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Discussão em 'Web Development' iniciada por babycute, 10 de Julho de 2007. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 928)

  1. Any computer programmers out there (Internet programmers, to be more precise - e.g. Action script, PHP, etc) - who have ideas on things I could code? I've messed around with a few apt ideas, but I just don't know where some programmers come up with ideas for "on-their-own-time" applications that might be useful and help them keep in touch with their coding skills/learn new languages/etc.

    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  2. ooooops no response!
    needs suggestions
    thanks in advance!
  3. K0mA

    K0mA Power Member


    Make an online editor for php, javavascript, perl ..., one that would easily generate arrays without one having to write "" and =>, if strucures for structures etc etc etc.

    This seams to be directed to AJAX.
  4. Oh I see!
  5. Whats your opinion about AJAX? Let me know about your views!
  6. Kayvlim

    Kayvlim Permission Denied
    Staff Member

    What exactly are you planning to do? Any web application, no matter what it does, or one that works specifically with AJAX?

    I have no ideia of how skilled are you, but something you could do is a web application that allows the registration of new users AND that, when a new user is being created, it uses AJAX to check whether the username written is already taken (meaning that the user doesn't have to submit the page to know). It's quite simple to do :)
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