2001 até 2008? :joker:
  9. ohleok

    ohleok Power Member

    Estes são os que tenho originais

    -Ape Escape P
    -Burnout Dominator
    -Burnout Legends
    -Crash of the Titans
    -Field Commander
    -Gangs of London
    -GTA: Liberty City Stories
    -GTA: Vice City Stories
    -Killzone: Liberation
    -LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
    -Me and My Katamari
    -Mercury Meltdown
    -MGS: Portable Ops
    -Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    -The Simpsons Game
    -The Sims 2
    -The Sims 2: Pets
    -Sonic Rivals
    -Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    -Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
    -Splinter Cell Essentials
    -WipEout Pure
  10. manipulo

    manipulo Banido

    Os jogos que possuo :

    UMD : Ridge racer , Killzone , Need for speed :carbon own the city , Midway treasures , Valkirye profile , Field commander , Wipeout , Socom navy seals : Fireteam bravo .

    UMD video : Spyder man 2 ... oferecido pela Sony .

    Sem ser em umd tenho perto de 20 isos dos meus jogos ps1 .
  11. LimaGFX

    LimaGFX Power Member

    UMD Originais:
    Tekken Dark Ressuration
    Pro Evolution Socccer 6
    GTA Liberty City
    [E acho que vou comprar o GOW quando sair]

    Não UMD´s ( Só vou dizer alguns porque nem me lembro de todos )

    Burnout Dominator
    Juiced 2
    Wipeout Pure
    Ratched And Clank : Size Masters
    Sega Rally
    Surf´s Up
    Virtua tennis 3

    Estes aqui foram os que mais marcaram e os que jogo mais , depois tenho montes deles mas que ou não gostei ou tirei para meter outros .. enfim
  12. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Qual é a utilidade das listas de jogos PIRATEADOS (ou não UMD, como lhe chamam :-D)?

    É motivo de orgulho?

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