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[PC] Battlefield 1942

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Fivewin, 12 de Abril de 2002. (Respostas: 182; Visualizações: 18637)

  1. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    Nisso bastava limitar as latencias para só aceitar abaixo de 80ms, mas pelo que sei do servidor Tuga de RTCW os admins da Netcabo são uns macacões que pensam que tem o rei na barriga ... mas a verdade é que o que tem é ar na cabeça ...

    Sim, o jogo é divertido, mas jogar a 60hz não é diversão, é masokismo ... é claro que ejectar de um avião e vé-lo despenhar-se na pista de aviões enimiga tem a sua piada ... mas ir de frente para cum jipe aos comandos de um tanke e ver o tanke a explodir e o jipe intacto já ñ tem muita piada ....
  2. ALEX

    ALEX Banido

    vai ai twocows que eles la teem e escolhes os links nacionais...
  3. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    "EA could not confirm exactly when the game will ship, but it is expected in early September."

    Se correr tudo bem pode ser que daqui a 15 dias estejamos a jogar à versão final.
  4. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    Dia 12 para ser + exacto
  5. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    Dia 12 é o lançamento previsto para os amaricanos, não quer dizer que seja a data de lançamento na Europa.
  6. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member

    Li algumas coisas interessantes sobre a demo. No link podem ler como ficar com melhores pings dentro do jogo, e q os problemas actuais da Demo foram todos revistos na versão final do jogo.

    A melhoria do ping e simples e parece ser eficaz

  7. AwakE

    AwakE Banido

    Pena que eu se carrego no esc dentro do jogo ele encrava-me.... mais alguem tem esse problema?
  8. SUp3rFM

    SUp3rFM Guest

    Eu vim da lan dos Phalanx onde estavam qualquer coisa como 16 computadores em rede. :D

    Fartámo-nos de jogar B1942, como havia inclusivé comunicação em RW, fizeram-se rounds espectaculares. Um deles demorou cerca de 3 horas (jogado entre as 6 e a 9 da manhã) 3on3. Fabuloso.

    O conceito está muito porreiro e os veículos conferem uma jogabilidade muito, muito boa.

    Foi com cada dogfight! :D
  9. AwakE

    AwakE Banido

    3on3 não é um bocado pouco para mapas dakele tamanho? Dá pa jogar fixe? Era o Wake Island?
  10. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor


    A few weeks ago the Battlefield 1942 multi-player demo was released. This game surprised quite a few people, especially those who had not tried the single-player demo. It was good, real good. Assistant producer Jamil Dawsari from EA Games was kind enough to answer a few questions about the game.
    Shack: Can you start with giving us a basic overview of the game?

    Jamil: I think our lead programmer Johan Persson said it best, "Take all the best things from FPS shooters, tank sims, ship sims, flying sims and even submarine sims and put them together in one single action game where there are no limits at all, and there you have our game. The other WW-II shooters are but a small part of what you will experience in Battlefield 1942. "

    'nuff said?

    Shack: What really sets this game apart from other first person shooters?

    Jamil: Well, a couple of things really, the first is it's a totally new game engine, Refractor 2. Unlike other engines, R2 can handle everything from huge landscapes, big ships, fast aircraft and individual soldiers...all in the same environment. You're looking at an engine which runs models made up of thousands of polys (4K for a soldier (with facial animations), 2k for a jeep, 10k for the battleship) AND still gives you framerate of over 45 fps on your mid- to high-end machines.

    Add to that the game's focus...action, pure and simple. When you hear people swapping their favorite in-game stories you know you've got something special. Whether it's the tank team who destroy a jeep as it's careening towards them, only to have the jeep go airborne and take out the machine-gunner in the cupola...sheer comedy! Or the pilot who bails out of his flaming plane and watches its carcass slam into the AA gun which shot him down as his buddy in the two-seat dive-bomber zips by and picks him up in mid-air. Its all about those special moments which make you sit back and go...wow...did that REALLY just happen?

    Shack: What do you get to do in the single player part of the game?

    Jamil: Our unofficial motto is, "We bring you the war, now it's up to you to fight it!"... The single-player game will not be scripted. It will be a free-flowing combat scenario with specific objectives. How you accomplish it will be up to you. What's even better, the AI will not be scripted...so you'll have to be extra careful...just because your AI opponent attacked you with airplanes last time, doesn't mean that's what he'll do this time.

    Shack: Has it been hard striking a balance between realism and fun?

    Jamil: Not at all. Our entire goal has been fun, action-oriented gameplay. While our levels, our models, and the physics are close to realistic...the gameplay has always been geared towards fun. This has made the grognards out there grouse because the Tiger tank doesn't "act" like a Tiger should...or that it should hold more people...or should move slower...but that's all secondary to the gameplay for us. We've balanced all the vehicles and handweapons so that no one of them is the uber-weapon. Think of rock, paper and scissors...and that's BF1942. You come at me in an airplane, I'll jump in the AA gun. You've got a battleship? No worries, I'll snag the submarine. Here comes a tank...well, lemme sit back here in my mobile artillery and shell you back to the stone age. It's all about fun game balance and action.

    Shack: Battlefield 1942 will ship with some 35 different vehicles. The demo already features a few jeeps, tanks and planes among other things. What more can we expect?

    Jamil: We'll have light tanks, heavy tanks, fighters, landing craft, destroyers, dive-bombers, heavy bombers, submarines, anti-air guns, APC’s, jeeps, artillery…<BREATHE>...and battleships…is that enough for ya?

    Shack: Which additional weapons will find their way into the full version of the game?

    Jamil: As far as the handweapons are concerned? Well, the demo has all the kits included in the full game , that includes all the handweapons. However, while we're on the topic, allow me to address certain comments about the weapons used in game. While it would have been great to include all of the realistic weapons for all the sides...it just wasn't practical. We have limited resources and time...so, that's why all the Allies use the same weapons and share many of the same vehicles...ditto the Axis forces. More importantly, we needed to balance the sides out...and if we had diverse weapons loadouts...that would have made the tuning period hella long. So, that's that....grouse all ya want - the prerogative of soldiers everywhere- but don't let it stop you from enjoying the game.

    Shack: What type of level locations will we see?

    Jamil: Alot...everything from city to desert, from ocean to coastline, from forest to open fields....whatever your preference is we've got it.

    Shack: Ok lets start the questions about the multiplayer options with a few questions based on the demo. First of all, right now it seems that tank battles or multiple planes can seriously slow down the game for people even with the fastest system. Is this a known issue and is it being worked on?

    Jamil: Hurm, this may be more about the server than the client. We've noticed alot of people who host a 32-player game on their cable-modem. While we appreciate the enthusiasm that would be a no-no. If you've played on any of the other high-end servers with good bandwidth connection, you'll notice that the performance is much better. As for any other performance hits...well, we will be watching the online experience very, very carefully. Without the online community, we're not going to get very far. We feel we're on to something special here, and we'll be addressing any major issues which spring up as quickly as possible. For example, we heard what people said about support for All Seeing Eye and for improved refresh rate support...well, we just released a patch which addressed those and a few more issues.

    Shack: Also, there seems to be little to no feedback right now when you hit players. Especially when you're shooting from a distance you have no idea if you're hitting someone. Is this something you're looking at changing?

    Jamil: Actually, the other person's model WILL animate when you hit him....a slight pause, which gives you some feedback. And when you hit a friendly you'll get an audio cue letting you know that was a bad thing you just did. As for blood or other graphics...no, we haven't included that for now. If we determine that this is a serious gameplay handicap, we may revisit it.

    Shack: Will there be a server retry option? Now there's just a "server is full" message and then you get kicked back to the menu.

    Jamil: We just released a patch for the demo which will address this...basically, it will accurately show the number of players in a server. Other than that, we haven't included a server retry option...good idea, tho'.

    Shack: It seems a lot of people started demo servers on their cable modems and still crank up the amount of players to 32. Can you tell us how much bandwidth you actually need to comfortably host a 32 player game?

    Jamil: This has been the biggest challenge for people hosting games. Right now, you're going to need at least a T1 or better to host anything more than 16-players. The reason is the server handles all of the network load for the game. So, we'll continue to optimize this...and any improvements will be included in patches...but for the best possible performance you're looking at:


    Shack: Is there anything else you're changing / have changed due to player feedback after the release of the single- and multi-player demo?

    Jamil: Heh...yeah, we've modified the interface in the in-game browser. Now you'll be able to see what the performance limitations of the server that's hosting the game is. Plus, we'll be adding remote console capabilities for the server admin soon . We've also added support for All Seeing Eye and vid cards with higher refresh rates (man, there aren't many of those guys...but they ARE loud...*grin*).

    Shack: Sometimes companies put the best level in a game demo, with the retail game shipping with levels that are of a lot lesser quality.

    Jamil: Well, with 16 levels it's all going to be about your personal preference. If you're into ship vs ship combat, you'll be playing Midway or Guadalcanal; if you're into mad tank battles you'll be on Kursk or Battle of the Bulge; if you're into the air combat try Gazala or Kharkov; and if you're into the infantry battles try Stalingrad or Berlin. Add to that 4 game modes ranging from Conquest, Capture the Flag, Coop or Team Death Match...and we're going to see ALL of the levels played.

    Shack: How does the Wake Island level compare to what levels in the full version has to offer?

    Jamil: Hurm, well, it hits our core objective which is to deliver addictive, non-stop action. With the full version, whether you're playing single-player, Coop, or multiplayer you'll always be in the middle of the action. Add to that all 35 vehicles, all 16 maps, all 4 game modes, and hours and hours of your time spent playing online... well, how's that for something to offer?

    Shack: How many levels can we expect anyway.

    Jamil: 16 missions across 4 theaters: Pacific, North Africa, Western Europe and Eastern Europe. They include: Wake Island, Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima; Omaha Beach, Bocage, Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, Gazala, Tobruk, El Alamein, BattleAxe, Stalingrad, Kursk, Kharkov, and finally Berlin.

    Shack: And are those levels roughly the same size of Wake Island, or are there bigger ones?

    Jamil: Actually, Wake is one of our smaller levels at least in it's land area . The maps range from 1x1 km to levels as big as 4x4km...when you have an aircraft carrier which measures almost 300 meters...you need alot of room. Big maps like Gazala, Midway and Battle of the Bulge allow massive action across a huge terrain. Then you've got smaller maps like Berlin, Stalingrad and BattleAxe which allow for a more, ah, intimate experience. And then, of course, you've got everything in between.

    Shack: Voice communication seems to be slowly becoming the next popular thing in multiplayer games. Will the full version of Battlefield 1942 support voice communication?

    Jamil: We haven't integrated anything specific to BF1942. But people have reported using Roger Wilco successfully.

    Shack: Do you have any plans for a Linux server port?

    Jamil: Yes. We've successfully ported it over to Linux. All that's left is testing...which will be extensive. So, don't expect it out when the game ships...but sometime thereafter.

    Shack: Will people be able to modify the game in any way?

    Jamil: The game will ship with a map editor...but it's really rough. People who have made maps for other games won't find it too difficult to pick up. Unfortunately, all our efforts have been on finalizing the game...so we haven't spent any resources are on improving the editor's interface. We'll actually be revising the editor...so look for it in a few months with all the bells and whistles. We're also investigating what it would take to allow the mod community to add their contributions to the game. Look for more details in the months to come.

    Shack: And finally, when should we expect the game to show up in stores.

    Jamil: Soon. Very, very soon. Extremely soon.

    Soon indeed, as the game has already gone gold. Look for it some time next week. If you want more information, check the official website. Haven't tried the demos yet? Download them from FileShack today.
    fonte: shacknews.com


    Muuuuuuuuuuito prometedor... acho que este jogo vai ser o maior vicio online de sempre! :D
  11. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    capaz... capaz... promete! :D

    MOHAA, será que é desta que sais do meu pc? não creio! :D
  12. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member


    Se este jogo ja conseguiu passar por breves ocasiões o numero de jogadores online e é SÓ a Demo, então faço ideia a full version. Estou completamente ansioso para q isto chegue, e acho sinceramente que não vai haver servidores no mundo todo que cheguem pra quantidade de gente que vai quere jogar a isto!!

    A ultima vez ouvi dizer que saia dia 12 deste mês... :D

    Está quase!!! :001: :001: :001:
  13. VinE

    VinE Power Member

    Ando a jogar esta treta desde o *coff* leaked *coff* demo, que sakei à marabilhosa velocidade de 2k/s :D

    E nos States sai dia 14..
  14. Romika

    Romika Power Member

    Muito Cool

    Este jogo está lá... o gozo k dá andar a pilotar aviões... ou dar boleia a outro jogadores, num belo carro ou tanque... É original e disso não há dúvidas.
  15. SUp3rFM

    SUp3rFM Guest

    Também ando a jogar isto já há algum tempo. Se for bem jogado, em equipa, é excelente, caso contrário é uma estupidez... Basta ir aos servidores públicos com FF on e ver os atrasados mentais a dispararem para ti só porque tu apanhaste um avião...

    Ontem num servidor alemão, andava um tipo com -49 frags... Por isso só jogo com FF off, just in case.

    Fui para outro servidor, mais dos colegas de clã e ao dar uma volta de jipe, resolvi dar uma boleia aos que por ali passavam. :D

  16. kondor

    kondor Power Member

    se não fossem os problemas de performance da demo (espero q no final não existam) teria jogado mais. mas devo dizer q fikei surpreendido pelo conceito do jogo e acima de tudo pela jogabilidade! tem potencial

    btw os probs de performance surgiam com os gráficos em baixo detalhe...eu tenho uma g4 ti4200, embora com um amd 900 e 256 Mb sdram 133
  17. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    Madre ,o jogo é pesado como tudo e já agora quem o jogou é no mesmo conceito da Demo SP.
  18. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member

    Epa, acho isso estranho.

    Consigo jogar a 1024x768x32bits com 2x antialiasing sem stresses de maior, e jogo a esta resolução pq o jogo nao tem 1280x1024, my favourite. A minha máquina e jeitosa mas não e nada do outro mundo.
  19. Fivewin

    Fivewin Power Member

    Mas o curioso é que já li num sitio qualquer um gajo a queixar-se que a baixas/médias defeniçõso jogo parece ficar mais pesado, no entanto com alta definição fica OK.
    Já agora Silver o jogo não te dá um som estranho quando jogas?
  20. 777

    777 Power Member