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[PC] Unreal 2: The Awakening

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Watchout, 30 de Junho de 2002. (Respostas: 110; Visualizações: 12689)

  1. Watchout

    Watchout Power Member

    Infogrames has released new screenshots from Legend Entertainment's newly subtitled upcoming first-person shooter sequel, Unreal 2: The Awakening.
    The shots show off some spectacular weapon effects as well as some of the game's characters and more of the environments players can expect in game.

    Unreal 2 is due out in autumn, 2002.

    fonte: gamesdomain.com

    FOTO 1

    FOTO 2

    FOTO 3

    FOTO 4

    8o 8o Eu quero!!! 8o 8o
    Última edição pelo moderador: 1 de Julho de 2002
  2. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    isso está muito bonito, com gráficos brutais, mas se deixasses só um link para as pics era melhor (isso a 56K nunca mais é norte)
  3. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Watchout as fotos são LINDAS mas tive que editar o post e transformá-las em links porque senão o pessoal de 56k fica tramado :(

    Anyway o jogo parece estar visualmente excelente... mas em FPS isso já não chega...

    Topem-me a tatuagem da miuda... assim ninguém se preocupa em matar ppl... fica tudo a ver :eek:
  4. SUp3rFM

    SUp3rFM Guest

    As imagens impressionam pela qualidade gráfica! Veremos se a jogabilidade corresponde. O Unreal na altura marcou os FPS. Espero que o U2 faça o mesmo. Cá esperamos pelas aventuras da Aida. :)
  5. oc_nightmare

    oc_nightmare Power Member

    o lança-chamas tá xelente!!:D :D
  6. Dan

    Dan Power Member

    Re: Unreal 2: The Awakening Screenshots

    mas estes gajos pensam que estao a enganar quem???? :rolleyes:

    graficamente brutal!!! mas o Korbe ja disse: isto so ja nao chega...
  7. DonnieDarko

    DonnieDarko Power Member

    Lança Xamas?? POrra é mas é a gaja!! Será que houve modelo mesmo real pra fazer akela babe??
    O jogo está com uns graficos excelentes!! Sair em Outono pois o UT2003 tb não era pra sair em Junho??

    :-D :-D :-D :-D
  8. Zealot

    Zealot I quit My Job for Folding

    Isso não sei, mas que o peito parece ter implantes, lá isso parece! :D
  9. FSniper

    FSniper Power Member

    topem lá os teclados da foto 1 - como é k é possivel no futuro os teclados serem iguais aos de hoje em dia. talvez daki a 10 anos (ou menos) estes já nem existam!

    :D :D :D :D :D

    n vou perdoar esta falha ehehe
  10. Dan

    Dan Power Member

    bom, tb se formos por aí, no futuro os implantes vao ser muito mais realistas!!! :-D
  11. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Bem observado carago! Ao menos já podiam ser paineis digitais tipo touchscreen :D

    Ou mesmo por telepatia!!! :003:
  12. edilloXP

    edilloXP Power Member

    BRUTAL !!! fiquei pasmado:eek:
    só sei de uma coisa: QUERO-O !!! :003: :003: :-D :-D :001: :001:
    alguém sabe quando é lançado nos states ? }>
  13. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    imagens da ECTS 2002

    "Depois do sucesso do original, a Epic aposta na tão esperada continuação do seu first-person shooter.

    E nada melhor que novos screenshots para mostrar o andamento dos trabalhos. Eis, então, seis imagens fresquinhas do jogo, que deverá chegar aos PC em Fevereiro de 2003."
    fonte: gameover.pt



    Este sim é o único rival possível do Doom 3 8o
  14. MayaUser

    MayaUser Power Member

    pá só se for a nivel de jogabilidade pq de gráficos embora esteja excelente (claro q nem de graficos vive um jogo, hum e daí q...) o doom é a grande besta q virá
  15. JCmendes

    JCmendes Power Member

    data de lançamento

    A Infogrames Alemanha revelou a data de lançamento do Unreal 2: The Awakening que é a 23 de Janeiro de 2003.

    Será um motor idêntico ao UT2003?

    Será que vou ter de trocar de plca? LLOOOOLLL
  16. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor


    There is no doubt about it: 2002 was an excellent year for first person shooter games. From PC games like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Unreal Tournament 2003, Battlefield: 1942, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, and No One Lives Forever 2, to console specific games like Timesplitters 2 and Red Faction 2 there is little to complain about for the FPS fan this year. Yet if everything comes along as planned, 2003 may be even better with PC games like Doom III, Deus Ex II, and (we hope anyway) Duke Nukem Forever and console games like Halo 2 all looking for a release next year.

    One of the long awaited first person shooter games in 2003 has to be Unreal 2: The Awakening, the direct sequel to Epic Games' 1998 first person shooter that started the huge Unreal franchise. Epic gave the development reigns for Unreal 2 to Wheel of Time developer Legend Entertainment and it has been in development for about three years now. After seeing the game behind closed doors at two straight E3s but with no hands-on experience either time, we were wondering how this game actually played. Yesterday in a hotel meeting room in Chantilly, Virginia (only a couple of blocks from Legend's own offices) I finally got the chance to play the game for myself along with a select group of gaming press and Unreal fan site operators at a press event sponsored by the game's publisher (and Legend's owner) Infogrames. Most of the team at Legend was at the event at some point during the day, along with Epic Games' Cliff "Cliffyb" Bleszinski.

    The event started out with an announcement from Legend's studio head Bob Bates saying that Mike Verdu, who was a co-founder of the company and was the main producer and designer throughout most of Unreal 2's development, has recently left Legend to join Electronic Arts on an unnamed real time strategy game. Legend producer and designer Glen Dahlgren, the main designer behind Legend's last game The Wheel of Time, has taken up Verdu's job to finish up the game. Dahlgren announced to the assembled crowd Thursday that Unreal 2 was in fact content complete with bug fixing and performance optimization being the main things left to do. While Unreal 2's release date has fluctuated somewhat in the rumor press, Dahlgren and publisher Infogrames now seemed confident enough to say that the game will finally reach store shelves in January 2003.

    Earlier this year, it was announced first at HomeLAN via an interview with Epic Games' Mark Rein that Unreal 2 was going to become a single player only game with Legend shelving its plans for multiplayer modes. On Thursday, Bates reiterated that Unreal 2 will still not have a multiplayer component when it comes out despite what a couple of recent press articles may have stated. An Infogrames spokesperson also told HomeLAN that there will not be any release of any of the multiplayer assets that Legend created for the multiplayer game before the decision to go strickly single player. However, neither Infogrames nor members of Legend would totally discount the idea that there might be a multiplayer expansion pack for Unreal 2 after its release to stores.

    After watching a two-and-a-half minute movie trailer showing off gameplay from Unreal 2 (a trailer for the game will be released on the net but it will likely not be the trailer we saw, according to Bleszinski) myself and members of the press finally got a chance to do what we have been waiting to do for so long: actually play the game for ourselves. We got a chance to play a good chunk of the build of the game Legend and Infogrames offered us although Legend deliberately removed the final few levels of the game in our build to keep some of the surprise intact. This was likely the last time members of the press will get a chance to play a build of the game before its release to stores since there are no plans to send preview copies to the press nor are there plans to release a public demo of the game before its release. We were provided new screenshots of Unreal 2 on a CD-RW disk but we were forbidden to take screenshots of our own experiences. Videos of the press event was expressly forbidden and still camera shots were limited to general shots of the event with direct pictures of a PC screen showing Unreal 2 banned.

    The machines we played Unreal 2 on were Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz rigs with 512 megs of RAM and a GeForce 4 4600 video card. Legend folks indicated that while the minimal requirements for the game will be much lower, the recommend PC hardware requirements will be about a 1.2 Ghz machine with a GeForce 3 in order to play and see the game in all its glory. At the moment, Legend said the game will be a Windows-only product with no Macintosh or Linux released planned. There are also no plans to bring Unreal 2 to any of the game consoles.

    Because Unreal 2 is a single player only experience, Legend chose to develop the story and its characters far more than most first person shooters. While playing the game, I came away impressed at how Legend has made the main player character, John Dalton, into a slightly flawed hero. A member of a kind of space marshal service as the game opens, Dalton wants desperately to be brought back into his old profession as a space marine and as the game progresses we see that he will do and believe nearly anything to have that happen and that obsession affects his character during the game. Other characters include his friend and first officer Aida aboard his ship, the Atlantis, as well as the master engineer aboard the ship and the alien pilot, a somewhat mysterious creature encased in a suit that's friendly but who also has an interesting secret. During the game you on occasion have choices in how to address your crew in coversation although it really doesn't affect the gameplay. We were impressed with the fact that Unreal 2 doesn't take itself too seriously as the main characters also have senses of humor with some funny lines uttered in the game, helped by the excellent voice acting.

    Epic's original Unreal had a fairly simply plot for its main character: Get off the planet you crash landed on. Unlike the original title with its single planet location (with a spaceship at the end), the plot of Unreal 2 takes us to a number of planetary locations, from a arctic locale to a jungle planet to a world that is literally a living organism, complete with huge anti-bodies that you have to deal with at one point. The game story concerns Dalton and his crew attempting to recover a number of alien artifacts before a group of aliens and human mercenaries get them first. The aliens include the lizard like Skaaj from the original game which is about the only connection Unreal 2 has to Epic's game. Missions include blowing up locations to retrieveing date to protecting certain people to simply getting off a planet alive.

    Graphically Unreal 2 is definitely looking better than the previous franchise game Unreal Tournament 2003 thanks in part to the game's single player focus which allows its designers to do things that they couldn't do in a fast paced multiplayer oriented game. Polygon counts on the enemies and NPCs in Unreal 2 are bumped up from UT 2003. Level textures and artwork make excellent use of shaders that make futuristic and alien hallways look simply incredible. Legend has put in its own particle system for Unreal 2 that makes lighting and other particle effects look sweet. One example of this is with smoke generated from one of the game's many grenades that can actually be blown away via a rocket launcher's wake, among other things.

    Although we won't reveal everything about this next subject to keep some of the surprise, Legend really went to town on Unreal 2's weapons with many of the standard first person shooter ordinances given new twists as well as some exotic all-new weapons added to the mix. Nearly all of the game's weapons have alternate fire modes, such as the shotgun which uses explosive fire bullets in its alt-fire mode. Unreal 2's flame thrower (which has the best flame effects of any game we have ever seen) has a neat alt-fire mode where you can lay napalm down on the ground and then light it up on unsuspecting enemies. The rocket launcher's alt-fire mode allows you to paint a target and fire four small rockets that track the target down.

    Some of the more exotic weapons include a spider gun obtained from one of your planet excursions that fires organic spiders that damage and distract your enemies as well as an alt-fire mode that creates a kind of spider proximity bomb. An energy weapon called the shock lance allows you to fire an electromagnetic pulse which renders electrical objects like power suits inoperable for a brief time. Legend also has no less than six different types of grenades for use in the grenade launcher, including biochemical, concussion, incinerary and more. Of course, the weapons models are nicely detailed in the graphics department

    A couple of times in the game you have to defend a target against waves of enemies and Legend has got some cool gadgets to use in this regard, including laser fence posts that you can use to create an energy barrier. You also can get a chance to set up automated turrets (in both machine gun and rocket launcher versions) that only target your enemies.

    Enemy AI is crucial now to a solid single player experience and Unreal 2 has that covered as well. I was impressed and shocked that while firing my machine gun at my first Skaaj in the game the alien actually deflected the bullets with his built-in blades. Other enemies such as the human mercenaries work to out flank enemies as well as duck and cover. At times you get to command your own group of teammates and Unreal 2's interface makes it simple to do as well. Other enemies you have to deal with are mutated spiders (both large and small) as well as lizard like aliens that try to make your life miserable in one of the early missions as you and a space marine team find yourself surrounded and fighting for your lives on a swamp-like world.

    Overall our game experience was pretty solid. The build we got to play was a beta version so a few problems did present themselves such as a couple of crashes to the desktop and some problems with the sound but Legend has plenty of time to go bug hunting and fixing before its scheduled release date. In fact some of the problems we encountered have already been fixed by Legend in newer builds than the one we received.

    Mod makers will be happy to know that a version of the Unreal editor and other mod tools will be available out of the box when Unreal 2 will be released. However, the Unreal editor that comes with the game will only work with Unreal 2; mod makers will not be able to make UT 2003 levels with the Unreal 2 editor and vise versa.

    While some may still dispute the decision to eliminate Unreal 2's plans for multiplayer, the truth is that based on our hands-on time with the game the single player experience will be rich and active, with cool weapons, exotic locales, excellent AI and sweet looking graphics. It seems likely that if you enjoy single player game experiences Unreal 2 will be something to look forward to in January.
    fonte: HomeLan


    Última edição: 8 de Novembro de 2002
  17. JCmendes

    JCmendes Power Member

    UNREAL 2 - Imagens novas

    Link AQUI

    Qual o motor gráfico deste jogo?

    É o mesmo do UT2003?

    Espero que sim, estar safo ;)
  18. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

    requisitos na Bgamer

    acabei de ler a BGamer de dezembro

    e li a reportagem sobre Unreal 2 e fiquei bastante supreendido ao ver que os requisitos minimos do jogo sao(em principio):

    CPU - 1,3ghz
    PL. Grafica- - geforce 3

    o jogo deve sair em pricipios de 2003 e usa o motor do unreal2003,mas aperfeiçoado.

    Mas onde eu queria mesmo chegar era que se os requisitos do unreal 2003 sao estes imaginem os do DOOMIII...vao mesmo para uma geforce 4 ti...

    bem la vou ter de comprar uma grafica nova...:D
  19. MPedroso

    MPedroso Power Member

    tirado do site oficial:

    "Q. What will be the recommended system requirements to play the game?

    A. Unreal II - The Awakening will look stunning on high-end systems, but you should be able to play the game just fine on a Pentium III 600mhz CPU with a first-generation GeForce card."
  20. [siLciR]

    [siLciR] Power Member

    se calhar aqueles requisitos que tinha dito serao os recomendados???

    mas se os min. sao um p3 600mhz melhor:)

    entao certamente que o autor daquele texto se enganou e me enganou>(

    acho estranho e que esses requisitos min. sejam inferiores ao do ut2003...n tem logica,logo se vê.

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