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Para os amantes de PES/PES2/WE

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Sadino, 20 de Março de 2003. (Respostas: 9; Visualizações: 908)

  1. Sadino

    Sadino I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Para os amantes de PES/WE e o que podemos desde já esperar para o PES3....


    When WE6: FE was announced I for one wasn’t expecting much from this title. With PES2 receiving mixed reviews from fans of the WE series, all that was expected was a similar version to its European counterpart.

    However, a few weeks before the release date in game pics were released over the Internet and duly got our pulses racing. Images of newly modeled players (Beckham in particular) and those all those lovely boots told us that perhaps we were wrong about our initial estimates regarding this update. Gameplay details and game context were also released confirming still that this was set to eclipse the disappointing PES2.
    What astounds me is that with just under 2 months between the release date of PES2 and WE6: FE, there can be such a profound difference of quality. It angers me how KCET can seemingly dump Europe with a far inferior title to one which it was set to release around 6 weeks later in Japan. At the same time though, it pleases me that they have produced such a compelling football game to totally take us by surprise and make us think twice about predicting their lack of improvements. That and the fact that I’m happy to have a Jap PS2 to play it on :-).

    Receiving my copy a little late, I got all my info in the mean time by visiting our forums (as I’m sure a lot of you guys did). With so much jubilation and praise about the game I must have been close to exploding when it finally came. Starting up the game I was graced by the all-new intro sequence that had been available to view via our forums. Complete with voice over from John Kabira himself, it shows the likes of Saviola beautifully bypass a defender before megging the ’keeper along with Bergkamp’s goal of the season against Newcastle in its full FMV glory.

    Getting past all the intro’s I was relieved to see that the game interface was identical to previous versions, so it was quite easy to navigate myself despite the Japanese text. A few screens later and I was onto my first game. Choosing Brazil vs Germany I anticipated to be blown away by all the told improvements: new & smoother animations, realistic players attributes in play, the million and one boots and of course…Ronaldinho’s ugly face!

    After such a massive build up I was more than happy to see for myself that this game was every bit as special as everyone was saying. It wasn’t because of the graphics, or the accurate player names or even the boots. It was down to the main reason why we all started playing this game in the first place. Superb gameplay, and tons of it!

    As soon as you start to pass the ball about you feel a new sense of control, which obviously at the same time gives you a greater sense of freedom. The increase of animation provides a much more instant response when trying to maneuver, especially with the known skillful players.

    When you do this it gives you more options on the ball, allowing you to try more things and perhaps attack in different ways to what you have in previous versions. It’s now no longer a problem passing to a player in a congested area. In games like PES2 you can never quite react quickly enough to evade a group of players as you usually get swamped and bundled off the ball. Due to the added animation, control and response time its now much easier to navigate through a crowd. Don’t forget though, this is only possible when using quality players.

    When controlling Rivaldo you feel like you are in control of a world-class player. His first touch is superb and his passing is very accurate, along with his shooting. Compare this to Lucio and you discover all of the above are considerably decreased. Getting the ball to the feet of class player has never been so rewarding. Apart from the obvious, the main thing any star player posses is a quality first touch. Players like Zidane, Figo and Del Piero all seem to stop the ball dead and gain full control instantly, which opens up the game superbly.

    This new sense of freedom isn’t just because of what mentioned above. You’ll realize that when you go further up the pitch players will tend to back off you. This in a way can make certain situations more difficult for you as you have to try to pass around to create more space. Sometimes though it makes for some easy shooting opportunities when running from deep. After freeing yourself from the opposing teams midfield players, when running to goal you’ll be wondering where the defenders have got to! This is due to the fact that the central defenders tend to stick with your strikers until you reach the edge of the box. This is very common when playing the game on level 3 or below, but pump it up and you’ll find it much harder to shake off the attention of a midfield player reducing this happening to the odd occasion.

    Delving into the animation of the players once again, many new features seem to appear when playing the game for a good period of time. When you first start the game you’ll realize straight away that players now seem to pass the ball differently. They now play the ball clearly with the inside of their foot, as it’s much more exaggerated than before. Player also tussle for the ball more aggressively, with arms flying everywhere for a longer period of time. Other neat touches like players arguing fouls given and even applauding goal efforts from another teammate adds to the whole realism that the game is trying to create. There are however two massive new features that it seems have totally been re-motion captured. First it’s the way your player now heads the ball. This now looks much more lifelike, with loads more head and neck movement as well as appropriate body arcing. Secondly it’s the goalkeepers. They have been totally redone, performing a wider variety of saves in a totally different way. Like the heading, its now much more lifelike and makes you sit back when viewing for the first few times.

    Although the ’keepers have been improved dramatically (much more reliable in previous versions) they unfortunately have one major fault, the inability to save any kind of deflected shot. It’s extremely annoying when a shot is deflected only slightly by a player but still the ’keeper seems to stand still and watch the ball trickle past him! Apart from this gripe, they finally do the game proud by sometimes producing superb saves and being very hard to beat 1-on-1.

    Other improvements in the gameplay include the different ball physics when shooting and crossing. When shooting the balls seems to fly through the air much faster, giving you much more satisfaction when scoring those scorchers. It’s not all guaranteed goals though. Along with the improved ’keepers, players seem to stick close to you a lot more allowing you no space to shoot. It’s sometimes very difficult to create room with players harassing you, and more often then not your shot will be blocked or off target.

    Just like shooting, when you cross the ball it seems to travel much faster and causes much more havoc than before. No more floating balls in this game! Its now much more effective getting to the by-line and whipping a ball in. It doesn’t matter if it’s an aerial ball or along the ground, it still creates problems for the opposing team. Along with the speed, the quality of the ball obviously depends on the player putting the ball in. As ever Beckham is deadly when supplying any sort of ball, and when supplying to a good striker you expect plenty of goals coming your way!

    When the computer has possession of the ball you start to appreciate the star players of the game even more. When playing against Argentina Ortega tore my defense apart, while Claudio Lopez kept showing a clean pair of heels to anyone who got close to him. Like Lopez, any known fast players are true to form in this game. And unlike in WE6, players like Henry, Owen, Ronaldo etc won’t be caught once put clean through. Defending as a whole though is much more comfortable than before. Although in certain games you might find it hard to break down a team at one end, you’ll find it easier to keep the CPU strikers out at the other. When the CPU does score against you though, it tends to be a very good goal more often than not. In my time playing WE6: FE so far, players like Vieri, Rivaldo and van Nistlerooy have scored memorable goals against me. Rivaldo (the most constant offender!) once picked up the ball around 35m out, flew past one of my players and then struck a quite phenomenal left foot shot which flew into the corner of the net! As in real life he really does pack a punch when shooting, and on many occasions I’ve learned that the hard way.

    One thing that I have criticized the WE series since it hit the PS2 is the seemingly universal way players perform through passes in the game. It angers me how well known passers in the game (Zidane, Beckham etc) all seem to player both the ground and aerial through balls just as good as poor players. Although slightly improved in this update, it still seems to be a problem. When hitting triangle to your striker when there’s an obvious space for him to run into, you’ll be frustrated as the ball you play time and time again seems to push him wider rather than towards goal. Using that sentence, its much more effective using through ball when playing out to your wingers. Its now better using the analogue stick to play those through passes. Its extremely difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to spread the ball about much more accurately and get yourself into many more goal scoring opportunities.

    What’s probably obvious when viewing the pics of WE6: FE is that the graphics haven’t changed much what so ever. That definitely isn’t a bad thing. Through the series there have been little improvements and this update is no exception.

    The in game graphics seem to be a little sharper than before, mainly due to the added animation. I’ve already spoken about how the added animation affects the gameplay, but it also adds that’s extra polish to the graphics too. It looks great how players seem to caress the ball when stepping side-to-side evading challenges. As with the many incident reactions (clapping a team mates effort etc.), new goal celebrations have also been added with Ronaldo’s/Pires’s finger wagging being one of them. I noticed two others when scoring with Veiri. Firstly he put hand to his ear, taunting the crowd to cheer. Secondly he put his finger to his mouth, again taunting the crowd to be quiet. The most entertaining one though has to be the one by the Senegal international team. Once you score with them your player will run to the corner and find all his teammates dancing! Thinking ‘what the heck’, your player duly joins in. Well, if you can’t beat them…

    One thing that the PES/WE series has been known for since the beginning is perfect player representation on the pitch. When viewing a match is easy to pick out who’s who. As mentioned at the very beginning of the review, certain players have been remodeled to look even more like their real life counterparts. Beckham has his latest hairstyle still in the game, although I think that’s out of date now too! Apart from hairstyles KCET have also added new player faces to the photo collection. Ronaldinho is probably the most popular addition, with Javier Zanetti of Argentina/Inter another notable mention.

    Its been said from a few people that the players look too stocky. In my opinion I think it looks fine. Its definitely a million times better then WE6’s body builders, but not quite as slim line as PES2’s players. They look more lifelike in WE6: FE, not too skinny or too fat.

    Another main addition that affects the graphics is the new and improved edit mode. You all know what I’m gonna say…HAVE YOU SEEN THE BOOTS! KCET have outdone themselves by ripping off the likes of Nike and Mizuno to compliment the official Adidas boots to create a massive choice of boots to choose! With ten styles to choose from you can now put every player into a close (if not perfect) replica of the boots they wear. There are 3 official Adidas boots to choose from, (including Beckham’s & Del Piero’s red boots and the champagne version) along with 7 fully editable boots. These 7 have different styles available with 8 colours to bring them to life. With a little editing you can create tons of well-known boot including Figo’s /Totti’s white and red Nike Total 90’s, Scholes’/Cannavaro’s Black and white Nike Total 90’s, Nistlerooy’s/Ronaldo’s silver Nike Vapors, Pires’ white Puma kings, Rivaldo’s white and blue Mizuno boots and even Shevchenko’s red and white lotto boots! And that’s just some of them! These boots look superb on the pitch and definitely adds a great deal to the game.

    With the boots, another superb feature when editing the players is the ability to choose whether they wear long sleeved or short-sleeved shirts. Usually the CPU decides for us depending on the weather, but now you can choose what they wear at all times! As we all know Beckham always wears long sleeve shirts so putting this in makes the player look even closer to the real thing. On those shirts you can also put the names on the back, which again is a neat touch. Newbies in the edit player section also include tons of new faces to choose from as well as a new total of 102(!) hairstyles to put on your player. Beckham’s going to have go some to out wit KCET now!

    Coupled with player editor, the kit editor has been improved dramatically too. Now with 72 available designs (from the previous 47) you can create exact replicas thanks to the many new additions. Most notable is the Nike kits available for the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd, Brazil, Croatia to name a few. My favorite though has to be the Juventus home kit. It has been exactly replicated into the game and looks stunning.

    The best news perhaps is now you can also edit international kits. It’s unfortunate that KCET don’t make as much use of the Adidas license as much as they did of the Umbro one. Apart from the use of the boots and the fevernova ball, only the Japanese footy team has the official Adidas kit. This is unlike in PES2 as many teams such as England, Ireland, Norway etc have official Umbro kits. Luckily then we can edit these teams, and the best news is that England’s home and away kits can be perfectly replicated. Unfortunately you can’t edit the badges of the international teams, which pales in comparison to the improved badge edit mode for the club teams.

    With more designs available for you to use and different layers now available you can now create perfect badges for your club team. When first using this I found myself getting lost with all the options. Although a little complicated, enough perseverance (and a little help from our editing forum ) will have you creating badges in no time. The reward for your efforts is that the badges also get transferred onto the kits of your team! It may stand out on away kits, as many of will put the background of the badge to match the home kit but its still a superb addition.

    Something that has been mentioned before from a number of people is the poor shade of colours available for the kits. To be honest in the past it’s not been a major issue to me, as it all seemed close. It only really affected my when I tried to replicate the Brazil home and away kits using the new Nike designs. I found that the colours were really dull, and came nowhere near to the brightness of the yellow or the deepness of the blue. Other things seemed to stand out too, as certain designs of kits seemed to be a little rough round the edges. A perfect example of this is the Man Utd home kit. When looking a little closer at their Nike design I found that the pattern around the neck was jaggered rather than straight. I’m not quite sure why this has happen, but it seem that the kits weren’t fully designed with KCET usual accuracy, more of an after thought.

    Still, it has to be said that the edit mode is simply superb and much more packed than anyone could foresee. For me it was the biggest surprise of the update.

    Regarding commentary there’s not much I can really say, as surprisingly I don’t understand a goddamn thing! It seems entertaining enough, with John Kabira & sidekick dishing out some over the top lingo.

    As for in game sounds it’s a bit of a let down. There’s a big difference in atmosphere when it comes to the European and Japanese versions. The almighty Sea bass stated some time ago that he wanted to create a much more ‘louder’ game for the European public and I guess that’s stuck. The crowds in WE6: FE seems to be a little shy when it comes cheering their team on. It’s a shame that you don’t even get a big cheer when the final whistle goes, as that would definitely give you a buzz when winning a tight or important game. I remember playing the first PES and ‘The Great Escape’ was played from the crowd when playing as England at home. Remember that feeling? That’s what this game is missing.

    On a positive note the other areas are good enough e.g. sound it makes when passing the ball, although I guess that’s to be expected.

    Best of the Rest
    Well commenting on the master league, all I can say that it’s pretty much identical to PES2. The only thing I’ve noticed is that for me players are much harder to sign. I spent 4 seasons in the game only being able to sign 5 players!

    The training mode again is identical, bar the fact that different players can be unlocked to previous versions. You can also choose what level to try to compete at, so if its too easy/hard you always change it.

    A new feature added to the game is a set of stats shown once a game is finished. Your players now get a rating out of 10 at the end of each match. Although there’s no official Man of The Match award, I guess you can work it out by seeing who got the most points.

    Two supposed additional features set to be included was ‘hair morphing’ and the Cruyff turn that only he and Raul could perform. Well the hair morphing thingie has lost me, but I found the Cruyff turn. Does it give you an advantage? Apart from turning a little faster, the answer is no. And why the hell can Raul do it? Answers on a postcard pls.

    Finally there’s the new Internet capability the game incorporates. I haven’t had the chance to use it myself but from what I’ve been told/heard it’s not really something to sleep over. All it does is update team rosters and player likeliness.

    Well evaluating this categorically, I can easily say that this is the best WE/PES game ever made. With every installment there always has been and will be a significant improvement over its predecessor. This is everything PES2 should have been and then some. I’ve heard many people in the forums talk about being happy about their version, but really how can you love Konami when they bring out far superior game just 6 weeks later in Japan? If PES2 is all we had access to then I would be one fuming reviewer, but seeing as WE6: FE has calmed me down and shown me a superb game of footy I cant complain.

    Everything about it oozes quality. From the first time you play it you realize how special it really is. It’s something that everyone should witness and behold. You’ve heard it from many people I’m sure, but now I’m saying it. Forget PES2; forget anything you’ve played before. If there’s anyway for you to get hold of this beauty then do it. You’ll have seriously missed out if you don’t.

    9 out of 10

    Plus points:
    + Superb new animation
    + Amazing enhanced gameplay
    + Enormous Edit mode
    + The Boots!
    + John Kabira!

    Minus points:
    -The atmosphere, or lack of
    -Oranges still named for the Dutch players
    -More teams and player names needed
    -Why wasn’t PES2 like this?

    P.S. O WE 7 sai no próximo mês (Abril), e será neste que em princípio vai ser baseado o PES3....
    Última edição: 20 de Março de 2003
  2. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Desde que saia para Xbox ou PC por mim pode chamar-se "Soccer in LaLa land" que eu compro à mesma :D

  3. AwakE

    AwakE Banido

    O PES2 foi um bocado banhada.....não é que seja propriamente mau (comparado com o FIFA.....), e é melhor que o PES1 mas se compararmos com o Winning Eleven 6 acho que perde uma beca.

    O que eu gosto na serie PES é que é um verdadeiro simulador de futebol (ou quase). No PES2 um gajo com algum treino ainda ali a bailar os defesas a frente da area à espera do momento para rematar.....alguma vez isso acontece num jogo de futebol? São pequenos pormenores que tiram a perfeição ao jogo.

    Tb acho que certos jogadores sao bons demais. Poe a bola nos pes do grande Roberto Larcos (eheh) e é ve-lo que nem um foquete a passar por todos.....mais um bocado e começa a lembrar a bela serie FIFA em que um gajo finta a equipa adversaria sozinho e marca.

    E não falo naqueles *********s dos comentadores. Com comentarios gays do estilo "I can't tell a lie. He missed"........fogo mete-me uns nervos. GRRRRRRRRRR >( >( >( >( >(

    Infelizmente nao pus as maos no WE6:FE :( snifffffffffff
    Última edição: 20 de Março de 2003
  4. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Pois eu tou mais habituado a jogar a versão PSX... a da PS2 é assim tão diferente? Tenho umas pequenas queixas em relação a pormenores de jogabilidade e dos comentadores mas continua a ser o melhor.
  5. amigo

    amigo Power Member

    Faço minha a palavra do Korben :cool:

    Awake isso que dizes e verdade. Mas n acho que seja um aspecto negativo do jogo. E mais fdd tirar a bola, logo e mais facil marcares um golo. Mais golos, mais espectaculo.
    E isso do Roberto Carlos n e bem assim. Ele corre bem mas n corre o suf para passar pela defesa toda.
    Havias de jogar contra a minha Inglaterra que eu contava-te uma historia :D

    Abraço !
  6. Sadino

    Sadino I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Algumas notas:
    Isto é do ponto de vista de quem conhece as séries WE e PES. Até porque o WE6:FE parece que tem realmente muitos melhoramentos e saiu apenas passadas 6 semanas de ter saído o PES2 :confused:

    Já agora para quem conseguir aranjar o WE6:FE há um patch para a superliga portuguesa:

    No PES2 não é que seja apenas mais difícil tirar a bola ao teu jogador, acontece que tens mais controlo sobre a bola e controlando-a com os melhores jogadores consegues aguentar mais a bola (tudo bem, para efeitos práticos é mesma coisa mas a leitura é que é diferente). Por outro lado a AI defensiva está muito melhor pelo que acho que no fim acaba por continuar equilibrado e mais realista (IMHO!!!)

    Quanto a bailar em frente á defesa até marcar golo, é verdade às vezes outras nem por isso (mas também tenho jogado em nível 5 num grupo com Portugal, Holanda, França e Argentina :cool: Mas às vezes sou goleado :-D )

    Onde o jogo realmente é fabuloso é a jogar com outro pessoal :cool: :D :)
  7. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    PES2 tá mt melhor que o 1 e este se seguir as semelhanças com o winning eleven que vai sair então...promete. duvido mt q saia para pc. com sorte sai o iss 3 (apesar de ng confirmar) mas o iss é o we/pes. quanto à jogabilidade nunca tive queixas (claro que n é perfeita, mas comparando com o fifa.....), só me queixo dos comentadores (que desactivo sempre pq sao uma mrda) e da falta de ambiente...
  8. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    O PES a 2 é vício para um dia inteiro... no PC sempre haveria possibilidade do "Online" estar um bocado mais facilitado.

    O ISS3 vamos ver como é que sai talvez seja bacano...
  9. Jogar a dois é viciante mas jogar a 5 com o multipad, torna-se incontrolavel (leia-se "jogar até de manhã").
    Se bem que em termos desportivos e da competição dá mais gosto jogar "1x1"

  10. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    o teu nick diz td :D

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