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[PC] Postal 2 (multiplayer freeware)

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 5 de Abril de 2002. (Respostas: 121; Visualizações: 30949)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Leiam que vale a pena! :D

    "It's only funny until somebody gets hurt," exclaims Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desidiero, "at which point it becomes hysterical." Desidiero's cruel but humorous twist on the age-old admonition best captures the essence of Postal 2, the first-person shooter sequel to the notoriously violent 1997 game that put his company on the map. The original Postal was viewed by many to be overly violent--you were able to take out your pent-up aggression against all kinds of innocent bystanders in the game--and even Senator Joseph Lieberman got into the act, seeking to ban the game outright. The game ultimately sold well more than 200,000 copies worldwide, and while Running With Scissors had wanted to develop a sequel right away, legal wranglings over the Postal rights prevented the company from doing so until years later. Now, having been in development at the company's Tucson, Arizona, offices since January 2001, Postal 2 promises to multiply its predecessor's shock value tenfold, and with the new standard that Grand Theft Auto III set for this subject matter, the game has to deliver. From what we've seen of it, we don't doubt that it will.

    Postal 2's particle system allows for realistic fire effects.
    However, don't expect Postal 2 to contain nothing but mindless violence. "This game isn't meant to be violence only," explains Desidiero. "Violence by itself isn't fun. Vulgarity on its own isn't fun. We need to find a balance between these and various other elements to produce black humor that's enjoyable." And that's exactly what you'll find in Postal 2. The game is being developed using the latest version of Epic Games' Unreal 3D technology coupled with MathEngine's Karma software to create solid visuals and realistic, if not slightly overexaggerated, physics. And this latter feature won't just be used for giving characters a rag doll effect either. "[Lead Programmer] Nathan Fouts set my entire driveway on fire while researching the effects of fire," laughs Desidiero. "But it was worth it, because we're now able to realistically mimic the effects of flame and gasoline in the game." One of the weapons that you can wreak havoc with in Postal 2 will be a gas can, and its contents will run down walls, splash, and form puddles just like you'd expect it to do. Alt-click on your mouse, and your character will flick a match that will ignite the gas stream that you previously created, causing a small line of fire to race along the trail until exploding in a giant fireball once it reaches a puddle. "You can do so much with just this one weapon," says Fouts. "One of our favorite techniques is to run circles around people with the gas can and watch them fry."

    Aiming your gun at the cops will evoke an instant response from them.
    The game's impressive qualities won't end with its visuals either. The AI will be sufficiently complex, which will lead to things like characters recognizing what kinds of weapons you're carrying and then reacting appropriately. Splash some gasoline on someone, and he or she will run off screaming before you have a chance to strike your match (the person will remain flammable, however). Cops, on the other hand, can tell the difference between legal and illegal weapons you're carrying. A pistol that isn't being pointed at anyone, for example, won't illicit much of a response from nearby policemen, but if they see you with a rocket launcher--no matter how innocently you might be carrying it--they'll take you down. "Characters on the street can notice you doing something illegal, they can hear gunfire, they'll run to the nearest cops and point in your direction, they can be confused and tricked by firing your gun once and then hiding it quickly...they just have so many different reactions," exclaims Fouts. "And they behave so [realistically] that it's almost scary!" adds Desidiero.

    According to the development team, what's even scarier is interacting with the game's characters on peaceful terms. If you want, you'll be able to play this game without ever pulling the trigger, and the simple act of interacting with people going about their everyday lives--like standing in line at a bank--is sure to wow, especially since it's never been tried before in an action game.

    The actual structure of Postal 2's missions is also noteworthy. Perhaps the closest comparison that could be made to it would be Grand Theft Auto III, but even that wouldn't be entirely accurate. As anyone who's played the original knows, you play a nameless man living in a trailer park of one Paradise, Arizona. You'll be tasked with doing a series of your daily errands--shopping for milk, returning an overdue library book, and so on--though how you handle those situations is up to you. Ever wanted to shorten the line at the bank by shooting your way through it? More power to you. Want to permanently quiet the rude cashier at the store? Go right ahead. The world of Postal 2 is made up of multiple large areas, each with numerous buildings and homes, and unlike in other first-person shooters, you won't progress through these levels in a linear fashion. Instead, you'll get a list of four chores that need to be completed within one day in the game. How you choose to accomplish these four errands is entirely up to you, but you won't be allowed to move on to the second day until their criteria have been satisfied. Additionally, at the end of each day, you'll have to take part in a Survivor event of sorts, which pits you against overwhelming odds. Shooting your way out of a SWAT convention will be the first such challenge.

    As you progress through the days, more of the world will open for you. "We're trying to make this process as transparent as possible," says Fouts. "It won't be quite as obvious as Grand Theft Auto III's method of opening new islands for you." The entire game spans the length of one workweek--five days--for a total of 20 individual missions. Populating these levels are a variety of characters. "The Unreal code can theoretically display 64 onscreen characters at a time," says Fouts. "But we're aiming for just 15-20 models at once...and these will be good-looking people, not like the ones in State of Emergency." Every character model will be made up of 3,000 polygons, and the designers at Running With Scissors are creating modular models that let them swap out skins, animation, skeletons, and dialogue for a grand total that tops out well more than a hundred unique people who will be populating the game. Additionally, there will be several unique characters whom you'll run into, including policewoman Consuela, Paco the junkyard entrepreneur, and military Stu. Every last one of these characters has hit-specific reactions, and to further add to this kooky realism, their dead bodies never disappear either.

    The missions take place across many of Paradise's landmarks, including the...power plant?
    You can expect Postal 2 to ship with support for multiplayer, the specifics of which are still being finalized at Running With Scissors. If the developer has its way, however, the game will come with four deathmatch levels and the ability to play the 20 single-player levels cooperatively with others. According to Desidiero, Running With Scissors would like to release a "Postal Tournament" multiplayer-only game sometime after Postal 2, with even more multiplayer modes, though that remains to be seen. Until then, you can look forward to Postal 2, which, when it releases this November, will undoubtedly be the most sick and twisted game anyone's played in a while--the guys at Running With Scissors wouldn't have it any other way.






    Este é daqueles jogos que não vale pelos gráficos... o mais importante são os pormenores e aparentemente o jogo tá cheio deles... um jogo no mínimo polémico... :rolleyes:
  2. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    postal é um daqueles jogos que é lindo pelo modo de jogo, nao pelos graficos. o 1 com aquela vizão 2D não me desanimou e para mim é um jogo maravilhoso. do 2 em 3d, o que dizer, só espero que tenha bastante sangue
  3. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller


  4. Jhac

    Jhac Power Member

  5. Peterwolf

    Peterwolf Power Member

    WEEE, o Postal 1 rulou bue :)
    plas pics este Postal 2 vai abusar de tudo hehehe }>
  6. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    Die Bitch!
  7. alcoolyte

    alcoolyte Power Member

    LOL isso é violencia ? Então deviam ir ver imagens do SOF2. Fracturas expostas, ossos a sair do corpo, cranios meio desfeitos com os miolos a escorrer da cara. Não sei aonde isto ainda vai parar }>
  8. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    SOF 2 é sempre a andar e disparar... o protagonista é que era manhoso :D


    (O Postal é menos história e mais MINDLESS KILLING!)
  9. Praetor

    Praetor Power Member

    nem sei onde é que isto vai parar...

    ...qualquer dia...
    ainda hei de ser vivo para ver a primeria consola onde os frags são reais lol

    tipo....perdes no UT, logo morres...que triste..
  10. Rudzer

    Rudzer Power Member

    Parece-me ser giro :D :D :D :D
  11. Jhac

    Jhac Power Member

    Isso também não, mas devia haver uma cena tipo morres so voltas a jogar dai a 1 semana ou 1 mes, lollll.

    Passava a haver muito mais campers e sniper e tal, lol.
  12. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    mais campers ainda!!!!! ja nao basta os que prai há? nao sabem jogar decentemente e depois acampam com uma sniper e matam o ppl que se quer divertir com o "impact hammer" do ut
    Última edição: 8 de Abril de 2002
  13. Praetor

    Praetor Power Member

  14. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

  15. Praetor

    Praetor Power Member


    Porque é que os posts começam com um dado jogo, e acabam a falar do UT??

    Porque será??

    PS: translocator rulez!!! (telefrag lol)
  16. nothing

    nothing Power Member

    já tens... 2 alemães criaram a PainStation...o cpu é um Mac (penso eu mas n tenho a certeza) e é um jogo tipo Pong mas quando perdes levas um esticão doloroso ... (a prop. os gajos keriam comercializar isto, mas a sony já os avisou que tinham de mudar de nome senão levam processo judicial)

    <a href="http://www.khm.de/~morawe/painstation/painstation_eng.html"> site da painstation </a>
  17. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Que ideia mais estúpida!!! :D

    Mais fácil é comprarem 2 armas e fragarem a sério...

  18. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Power Member

    Do site da Painstation vão ver a galeria de Pain !! Fdx só uns atrasados é k utilizan aquilo!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Mas há ppl pra tudo!!
  19. Praetor

    Praetor Power Member

    há gente para tudo...lol

    (epa quando é que chega o UT 2003??estou a ficar ansioso..)
  20. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    entrevista ggmania

    "GGMania got a chance to chat with Vince Desi, the CEO of Running with Scissors, as he talks about POSTAL 2, the follow up to one of gaming's most controversial games ever. He provided us with both pretty interesting information and four very juicy new screenshots.

    GGMania: Ok, who am I speaking with, and what is the story behind developing team Running with Scissors you work for?

    Vince Desi: The story is we originally made kiddie games and realized it wasn't funny anymore, so we took out all our suppressed shit and made POSTAL!

    GGMania: We are talking about successor of POSTAL, a controversial isometric shooter that was first published in October 1997 for a couple of months before being ripped off shelves! In that title, players could choose to go off the deep end and embark on a spree of mindless violence against pedestrians, the marching band from the local high school and the rest of the local citizenry :) What are the biggest changes in POSTAL 2 over the original POSTAL?

    Vince Desi: Never underestimate the POSTAL Dude. POSTAL 2 offer a new 3D first person view in an Action Adventure game style. New weapons, over 100 unique characters, a complete open world with indoors and outdoors, and hey let's not forget Gary Coleman and the Running With Scissors bad ass attitude.

    GGMania: I've noticed that you have quite dynamic storyline ;). In one interview there is "Guy woke up, had shitty date, so decided to kill some people", in second it's "crack open War and Peace to page 623 and read for about 17 and half pages"...so I just wish to know if you are willing invest some time in storyline and at least make something like Croteam did with Serious Sam...

    Vince Desi: The fast and simple answer is YES. We're real fortunate to have a major Hollywood writer helping us. For now just think MR. Pink!!!!

    GGMania: Needless to say that weapons are The POSTAL Dude's best friends right? So, tell our readers how many friends POSTAL Dude will have in this game and how much they will vary? What's your favorite gun in POSTAL 2?

    Vince Desi: The POSTAL Dude is a very creative guy, especially when it involves violence. For now my favorite weapon is the scissors. Some of the other outrageous new weapons include a shovel, baton, tazer, cat-silencer, and gas can/matches. And a whole lot more.

    GGMania: Running with a gun around the city wouldn't be interesting without NPCs you can shoot at. Can you tell us a bit about NPCs in POSTAL 2?

    Vince Desi: Over 100 unique characters that all have their own AI. Everyone lives their life in the game, they go to work, take a break, work some more and then return home to watch TV or spank it!

    GGMania: Scientists thinks that playing violent video games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Kombat can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings etc. What do you think about playing violent games? Do you think that virtual killing really affects the minds of young children?

    Vince Desi: We think as long as it stays on the computer its OK!! If a kid takes our game too serious then maybe he shouldn't be playing it but hey it's only funny until someone gets hurt, then its absolutely friggin hysterical!

    GGMania: Do you like GTA3? What's your opinion on this game? Could you compare it with POSTAL 2?

    Vince Desi: The GTA series started after the original POSTAL. And so while GTA3 is a great and fun game to play but it's the attitude that really separates them. POSTAL 2 has one large open environment but I think we offer a lot more AI and gameplay. GTA3 goes over the top every once in a while but POSTAL 2 lives over the top!

    GGMania: What multiplayer modes are you including? What does POSTAL 2 bring to the table that the online player hasn't seen before?

    Vince Desi: POSTAL 2 will include multiplayer like you never seen before, and for the stand alone product, we will be even more relentless in our efforts to punish everyone with laughter.

    GGMania: When can we expect to see the game hit store shelves?<

    Vince Desi: With the technology delays, we've decided to release POSTAL 2 in the 1st quarter of 2003 so you'll start to see a lot more coming soon. As for the future, trust me our minds are full of good sickness.

    GGMania: Now, we are at the very end of this interview. Do you have an uncontrolled wish to say something or we are done? :)

    Vince Desi: THANKS and start prayin cause it wont be long before the POSTAL Dude is on your ass."
    GG Mania


    Será que o jogo vai ser interessante? Ou será que matamos umas pessoas e depois perde o interesse? Estou curioso...