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R480 em Dezembro

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por pee2002, 3 de Novembro de 2004. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 713)

  1. pee2002

    pee2002 Power Member

    WE HAVE LEARNED that ATI's R480 will be native PCI Express only and that at least in 2004 you won't see an AGP variation of the card.
    The R480, ATI's flagship chip, will replace X800XT and X800XT PE and it will be offered in two variations with two different clock speeds.

    We told you a lot about this chip here.

    The X800PRO will be replaced with R430, a new chip on the block, but we suspect that this chip might be very similar to the X800XT PCIe, the R423. The only difference might be the production process as we expect to see this chip built at 110 nanometers. We still don’t know exact details but we know that this chip is real.

    As for AGP users, ATI won't offer anything to replace the X800XT Press edition, X800XT and X800PRO at least for a while.

    At a later date, sometimesin Q1 2005, ATI might introduce R480 bridged down to AGP with its RIALTO bridge chip. We wrote you here that this bridge chip won't be called Mike, Charlie or Fudo. If ATI called the chip RIALnTO we could say that it meant Radeon Is All Life Needs To Offer. Close enough I guess. µ

    FOnte: The Inquirer
  2. Elrond

    Elrond To fold or to FOLD?

    AGP a ser fuzilado a força toda...

    Ta visto q comprar placa AGP agora é mesmo pessima ideia..


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