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Plasmas e LCD Panasonic com receptor HD

Discussão em 'Home Cinema' iniciada por gudipn, 12 de Fevereiro de 2008. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 533)

  1. gudipn

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    "Panasonic is to launch flatscreens complete with Freesat receivers - meaning no need for a separate set-top box when the Freeview-and-HD-via-satellite services start later this year.

    First up, in the summer, will be the PZ81 series of Freesat plasmas - available in 37-, 42in and 50in screen sizes. Yes, there WILL be 37in plasmas in Panasonic's 2008 range...

    The plasmas will be followed later in the year by LZ81 Freesat LCDs - initially 32- and 37in models.

    Pricing and further specification details are currently unavailable, but watch this space for updates.

    We exclusively learned about the Freesat sets here at Panasonic's HD Networking Convention - stand by for further reports on the company's Blu-ray and systems plans over in our Home Cinema section.

    Sadly, you may have to wait until March 1st for a full TV update, when the embargo is lifted on the European versions of the 2008 models launched at CES last month.

    Naturally we're working on bringing you the story - and of course the product reviews - ASAP. "

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