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Portable Firefox v1.0 (USB Drive-Friendly)

Discussão em 'Windows Desktop e Surface' iniciada por Mendázio, 27 de Janeiro de 2005. (Respostas: 0; Visualizações: 693)

  1. Mendázio

    Mendázio Power Member

    Portable Firefox v1.0 (USB Drive-Friendly)

    Portable Firefox is a fully functional package of Firefox optimized for use on a USB key drive. It has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your USB key as well as a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work as you switch computers. It will also work from a CDRW drive (in packet mode), ZIP drives, external hard drives, some MP3 players, flash RAM cards and more (Note: It will not run from read-only media like a CD-R).

    This is an unofficial package (Windows-only for now). It is an official build, but has been modified and a specialized launcher added to make extensions portable. No warranty is expressed or implied.

    Homepage e mais info aqui:

    Porreiro, quando uma pessoa vai com a pen para casa de uma pessoa que não tenha o firefox! :)

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