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Guia Photoshop em Linux - ENG

Discussão em 'Análises, Artigos e Guias - Microsoft' iniciada por Portwolf, 6 de Setembro de 2006. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 2853)

  1. Portwolf

    Portwolf Banido

    Tutorial feito por um amigo meu...
    artigo original: http://www.alexandern.com/Photoshop_on_Linux_(how_to).html

    Pode ser util para muitos de vós ;)

    First: get wine
    You need to go here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/wine/Wine-20031118.tar.gz
    and get the latest source for wine. (The wine that I am using is v20031118. for some reason newer wine had problems running photoshop, I had to revert to this version. Also Photoshop does not work on RPM version of wine, well at least for me it does not)

    Second: build wine
    Do not use wine RPM. Rather build it from the source. Download the source using the link above.
    Once you download the file place it in some directory where you want your wine to be installed and run this command:
    zcat Wine-20031118.tar.gz | tar xvf - note the space before the -
    Now change to directory wine-20031118 And run

    This script will run configuration to prepare your wine sources for compilation. Once it is done run
    make depend && make
    Make and make install will take some time so go get a coke or what ever you like and sit back let it build. When it is all done you will have wine installed now you have to configure it.

    Third: configure wine
    In your wine-20031118 dir run
    ./wine it will complain but it will create a configuration file in ~/.wine/ (~ is your home dir) To configure wine create directory that will be your fake C:\ drive. For example: /C in there create windows, windows/system and windows/system32 directories. Now change to ~/.wine and open file called config in your favorite editor. You would need to change a few things to match your machine. First set the path to your floppy, fake C and your cdrom drive. You will see the sections in the file so set your floppy. For example:
    "Path" = "/mnt/floppy" set your cdrom, for example:
    [Drive D] "Path" = "/mnt/cdrom" there will be some other drives by default:
    ;;[Drive F] ;;"Path" = "%HOME%" ;;"Type" = "network" ;;"Label" = "Home" ;;"Filesystem" = "win95"
    ;;[Drive Z] ;;"Path" = "/" ;;"Type" = "hd" ;;"Label" = "Root" ;;"Filesystem" = "win95"
    as you see I have coment them out with ;; since I do not use those drives through wine. Now scroll down to the [Version] tag and set what you want the wine to pretend to be. Here is the list of possible versions of windows:

    Lastly descend to [x11drv] section and set your resolution to
    "Desktop" = "1600X1200" if you want to play 3D video games like Rune else (for Photoshop) coment that out:
    ;;"Desktop" = "1600X1200" (use resolution that is best for you)

    Now you can run wine

    Fourth: Install Photoshop
    /where/wine/wine-20031118/wine /mnt/cdrom/Autorun.exe

    Or what ever the installer called.
    Follow the instructions and you are done.

    Try to run Photoshop:
    cd "/C/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop 7.0" /where/wine-20031118/wine Photoshop.exe If it runs then do step 5

    Five: Create yourself a Photoshop launcher
    Backup your wine config to config.photoshop (you may have a different version of this config for another app)
    Make a file in /usr/local/bin called photoshop
    Put these commands in there: (make sure you use your OWN path!!! Duh!)
    cp -rfv ~/.wine/config.photoshop ~/.wine/config cd "/C/Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop 7.0" /where/wine-20031118/wine ./Photoshop.exe then
    chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/photoshop now you can run command photoshop on the command line and it will start the Photoshop.
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