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MMO Patch 2.4.2 Online Hoje

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Icarium, 14 de Maio de 2008. (Respostas: 19; Visualizações: 1555)

  1. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member

    Patch 2.4.2 on the PTR now!
    • Aspect of the Viper Buffed - Aspect of the Viper will now also grant mana per 5 equal to 35% of a players level. This is in addition to its current game state. :D
    • Seal of the Crusader Buffed - Seal of the Crusader will now increase the damage of Crusader Strike by 40%. This should be a nice damage increase for Paladins that are already high on the DPS charts for many fights!
    • Mage's Blink Changed Again - Improved blink will now decrease the chance to be hit by all attacks by 13 / 25% but have a duration of 4 seconds.
    • Hunter Pet Growl Improper Scaling - It seems that Hunter's pets growl ability was scaling with attack power right from 1, this was not intended and the growl will be based off the Hunter's attack power and will begin at 1200 and gain effects above that level.
    • Scare Beast Majorly Buffed - The range on scare beast for Hunters was increased to 30 yards, and it is also an instant cast spell now. This is another huge buff for hunters in arenas, and is specifically designed to hurt druids. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, as the resurgence of the Hunter in arenas is already coming on. :D
    • No cooldown for Void Shatter - Well those hundreds of Void Crystals guild banks have collected from running Karazhan for badges will finally be of use! There will no longer be a cooldown on the Void Shatter ability that enchanters can learn. Expect a dramatic drop in the price of Large prismatics, and a sharp increase in the value of Void Crystals. This will finally put these items in their proper ranges, disenchanted materials from blues should never be selling for more than ones from epics anyways!
    • Glove Reinforcements Materials Greatly Reduced - The glove reinforcements will no longer require way too many materials, instead you will need only 4 Heavy Knothide and 3 Primal Earths. This will make these an enchant players will actually look at now. Especially druids who are looking to reach the armor cap in the earlier stages of the game, this should be a great enchant for them!
    • Headless Horseman Mount?!? - There is a new game file indicating there may be a couple new mounts available soon. The most intriguing one is the Headless Horseman mount, we would expect it to drop from the Headless Horseman event during the Halloween festivities. There is a very nice picture of it
    • Mount Enchants - No longer will you have to switch trinkets all the time to increase your mount speed. you can now use the Carrot on a Stick and Riding Crop to enchant a single mount. Increasing its speed by 3 / 10% respectively. This is great, no longer will I be in raids with my riding crop equipped, and then realize it right after a big boss fight!
    • Main-Hand Weapons Changed to One-Hand - This is a great change for a lot of players. Many weapons would be great for warrior or enhancement shaman offhand but they cannot equip them there. This is also a great change for blacksmiths, as the one-handed axe and mace will now be able to be Dual-wielded as they have removed the unique tag from them too!
    • Season 4 Honor Gear with Personal Rating Requirements - Boots will require 1700, Rings will require 1650, and Bracers will require 1575. Blizzard claims that these items will be of sunwell quality, and they wish for them to be difficult to maintain and they do not intend to change this anytime soon.
    • Arena Point / Team Selling Fixed - Now if a player's personal rating is more than 150 points below the team rating they will only receive points based on their personal rating. Also if the group that is joining the arena match is more than 150 below the team rating in personal rating they will join a match against opponents equal to their personal rating. Meaning they will get less points for wins, and not be able to powerlevel their personal rating anymore.
  2. RAMBox

    RAMBox Power Member

    Mas existem alterações de ultima hora i think pelo menos é o que diz nos forums da blizz ,
    Scare Beast já não vai ser instant cast etc ..

  3. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member

    Não???? Mas era o que mais me interessava! Damn
  4. RAMBox

    RAMBox Power Member

    Explicação :

    "The instant cast was felt to just be too effective against feral druids, and so the previous cast time reduction to 'instant' was reverted through a hotfix back to 1.5 sec. If we had made the change through the patch instead of a hotfix it would have required a new build to be generated, additional testing on that build, and likely a week long delay for the release of this patch. The downside when hotfixing an ability is that the tool tip won't be updated to correctly display any changes made to the ability."
  5. SoulGirl

    SoulGirl Power Member

    E correcção de bugs?
    Nomeadamente as animações dos casts e o save dos chat settings.
    Alguém sabe se mexeram nisso?
  6. Baía

    Baía Power Member

    Alguém consegue confirmar mesmo isto?
  7. jaac

    jaac Power Member

    Tens posts azuis nos forums com essa informação dos ratings.
  8. Baía

    Baía Power Member

    Eu quero confirmar que isto está disponível com este patch... ESTE.
  9. jaac

    jaac Power Member

    Esses items vão sair com a season 4, que ainda não saiu, mas que na minha opinião está a semanas de distância.
  10. Sparrowhank

    Sparrowhank Power Member

    isso do mount enchants é verídico ? como se faz ? :o
  11. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member

    Pelo que percebi, usas o teu "carrot on the stick", "Riding Crop" na tua mount e fica permanente. A chatice, é que se usas várias mounts, precisas agora de vários trinkets se quiseres fazer o enchant. O que para LW é um mimo.
  12. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    Isso de removerem o "main-hand" vai ser muito porreiro :D
  13. NeoToPower

    NeoToPower 1st Folding then Sex

    Tipo...... airbust no tank na luta do archimonde, fogo a aparecer ainda mais rápido e tb a perseguir os meele.... ya.. lol... Tanto wipe..... hahahaha:lol:
    Tou pra ver agora as nabiças amanhã ou no domingo .... ah e tal foi lag :002:
    O que vale é que quem for esperto não paga repair.... ou será que nerfaram isso tb?
  14. Kamipt

    Kamipt Power Member

    A blizz anda sem ideias para sons, enrage = bloodlust, ando à nora qd oiço o som.
  15. anamnesies

    anamnesies Power Member

    Gostei particularmente de ouvir os murlocs pequeninos de Quel'Danas a fazerem esse som qdo são libertados! De repente os murlocs ficaram com a voz grossa! :P
  16. Icarium

    Icarium Power Member

    E pelo menos corrigiram um dos bugs, que me estava a irritar profundamente. Sempre que entrava ou saía de Sunwell o jogo marava e tinha de re-iniciar o Wow. Agora está fixe.
  17. SoulGirl

    SoulGirl Power Member

    E resolveram finalmente o problema do save dos chat settings e das animações do char.
    Só por isso já valeu a pena. :P
  18. Silverraven

    Silverraven Power Member

    Ja somos dois. Sempre k ouvia esse som ficava todo contente, agora fico desapontado quando vejo quee um warrior
  19. _SnipeR_

    _SnipeR_ Power Member

    E honestamente não faz sentido nenhum ser o mm som, mas enfim...
  20. UCplayer

    UCplayer Suspenso

    Esse som era fixe qd era so no Bloodlust, mas agr em skills de warrior pff nao fica bem.
    E como tenho orc warrior, faz esse som em Berserker Rage, Bloodrage e e Blood Fury.

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