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PlayStation 3 To Use OpenGL ES 2.0?

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Ansatsu, 19 de Fevereiro de 2005. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 1800)

  1. Ansatsu

    Ansatsu Power Member

    It participates in Khronos where SCEI decides OpenGL ES

    Neil Trevett of Khronos Group

    "SONY probably will use OpenGL ES 2.0 in PlayStation 3. This is big change. SONY traditionally, used their individual API. As for saying this time, it probably becomes new standard API adoption ", Khronos Group which decides OpenGL ES (the ???? group) Neil Trevett (President and Khronos Group; Chairman and OpenGL ES Working Group; Senior Vice President, Market Development and 3Dlabs).

    Economic organization Khronos for the installed equipment of OpenGL is standard, "OpenGL ES" last year decision. It served in spread of development of OpenGL ES standard. As for Trevett, presently as for the most interesting movement, the SONY computer entertainment (SCEI) you call Toda who participated in Contributing Members of Khronos densely for the OpenGL ES.

    "Microsoft obtained the profit with (API) the affinity of PC and XBOX. That was the largest advantage of Microsoft. SONY thinks that the air was attached to the. Very many software developments are done on OpenGL and on especially ?????????????. SONY can obtain the profit probably will be from there, "that Trevett presumes the reason where SCEI joins to Khronos.

    If PlayStation 3 adopts OpenGL ES, basic program and same ???? which hit the same API, PlayStation, it reaches the point where it can be able to send between 3 and the other OpenGL ES platform. Naturally, transferability of the software increases.

    As for OpenGL ES presently with version 1.0, function is limited very, either ????????????? is not supported. But, in August of this year CG conference "SIGGRAPH", with the possibility that OpenGL ES of extended edition 1.1 is announced, furthermore also the decision of the next generation standard "OpenGL of announcement schedule ES 2.0" parallel in the board during 2006, it is advanced.

    With OpenGL ES 2.0 supporting ???????????

    With OpenGL ES 2.0, also support of ???? joins. In other words, DirectX in the same way 9 and OpenGL 2.0, it reaches the point where it can do programming with ????. As for Trevett "SONY joined, but it participates enthusiastically to the argument of OpenGL ES 2.0", that, the interest of SCEI suggests that to ???? it is.

    As for a certain industry authorized personnel, as for the reason, it is GPU of PlayStation 3, because the "media engine" is full programmable, it points out. PlayStation 3 loads the tip/chip which is called the media engine as a Cell processor and the multimedia processor which is suitable to GPU in CPU. The 3D graphic pipeline, is presumed that these 2 tips/chips allot.

    Graphics Synthesizer which is GPU of PlayStation 2 did not have program characteristic, but as for the media engine it is seen that it is possible to be able to send ?????????, with high program characteristic. This is the inevitable flow. In other words, as for graphic hard ????????? cannot be given, if, because graphics of the quality like the CG movie cannot be actualized. And, because of that, with PlayStation 3, API for ????????? becomes necessary. It is the case, OpenGL ES 2.0 that it can offer that.

    Also the schedule of OpenGL ES 2.0, exactly coincides to the schedule of PlayStation 3. It is the possibility that the specifications where as for OpenGL ES 2.0 from this spring there is development stage, hits to 2005 February and become the stand are released. Formal announcement, is presumed that it becomes SIGGRAPH of 2005 summer.

    When this is repeated with the schedule of PlayStation 3, it agrees on the approximately line of those which are delayed a little. As for version 1 of the development tool of PlayStation 3 being offered before E3 of the next year. And, Tokyo game Shaw of the fall (TGS) it has become the schedule where version 2 is offered to time. When mounting is started from the stage where SCEI, has the specifications of OpenGL and ES 2.0 is stuffed, it can offer up to approximately version 2 the library probably is.

    Because the failure of PlayStation 2 is not repeated?

    As for the same person, as for the change of SCEI, you explain that it is something due to the complication of the library.

    "They with PlayStation 2 (did not offer the library are the ?) received many dissatisfaction from ?????. It is unreasonable already to make API at just for 1 corporation. Because very enormous labor becomes necessary. But, if OpenGL ES, 10 years spending with OpenGL, you can adopt API which withers that way "

    SCEI with PlayStation 2 at the beginning did not offer the library most at all. Because of that, ???????? does not develop the library at the respective company. This library it was absent to push up the labor of the title development of PlayStation 2. It has presumed that Trevett probably will finish to step on, in order for SCEI not to step on that wheel track, with PlayStation 3 in OpenGL ES 2.0 adoption.

    As SCEI did with PlayStation, when at the respective company it tries to decide API set from zero, now enormous labor becomes necessary. If OpenGL ES of the actual proof being completed is adopted with OpenGL, you can lighten the labor at least. Very, API which has become familiar with OpenGL being adopted on developer side is a big advantage.

    With this movement of SCEI, the next game machine war displayed also the aspect which becomes API war. In other words, it is the composition, SCEI of the Microsoft opposite OpenGL of DirectX ES. As for this, you call API of the API anti- de facto standard which Microsoft decides, in PC industry it is the diagram in familiarity.

    "SONY joined to open standard API, it is the sign which it is possible to industry to take. You have expected "that the impetus to the flow to open standard, that Trevett says.

    By the way, OpenGL ES is offered being royalty free, presently 55 corporations or more participates.

    Khronos which expands the width of API decision

    SCEI why is not OpenGL, adopting OpenGL ES? As for present OpenGL ES 1.0, with the subset of OpenGL 1.3, as for function it is limited basically very. For example, for PC with GPU extremely the natural cube map is not supported. But, this for the existing installation is the specification which is adjusted hard, as for the purpose of Khronos you say that it is not to make functional limited edition.

    Especially, the first focusing of OpenGL ES was the portable telephone, GPU was not loaded, the application processor (ARM system is many) with the software had designated that it can process as prerequisite. Because of that, function was limited.

    In other words, by the fact that the API set which installs the purpose of Khronos and, adjusts hard is offered, it is the schedule which keeps expanding also API steadily according to the target device and the evolution of hard. In other words, it is the case, OpenGL ES that it evolves, to the direction where from OpenGL which was developed in for the work station, the ? ? you drop excessive API, make specialize to real time 3D graphics, furthermore install and adds special ????? for hard. It is seen that and, by the fact that SCEI joins, the focusing itself OpenGL ES keeps changing.

    In addition, perhaps the reason where SCEI joins to Khronos, there is also a part other than OpenGL ES. Because in other words, as for Khronos not only 3D graphic API, it has been about to decide more extensive multimedia low level API set.

    Khronos presently is advancing the API project of four. Other than OpenGL ES of 3D graphics, video API "OpenML", 2D vectoring graphic API "OpenVG" and multimedia computing primitive API "OpenMAX". In other words, as Khronos not only making the specification which is made to specialize, expanding API set to side, been about to for will install OpenGL and to expand in inclusive multimedia API set it is visible.

    As for SCEI seeking inclusive multimedia API?

    OpenVG with API for 2D vector graphics, is something for the 2D vector application like FLASH of Macromedia. If OpenVG is used, FLASH with the graphic tip/chip and the like ????????????? it becomes possible to do. With PC it runs FLASH on CPU, but it installs and in case of the equipment when CPU is powerless is many. OpenVG, being hard such as that, try to be able to use the application like FLASH comfortably.

    But, when of the game machine was thought, it is, more important the fact that OpenMAX is. OpenMAX from is the API set which offers the computing primitive of low level. In the world of the installed equipment which is not the standard like PC, adjusting to the various hardware, you must develop multimedia application and the library. OpenMAX solves the problem such as that.

    With OpenMAX, in order to be able to use the library which is in common even with the hardware which differs, API which is standardized is offered. The video codec, the audio engine and the still picture codec, furthermore try the library like the physical simulation engine, to be able to transplant hard it differs easily. "Many media API being necessary, furthermore the number steadily increases. Common API is offered vis-a-vis that, transplantation of the software is made easy ", that Trevett says.

    With saying, it is not the case that Khronos offers various libraries itself. It leaves offer of the library itself to the third party. "Those where it is important, are not to be to have been about that we probably will make the codec (the engine) itself. There is no intention of competing with MPEG4. To the last, you specialize in API of low level for the library "(Trevett).

    Because of that, with OpenMAX the hardware it is abstracted, primitive layer API of low level is offered. This hard in the layer where it is abstracted, the primitive layer "Intel Integrated Performance Primitives which Intel offers to for the respective company platform (IPP)" with, becomes the kind of style which is similar. IPP of Intel, corresponds to IA-32, IA-64, StrongARM, XScale, and the respective company DSP. Vis-a-vis that, OpenMAX between the device of the Khronos member becomes the cross platform.

    With OpenMAX, it stipulates also API in order to use OS and application side or various multimedia libraries. Because of that, from superior software layer, even when being whichever hard even with the library, it reaches the point where it can access with the same API.

    Microsoft it struck out the structure of such OpenMAX, as the next generation game programming framework also "XNA" is a similarity. With XNA, it is not the game engine and something where the library itself is offered, by the fact that API and the data set are decided, ???????? that tries can utilize the library simply.

    SCEI has made that the extensive middle wear group is offered to for PlayStation 3 with May this year E3 clear. In addition, a certain industry authorized personnel, says that SCEI also the middle wear bender of the foreign country started having contact with PlayStation 3. SCEI adopts OpenMAX, if the primitive layer of OpenMAX which is optimized in for the Cell/ media engine is offered, transplantation of various libraries becomes easy. Of course, the fact that OpenMAX spreads is prerequisite, but if OpenMAX succeeds, it reaches the point where cooperation of many middle wear vendors can be obtained with the labor whose also SCEI is little.

    Like this when it tries doing, the purpose where SCEI joins to Khronos, is presumed that it does not limit to OpenGL ES. If standard is adopted with 3D graphics, probably there is no reason which does not adopt standard even with other API. Especially, like PlayStation 3 with hard programming the low level is very difficult, as for completeness of the computing primitive of low level it becomes the key.

  2. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Li a noticia na diagonal, mas é impressão minha ou não faz muito sentido?

    Tenho ideia que OpenGL ES é para ser usado em Pda, telemoveis, etc etc. Uma api simples e leve.
    Outra coisa, esta noticia é de antes ou depois do anuncio que a nVidia ia fazer o gpu da PS3?

    É que se for de antes, menos sentido faz.

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