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Republic: The Revolution-ALELUIA!

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por soundlover, 16 de Março de 2003. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 708)

  1. soundlover

    soundlover Banido

    bem parece que um dos jogos que ferverosamente aguardo está quase a sair do forno( uff,mais de 4 anos em desenvolvimento,só pode ser um JOGÃO!) ,fica aqui um preview do gamespot.com
    hihi propaganda e chantagem :D:D:D
    take care

    Contract hits, backroom payoffs, and populist demonstrations are some of the events that may punctuate your quest to topple the president and take control of the republic of Novistrana. Republic is a game of conspiracy, double-dealings, and lofty promises that will take you deep into the shady side of politics in a fictional former Soviet republic. The debut effort of Elixir Studios has been in development for four years, and while it's looked promising every year we've seen it at E3, the game is just now coming together. Elixir's Demis Hassabis recently told us that Republic is just weeks away from beta, when it will be fully playable, and he showed us an alpha version of the game that gave us a good indication of what's in store.

    Republic's powerful graphics engine will provide highly detailed environments.

    The first time we saw Republic was three years ago; specifically, we watched a demonstration of its powerful graphics engine zooming in from a photo-realistic aerial shot to a close-up of a leaf on a rose bush. This technology is at the heart of what gives Republic such potentially broad appeal for a game of deep strategy: not only does it look stunningly realistic, but it also will use its visuals to convey a tremendous amount of personality. A game of Republic involves assigning orders to an inner circle of associates ready to play their part in your grand scheme, but it also gives you the opportunity to watch the action and tweak the tone and technique of the proceedings. Although there are traditional types of resources as well, the most important commodities are knowing the right people and knowing how to influence them during these 3D vignettes.

    Republic is designed with a number of distinct strategies in mind, and your selections during the initial character and faction creation process will determine which approaches are most open to you. The first screen you'll see when starting a new game has you set the initial numerical attributes for your faction's leader, which will determine the sort of actions he's proficient in. Power represents important connections and the ability to project the gravitas appropriate for a great leader. Presence is physical prowess. Control determines how coolly he can manipulate people and crowds. Charisma indicates how convincing he is. There's a pool of initial points to use to boost ratings above their initial 25, and advancing in level (from one to 10) will provide additional points for improving attributes. This sort of character development carries over to every person you can interact with in the game, including your main henchmen.

    Your organization begins with a single handshake.

    Your career in Novistrana will start out in a modest regional town called Ekaterine, which has a population of about 10,000. The few lieutenants and meager bunch of supporters you'll start out with won't take you far on their own, so the first order of business will be to send a research character out on reconnaissance missions to find out what's going on in the town's 15 districts. You'll likely learn about some of the prominent figures, as well as which factions hold sway over the populace in particular areas. At that point, you might send a lieutenant to organize a leaflet campaign and distribute propaganda sheets that focuses on your message--peace, freedom, or justice--and is tailored to gain the support of varying constituencies. You'll also need to recruit key figures to your faction--there are slots for up to six characters in your inner circle--so you can add new talents to your repertoire and get more done during each real-time turn.
    At this point, the basic elements of Republic's interface are pretty much set. In the lower-left corner is a strip showing the mug shots of your key characters, and each mug shot slides out to reveal a menu listing the character's attributes, the actions he or she has learned, and the upcoming time slots when you can deploy him or her in your service. In the lower right is a clock that serves as a reminder of the day-night cycle, which lasts 12 real-time minutes, or four minutes in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime slots. Hassabis says he doesn't want players to be able to pause the game, because he wants to create a sense of tension and he believes no one should be able to micromanage everything. During a given moment of the day, characters will carry out the actions they've been assigned and the player can choose to plan ahead, scan the map for new information or the actions of opposing factions, or watch a specific action in a close-up view.

    Republic will have full day-night cycles.

    As in any conspiracy, information and misinformation play a part. Much of your attention will likely be focused on pulling off actions without being spotted, or else you might have to send a crew in the next turn to clean things up and silence the neighbors. Main characters will start out with two actions, and they can gain new ones or upgrade the ones they have as they increase in level. There will be nine character classes, including celebrities, religious figures, trade union officials, military leaders, and businessmen. A character's class determines the types of actions he or she can perform, and it also determines the sorts of actions he or she is susceptible to, since members of your inner circle can be turned and start working for opposing factions in the one time slot each day that they have free.

    We watched Hassabis pull a "muscle" action on a local celebrity to recruit him to the cause. There are preset hot spot locations on the maps that you can cycle through when setting up actions, each with a secrecy rating that will vary according to the time of day and the local foot traffic. Once the appropriate alley was selected, the action was ready to go for the next time slot. A black interstitial screen showing the time and the number of elapsed days faded in and out, and then we watched the scene unfold as the target met with the unsavory henchman, was pulled into the car for a conversation, and driven to a quieter location for more convincing and to sign a contract to pledge allegiance to the faction. The real-time tweaking bars were missing in the build we saw, but once they're implemented, they'll allow you to control the level of violence over the course of the action, and there will be a number of animations in each scripted action to give feedback and allow for different levels of success and failure. Throughout the sequence, the characters spoke what sounded like Russian, but Hassabis explained that it's more like the incomprehensible simlish in The Sims. The dialogue does convey the emotions of the actors by varying the tone and made-up phrases to give you an impression of what's going on.

    Propaganda will be just one of the tools available to you.

    Most actions depend on having one of the game's three resources--wealth, influence, and force--which are acquired by controlling districts in the town. It's not impossible to recruit from beyond your core appeal, but to make that work you'll have to work crowds particularly well during speeches and take the time to ensure the loyalty of dubious henchmen. One action we saw, called "easy life," had the leader give an expensive car to a character to fill his belief rating up

    from: http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/previews/0,10869,2912617,00.html
  2. JohnnyM

    JohnnyM Power Member

    Yá..tb tenho andado á espera desse.. >:)
    (e do deus ex2, e do pirates2 e do doom3...e do...beeeeepp)

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