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Radeon X2950 R650

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por ALIENS_MONEY, 22 de Julho de 2007. (Respostas: 22; Visualizações: 2878)


    ALIENS_MONEY Power Member

    Radeon HD 2950 XTX coming in the third quarter


    AMD has yet to introduce its long-awaited R600-based Radeon HD 2900-series cards, but according to Fudzilla, the firm is already preparing to launch a successor to its upcoming flagship. A so-called Radeon HD 2950 XTX will reportedly be introduced in the third quarter of this year, just one quarter after AMD expects to release the R600. Fudzilla says this Radeon 2950 XTX will feature a new R650 graphics processor, which will be based on 65nm process technology. The card will also be outfitted with 1GB of GDDR4 memory, and it should arrive in August or September. Rumors we heard last month suggest that AMD plans to undercut the prices of existing high-end graphics cards by a pretty significant margin with its R650-based products. The difference will reportedly be on the order of $100-150, which might place the Radeon HD 2950 XTX somewhere in the $350-500 price range.
    To save the lousy year

    We already wrote about the ATI HD 2950XTX card based on R650, the 65 nanometre chip scheduled for Q3 2007 here.

    There will be one more high end card based on the 65 nanometre chip that is likely to replace the soon to be launched Radeon HD 2900XT cards. The new 65 nanometre core codenamed R650 based card will be known as ATI Radeon HD 2950XT. This is the slower revision of the R650 core.

    We hope for DAAMIT's sake that they will manage to launch these R650 based cards in September / end of Q3, but how can you put your trust in roadmaps from a company that delayed every single chip this year.

    The Nvidia G90 should be ready around the same time, but we have very little information about shrinked version of the G80 chip.

    AMD's Shirked R600

    We don't know
    much but we can confirm that ATI is working on a smaller R600 marchitecture based chip codenamed R650. It is officially messed up with R600. The R600 chip is simply too hot and it has terrible heat dissipation and this problem has to be fixed. Dissipation of 230+ Watts is simply too much for any graphic chip and any standard.

    We are seeing R520 got swapped with R580 situation all over again and this can definitely confirm that R600 won't have a good and great life. R600 will be replaced as soon as possible as soon as the R650 redesign is done. This is a very expensive but desperate move.

    Cooler and faster

    We saw a document in which ATI clearly conceives the flaws in the R600 design and that the company is aware of its high power requirements, the thermal dissipation and the the lack of texture power in the current design.

    The R650 is doing well and it should be ready in Q3, until then you will have to enjoy the R600XT or simply go for Nvidia. The R600 is the biggest and hottest chip so far and ATI can thank its 512 bit memory controller, the many Shader units and the stream processors for that.

    This was simply too much for 80 nanometres, but the 65 nanometre R650 should solve most of these problems.

    We don't know any schedules about R650 but we are sure that it comes later than Q2.
    Faster clock speeds than R600

    Our sources confirmed that R650 will work at a higher frequency than the previous R600 chip. R600 works at 740 MHz and it can easily be overclocked to 850 MHz. The new R650 chip will have much lower heat dissipation, as it will be manufactured at 65 nanometre and the transistors and gates will get significantly smaller, which means less heat.

    ATI have been working on the R650 for a while, as it takes time to respin a chip and write your libraries for a complete new process. This cost you money and a lot of time, but we don’t think ATI had any choice. R600 simply didn’t turn out to fulfill its expectations and there are some big slues to be filled.

    The biggest trouble for ATI right now is that Nvidia is probably working on a smaller version of G80, but we don’t know if Nvidia plans to shrink it to 80 or 65 nanometre first. We are confident that Nvidia will prepare its answer to R650.

    Recognize the week points of R600

    Our sources
    confirmed that ATI is working hard to release its R650 chip. The 65 nanometre chip is getting closer to launch day by day and aims for some high clocks.

    This won't just be a simple die shrink of an existing marchitecture as ATI plans to redesign some parts of the chip. The major architectural difference is that R650 will have more texture power as this was recognizes as one of the weakest points of R600.

    ATI aims for higher clocks, closer to 1,000MHz and obviously it will improve the usage of the available bandwidth.

    As the chip is going to be shrunk, you can expect significantly less energy consumption. All together this will be what R600 was suppose to be, a Geforce 8800 GTX / Ultra killer, but the problem is that Nvidia will also have something new by the time ATI finishes R650.

    We are looking at a August to September launch for R650, but can we really trust ATI in its plans. We hope for MAD.ATI (DAAMIT)'s sake that they can pull this one off. And in case you haven't heard it before, R650 will be comertially known as Radeon HD 2950 XTX and HD 2950XT.

    Última edição: 22 de Julho de 2007
  2. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido

    ao menos reconheceram o erro e vão tentar emenda-lo
  3. Koncaman

    Koncaman Utilizador Saloio

    não sei se "erro" será a melhor palavra para o caso.
    o R650 continua a seguir a mesma ideia do R600, apenas aperfeiçoando areas onde se detectaram insuficiencias.

    não é um novo chip feito de raiz, é um r600 melhorado, onde era preciso... Não ha nenhuma grande surpresa nisto.
  4. Kursk_crash

    Kursk_crash Banido

    a única fraqueza do R600, "aparentemente a olho nu" e que todos nós concordamos é que falta-me unidades de texturas... verifica-se um efeito gargalo no processamento texturas e no output..

    a vantagem actual era em instruções mais complexas em que a computação era maior e o output não relevante.. mas em instruções simples.. prejudica..
  5. FoxaS

    FoxaS I folded Myself

    A notícia é de Maio...

    Já há muito que se sabia disto e tendo em conta as ultímas gamas altas da ATI é uma situação normal.
  6. CyberOps

    CyberOps I'm cool cuz I Fold

    os preços da 2950xt virão para o nivel das 2900xt actuais?
  7. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    Supostamente serão mais baratas
  8. acho que começamos a ver a palavra "supostamente" demasiadas vezes associadas á AMD/ATI..........
  9. Spiderman

    Spiderman I folded Myself

    Então vão ser melhores e mais baratas?

    Sendo assim ou as 2900XT descem para um preço abaixo destas, ou então é só para enganar o cliente....
  10. akgis

    akgis Power Member

    gora fico naquela comprar 2900xt ou esperar? e k comeco a ficar farto da 1600 e keria fazer upgrade o mais rapido possivel mas depois de ler k a 2900 tem falhas...
  11. lohka_86

    lohka_86 Banido

    A 2900XT não tem propriamente falhas... A arquitectura é que não é o suficientemente eficiente no R600, pelo que será melhorada numa suposta HD2950XTX, com o chip R650...
  12. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    As HD2950XT serão melhores que estas HD2900Xt e depois a topo de gama será a HD2950XTX(pelo que eu percebi)
  13. Markez

    Markez Power Member

    eu continuo a apoiar a ideia já discutida por aí, os drivers para AMD/ATI têm de ser bem melhorados, estas placas prometem muito mais do que dão mas falta-lhe alguma coisa, e pelo que vemos a cada lançamento de novos drivers, o aperfeiçoamento nos drivers iria dar muito mais desempenho ás gráficas, isto tambem foi muito importante, a revisão do chip R600

    será que isto tambem trás melhoramentos de modo a gastar menos energia?
  14. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    Os drivers ajudam mas chega a uma altura que já nada podem fazer quando o chip já não dá mais seja devido ao que for;)
  15. Evil_Tidus

    Evil_Tidus Power Member

    esta nova HD2950 será a concorrente da 8800 ultra?
    Última edição: 24 de Julho de 2007
  16. DMH

    DMH 1st Folding then Sex

    Penso que por novembro a Nvidia já terá lançado alguma "actualização" da Ultra talvez uma G81:p
  17. R!pp3r

    R!pp3r Power Member

    Falam no artigo como se a 2900XT tenha sido um falhanço!
    Tipo eu achava isso quando ela foi lançada, mas cada vez acho menos isso, tal que, cada vez que se lança novos drivers a placa nao pára de surpreender! Já contem o mesmo desempenho que uma 8800GTX mas perde so em altissimas resoluçoes devido á diferença de memoria mas se olhar-mos ao preços nem se discute...

    Btw acho que a concorrente á Ultra será supostamente a 2900XT GDDR4 ou estou enganado?!

    Última edição: 24 de Julho de 2007
  18. Taz

    Taz To fold or to FOLD?

    200 e tal Watts de consumo é muito abusado, isto anda péssimo nesse aspecto.
  19. V3ctor

    V3ctor Moderador
    Staff Member

    LOL... isso come o meu opty 170+ 7800GTX + 3 discos e 4dimms de DDR... = 240w (zalman MFC2)... uma gráfica com tanta "fominha" levava-me à falência... espero k o core seja revisto e seja mesmo uma 8800Ultra killer e já agora que coce a barriga à nova Nvidia... qt mais competição melhor... (até calha bem k a minha 7800 já tá a dar o peido)

  20. R!pp3r

    R!pp3r Power Member

    Lá nisso tens toda a razão!

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