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R300 -> R350

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por 777, 7 de Março de 2003. (Respostas: 16; Visualizações: 1279)

  1. 777

    777 Power Member

    woowow :eek: :eek:

    ATI R350 Driver Path Enabled On R300 Brings Performance Increase

    Thomas Bruckschlegel of TommTi-Systems has somehow enabled the R350 driver path, which is naturally present in the latest ATI beta drivers v6307, to work on R300 hardware a.k.a Radeon 9700 Pro / 9700 / 9500 Pro / 9500. Modifications were performed on ati2mtag.sys.
    The interesting thing about this modification is that it brings a slight performance increase in various applications. Also the control panel detects the changed driver path correctly.


    Thomas at first thought these differences were a result of normal performance fluctuations. But since they were reproducable he concluded that the hardware difference between R300 and R350 might not be as large as ATI would like us to believe.

    He used the following software. Note that the number in brackets shows the approximate performance difference to standard R300 path.

    Test System:

    Athlon XP 1800+
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    Windows XP SP1

    Fablemark [4%]
    3DMark 03 | 1024x768 Default | [3-5%]
    3DMark 03 | 1024x768 16x AF | [up to 20%]
    3DMark 03 | 1024x768 2x FSAA | [up to 10%]
    3DMark 03 | 1024x768 4x FSAA | [up to 10%]
    3DMark 2001 SE | 1600x1200 | [Pixel Shader 1.1 40%; generally faster]
    3DMark 2001 SE | 1600x1200 16x AF | [generally faster]
    ATI Island Demo 1 [partially 19% faster]
    Shader Mark 1.7 | DX8 | [generally faster]
    Shader Mark 1.7 | DX9 | [even more faster]
    Shader Mark 1.7 | DX9 PS2.0 | [up to 23% faster]
    Z-Reject Overdraw Tester 1.6 | [up to 4% faster]
    Interesting results indeed. Please note that Thomas' website is in german and has some notorious popups with exit popup. You can find the charts to the listing abovehere .

    Source: http://www.warp2search.net/
  2. Karski

    Karski Power Member

    Estou a ver que quem teve a sorte de arranjar uma 9500 com o mod a funcionar direito tem placa para a vida toda :-D
  3. Xcentric

    Xcentric Power Member

    Na percebi isso muito bem... entao ker dizer ke com os novos drivers da ati ke ainda sao beta vai ser possivel ligar uma opção ke vai fazer kom ke os r300 fikem perto dos r350 ???
  4. Ashler

    Ashler Folding Member

    Rofl !

    Estou a ver que a minha 9500 Non Pro de 128Mb foi a melhor compra que fiz na vida :D (logo a seguir ao meu SPECTRUM, claro !!!)
  5. Xcentric

    Xcentric Power Member

  6. Ashler

    Ashler Folding Member

    A little off-topic:

    Tive a ver o Chimp Demo da 9800 agora, alem de correr muito bem nesta placa, ta mesmo espetacular !
  7. SilveRRIng

    SilveRRIng Power Member

    Sabem se ainda existe alguma hipotese de "apanhar" 9500 npro 128MB a venda em lojas ca em pt? Ou a ATI ja mudou a estrutura delas para deixar de dar? Thks
  8. |P|PHNeutral

    |P|PHNeutral Power Member

    Se não mudou tem intenção de mudar. Ouvi dizer que em Inglaterra recolheram todas as Sapphire 9500 128Mb por causa do mod.
    Acho que as Connect3d vão manter a linha.

  9. Ashler

    Ashler Folding Member

    Tive a ler nos forums da rage3d e tava la um gajo que trabalha para a ATI a dizer que esse boost de performance nao será do hack aos drivers, os CAT 3.2a irao dar o tal boost a todas as 9700, por isso é so esperar que saiam :D
  10. Xcentric

    Xcentric Power Member

    heheeh, isto vai ser uma festa!!! lol :D :D :D
  11. Sairam agora os 3.2


    Mas a tal performance extra, só vai estar diponivel nos 3.3 que tb já estão muito próximo

    Performance Improvements
    As with most CATALYST™ releases, the performance has increased in many various situations. Here are some examples observed in CATALYST™ version 3.2.
    CATALYST™ 3.2 corrects a problem with 2D applications running in the background that can cause a momentary reduction in framerate (i.e."stuttering") in fullscreen Direct3D and OpenGL games. Specific instances of "stuttering" have also been addressed (e.g. Rallisport Challenge when the sun enters or exits the scene).

    Dungeon Siege framerates are improved as much as 24% across multiple products, especially when running at higher resolutions.

    Framebuffer read-back performance has improved dramatically (500% or more) in CATALYST™3.2. This feature allows an application to retrieve a fully rendered frame from the graphics adapter and manipulate it or store it in the system RAM or on the hard disk.

    Vertex Shader performance has improved dramatically (as much as 100% in some situations) for our DX8.1-class products such as RADEON™ 8500, 9000 and 9100. This brings significant gains to Vertex Shader intensive scenes such as the Battle of Proxycon and the Troll's Lair (both up 15-25% on RADEON™ 9000 PRO).
  12. Live

    Live Power Member

  13. Xcentric

    Xcentric Power Member

    mas nesse site ta la 9500->9800 nao esta 9700->9800 sera k tb da pras 9700?? alguem ja testou isto???
  14. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    experimentei, em default n notei ganhos nenhuns, mas a 425/351 notei ganhos de 100 marks.

    Mas vou testar novamente! :)
  15. Xcentric

    Xcentric Power Member

    entao acham ke vale a pena aplicar esta patch nas 9700 pro ??
  16. Live

    Live Power Member

    tem la um patch para as r9700...

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