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Pentium 4 a 400Mhz e 533Mhz, chipset 850E

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Delta, 8 de Maio de 2002. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 1340)

  1. Delta

    Delta Suspenso

    Bom, quem está a pensar comprar um Northwood já deve saber disto, mas para os distraídos como eu eis o que saiu na net :

    WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between a Pentium 4 Northwood that sits happily in a 533MHz chipset motherboard and a Pentium 4 Northwood that sits happily in a 400MHz chipset motherboard?

    That's the question we asked Intel yesterday and the answer is "not a lot", but enough to entangle you in a nightmare if you buy the wrong sort of processor by accident.

    Intel's CPUs are set in the factory for either 400 or 533MHz front side bus (FSB) operation. Although practically everything else in the CPU is identical, the difference is programmed into the processor and then validated, Intel told us yesterday.

    Fortunately... maybe... if you buy an Intel D850EMV2 boxed motherboard, it supports both 400MHz and 533MHz FSBs. So it will work.

    But if you're set on buying a Northwood Pentium 4, for god's sake make sure you get the one marked B, because that's the one with the little bit of code inside it which says it will operate on the 533MHz bus.

    There's another problem too – related to the 850E (Tehama-E) chipset Intel introduced this week.

    533MHz motherboards need 40 nanosecond Rambus RDRAM instead of the old 45 nanosecond RDRAM.

    Unfortunately, as our own Doctor Spinola tells us, he can't yet find anyone selling the stuff. µ
  2. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    Poix, mas o que é certo é que as vulgares memorias PC800 de 45ns funcionam na maior nas boards!!!

    Memorias PC1066 de 35 e 32ns é que me interessam!!! :D
  3. jvidia

    jvidia Power Member

    Pois mas a seguinte pergunta continua por ser respondida :

    "Qual o problema de por um NW normal numa board 850E ?"

    Pois se esse NW normal já deu 133 de fsb numa board 850 !


    Ou será que os NW B's têm tb instruções diferentes ?! :rolleyes: