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[PC] Mirror's Edge (EA Digital Illusions)

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por .:SP:., 7 de Fevereiro de 2008. (Respostas: 322; Visualizações: 27920)

  1. .:SP:.

    .:SP:. What is folding?

  2. MaHaZeN

    MaHaZeN Power Member

    A segunda imagem parece um jogo de construção civil Lol :D

    Mas a ideia até é boa... a ver vamos.

  3. DeadlesS

    DeadlesS Power Member

    cá pra mim o jogo deve ser o "Bob, O Construtor" :lol:
  4. jncevcosta

    jncevcosta Power Member


    Parece-me bem que se comece a inovar!!

    Espero que estas inovações sejam para melhor e nao para pior!

    Fiquem bem

  5. Pure Anarchy

    Pure Anarchy Moderador
    Staff Member

    Nova preview.

    Dado que o jogo é multiplataforma, podiam mover para o Geral e utilizar este tópico para a discussão relativa a todas as plataformas.
  6. .:SP:.

    .:SP:. What is folding?

    Mirror's Edge First Look

    Though it's widely known for its acclaimed Battlefield games, the Swedish studio DICE does have a proud history of developing for a wide variety of genres. DICE has made racing games, pinball games, and even an equestrian game called Legacy of Rosemond Hill. With that said, Mirror's Edge is unlike anything DICE has made before. Indeed, it's almost unlike anything that we've ever seen before, but it nevertheless looks cool. If you had to describe it in a sentence, it's almost like a first-person parkour game. And if you haven't heard of parkour, then do a search for it on YouTube.

    Begun in France, parkour is the practice of maneuvering fluidly around an urban environment, moving almost like a gymnast at times. That's at the heart of Mirror's Edge. You'll play as Faith, a courier in a city where the police state eavesdrops on all electronic communications. This dystopia is utopian in appearance, full of gleaming skyscrapers and roads so clean that you might be able to conduct surgery on them. The price for this orderly world is high, though, and noncomformists are shunned. That's where Faith steps in. She and other couriers navigate around the rooftops of this pristine, sun-drenched metropolis, delivering messages and other items that need to remain secret.
    Mirror's Edge is a game about running for your life when the police, security guards, and even news helicopters are shadowing you. In the demonstration that DICE gave, the action included leaping from one rooftop to another, vaulting over fences and other obstacles, sliding under pipes and overhangs, and even engaging in some martial arts combat. (Faith reportedly will not use a firearm, so you won't be shooting in this game.)
    Momentum is a key idea in the game. It's not enough that you're jumping around this environment. To perform some moves, you'll need to string together a bunch of maneuvers to build up speed. For instance, you can climb over a fence, which takes a few seconds. But what happens if you jump off a neighboring rooftop, do a parachute roll upon landing (so you don't lose precious momentum), and use the ensuing momentum to vault over the fence in a heartbeat?
    If you've played games such as Tomb Raider, you know that you can stop after you maneuver around an obstacle, take a minute to figure out what you have to do next, and then go for it. Judging from the demo of Mirror's Edge, you'll have only seconds to analyze your terrain, partly because of the guys chasing you, but more because of the bullets they'll be sending your way. So the game is meant to be played at full speed, and to help, there's a special "Faith vision" that color-codes the environment, giving you clues about what you need to do. If you're atop a tall skyscraper and seem trapped, look across the street and you might see that the fire escape on the neighboring building is red. Run for it and jump, and hope you grab it on the other side.


    The graphics engine for Mirror's Edge looks sharp, and the game really captures the feeling of a built-up urban area. But even more impressive is the drenching sunlight that almost bleaches out the omnipresent concrete in the city. It's so bright and warm that it seems as though you're in Los Angeles at the height of summer, and there's not a single cloud or smog bank in the sky. It's also a contrast to the current fad in gaming, which is to create gritty, run-down urban settings. The fictional city at the heart of Mirror's Edge has a distinctive look and feel, even while it tries to capture the soullessness of a city and a society. It all looks very cool, and also very fresh. Mirror's Edge is planned for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 for sometime this year.
  7. Pure Anarchy

    Pure Anarchy Moderador
    Staff Member

    Primeiro vídeo. Estou bastante curioso quanto a este jogo, resta saber o que está para além da vertente parkour/platforming.
  8. ExxoSoul

    ExxoSoul Folding Member

    Sim senhor, ainda só tinha visto screenshots, mas agora ainda fiquei mais curioso acerca deste jogo, algo diferente...este vai ficar debaixo de olho :)
  9. sparkPT

    sparkPT Power Member

    espero que seja inovador como foi o portal :)
  10. Capelo92

    Capelo92 Power Member

    Parece-me altamente este jogo!
  11. BEKASpro

    BEKASpro Power Member

    isto sim é um jogo q puxa logo pela curiosidade!! estarei muito antento a esta suposta perola q está para chegar!!

  12. Mr.Clean

    Mr.Clean Power Member

    Pelo video parece tar aqui um bom jogo. Vamos ver o que sai.:009:
  13. lohka_86

    lohka_86 Banido

    A ideia não parece ser nada má, vamos ver o que sai daqui (pessoalmente estou com medo que seja fácil, e linear, a ver vamos... a parte do código de cores não me inspirou muita confiança -> "do as they tell you to do, not as you want"...)
  14. VoRtAn_MaDgE

    VoRtAn_MaDgE A.S.Team performed

    Não devia ser "Parkour's Edge" o nome do jogo :D ?

    Conceito engraçado...a ver vamos o que sai dali, embora não me pareça que vá fazer-m largar os fps "tradicionais".

  15. jpcastro

    jpcastro Power Member

    adorei o trailer promete o jogo, alguem sabe qual é a musica da parte final? deve ser feita por eles quase de certeza não sei mas curtia arranjar aparte.

  16. BEKASpro

    BEKASpro Power Member

    por acaso a musica é linda!! tb gostava de saber...
  17. Bio Shadow

    Bio Shadow Banido

    Fake, a EA não faz jogos inovadores.
  18. lohka_86

    lohka_86 Banido

  19. muddymind

    muddymind 1st Folding then Sex


    O trailer abriu-me o apetite :P Apenas não gostei do glow exagerado nas cenas exteriores, das sombras (ou falta delas) e das animações dos NPC's que estão um tanto trolhas...

  20. Delgado o Gordo

    Delgado o Gordo Power Member

    A jogabilidade parece estar muito boa mas não gostei das cores... Muito claras, com muito blur/bloom (esclareçam-me a diferença entre os dois p.f.) e a cidade parece uma cidade LEGO. Mesmo assim fiquei curioso em relação ao jogo:)

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