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Philips Net TV

Discussão em 'Home Cinema' iniciada por PJ:, 20 de Fevereiro de 2009. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 1226)

  1. PJ:

    PJ: Power Member


    Philips just launched Philips Net TV, a new net connected service for its high-end TVs.

    Philips Net TV will hook any Philips 8000 or Philips 9000 series TV, as well as the newly announced Cinema 21:9, up to the web to allow you to surf selected sites from the comfort of the sofa.

    Sites involved include Youtube, TomTom, eBay, Funspot, MyAlbum and more, which have been specially adapted for Philips Net TV so the text is large and visible. You can access most other websites as well, but Philips can’t promise that they’ll look and read well.
    You’ll need an ethernet connection to get Philips Net TV for the Philips 8000 series, but 9000 series and Philips Cinema 21:9 owners will be able to use wi-fi instead.

    Good work Philips. We saw a lot of TV widget systems on show at CES last month, but this is one of the first examples to market so you can bet we’ll be testing Philips Net TV out.

  2. isaacslash

    isaacslash Power Member

    seems cool! new stuff for tv!!!

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