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[PSV] Special Report Division (Nippon Ichi Software, NIS)

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por Soadi, 29 de Maio de 2012. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 815)

  1. Soadi

    Soadi Power Member

    Nippon Ichi's Mystery PS Vita Title Named and Dated

    Nippon Ichi teased a mystery PlayStation Vita game in last week's batch of magazines. The wait for more details would not be long, as this week's Dengeki has a name, release date and more.

    The game is titled Tokushu Houdoubu, or "Special Report Division." Although the genre is "adventure," the game is said to not be like a normal text adventure game.

    As the name might suggest, the game is themed around reporting, specifically television reporting. Nippon Ichi got cooperation from a Nagoya television studio to bring authenticity to the game's setting. The game will have systems that allow players to experience television production.

    We're also hearing that the game takes place from the perspective of a camera viewfinder. It's unclear if this is true of the entire game, or if it's just a portion.

    Tokushu Houdoubu will be released on August 23, priced ¥6,090 at retail and ¥5,000 as a download. The game has character designs from Hiro Kiyohara.
  2. Mr.Croft

    Mr.Croft Banido

    A Nippon Ichi bem podia fazer o JRPG como deve ser para a Vita.

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