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QuakeCon 06: John Carmack Keynote Address

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por black_edition, 7 de Agosto de 2006. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 858)

  1. black_edition

    black_edition Power Member


    John Carmack delivered his annual keynote at QuakeCon this year, but didn't really have much to say.

    There was no grand unveiling or anything similar, but merely a few interesting comments:

    * The next Id software game will be another FPS, but will be more original and will focus on gameplay over graphics. It will be new IP, rather than another Doom or Wolfenstein. It will use megatextures, which are scheduled to debut in Enemy Territory.
    * Carmack called Quake 3 the most 'pure' game he had produced.
    * He wants to stick to producing games that his team are familiar developing, but lamented that development tools haven't really moved on much in the last few years.
    * Carmack's cell phone games, such as the Doom RPG, could end up on the Nintendo DS.
    * The complexity of games and engines today is stifling the mod community.


    Para quem quiser o filme

  2. SoundSurfer

    SoundSurfer Power Member

    Game Content >> Game Technology :)

    "you can do anything in 2 weeks!" :002:
    Última edição: 8 de Agosto de 2006
  3. strafejump

    strafejump Power Member

    tou sem tráfego... a partir da meia noite já vou ver o que o grande guru do 3D disse :)

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