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The Zwame forum is an online discussion space open for everyone where various subjects are discussed but mainly informatics and new technologies. We have a wide type of themes including Hardware and Software, Programming, video games and a lot more!
We have also a doubt/support area where all the community gives a big contribution which makes Zwame a helpfull and pleasant forum.

Why should I advertise in the Zwame forum?

- It's the biggest Portuguese forum about informatics and technology with more than 135000 registered members.
- Thousands of users on-line simultaneously at any time of the day.
- Zwame is one of the most visited websites in Portugal.
- Most of the times the first result in the Google search engine
- More than 417.000 discussion topics and more than 4.929.000 replies.

Stats 2009


Monthly Average
Unique Visitors - 1,019,227
Visitors - 1,955,203
Pageviews - 9,651,310

How can I advertise on the Zwame forum?

The advertiting is done using a banner with the dimensions of 728x90 pixels and 60kb, that is placed on the top right corner of the page.
The banners will be hosted in our servers.
The banner should rather be done in Flash and if so containing the link. If the banner is an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) must not
contain any link. The link will be inserted by us according to the client indications.

What is the price of adverstising in the Zwame forum?

Contact us.


The payment is done in the beginning of the advertising campaign by Bank Transfer.

Reserved Rights

We have the right to:
- Not accept the proposed advertisement and/or banner.
- Change the advertising campaign condition (not affecting the advertising campaigns that are in course during the changes).

For more information contact us!
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