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pro evolution soccer skill moves list

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por m50ps3, 27 de Setembro de 2007. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 2122)

  1. m50ps3

    m50ps3 Power Member

    PES 2008 Skill Moves List

    Special thanks to only1ronaldo from Evo-Web for taking his time to compile this list and send it to the team. He's compiled a list of pretty much 90% of the moves that are in the game. Maybe the community can find a couple more after release. Well here it goes:

    Heel Dash
    Not everyone has it, C.Ronaldo and Henry got it for sure.
    R1+90 Degrees direction while running or trapping ball.

    While standing with R2, Press Back+R2 and Forward+R2 quickly.


    Shirt Pull

    Look Up Cross
    L1+R1 Then O

    Crossing Stance
    L1 then R1 x3

    Drag Ball Stepover
    L1+R1 Then L1 2x

    Drag Ball Into Stepover Dash
    L1+R1 Then 2x L1+R1

    Sidestep Stepover
    Do a sidestep up/or/down+R2 then quickly press L1 x2

    Go Around The Ball
    While running hold L1 then tap quickly R1 x2

    Old moves still work (Elastico, Matthews feint, vfeint, 360, lift ball)

  2. androctonvs

    androctonvs Power Member

    thanks.. já não me lembrava de metade
  3. Luis_PS3

    Luis_PS3 Power Member

    Bom post....
    :offtopic:: Podiam fazer o mesmo para o fifa;)

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