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[PC] Kentucky Route Zero (Cardboard Computer)

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Linkinn, 28 de Fevereiro de 2013. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 333)

  1. Linkinn

    Linkinn Power Member


    Género: Aventura / Indie
    Programador: Cardboard Computer
    Editora: Cardboard Computer
    Data de lançamento: 22 Fev 2013
    Idiomas: Inglês

    Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.
    Developed by Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliot and Tamas Kemenczy), the game features an original score by Ben Babbitt, along with a suite of old hymns and bluegrass standards recorded by The Bedquilt Ramblers.
    The game is split into five acts, of which the first is available now. Taken as a whole, the Kentucky Route Zero is roughly the length of a summer night. Act I is available now. Act II will be released around April 2013, and the remaining three acts over the rest of the year.

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