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Republic: The Revolution

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por Everquester, 5 de Setembro de 2003. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 820)

  1. Everquester

    Everquester Power Member

    Já alguém tem o jogo? Opiniões ?
  2. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member


    Uns vão adorar, os outros vão fazer discos voadores com os cd's

    Joguei pouco ( umas 2/3 horas ), mas para mim é o jogo revolucionário do ano.

    Aconselho especialmente para quem está farto de sequelas.

    A minha unica duvida é se mais para a frente se se tem mais liberdade, de resto 5 *.

    Ah!! já agora, cuidado, porque é o jogo mais "pesado" que já vi ( jogo tudo a 1600, menos este ).
  3. Biruno

    Biruno Power Member

    Já está a caminho!!! (Emule Power! :D )
  4. soundlover

    soundlover Banido

    entao,que acharam?vou finalmente pegar no jogo :D
    fica aqui uma review da PCFormat,em grande classe como sempre.:D

    Republic: The Revolution

    Five years in development, the first communist management game has arrived. Alec Meer has a Che T-shirt and reads The Guardian, so who better to review it

    Comrade, the people say the time has come. The people say that the age of games so generic that even their developers forget what they are working on, and why they are doing it has drawn to a close. The five-year plan is over, and the most ambitious game ever made has arrived, and with it a new era.

    “Comrade, you are a fool. Have your wits been dulled from queuing for bread for too long? There will be no revolution. The bourgeoisie rot grips every corner of our society now - for every game with a single new idea, there are 10, 20, 50, 100 so uninspiring that I would rather a large Turkish man slowly removed my genitals with the use of a single salted peanut, to the accompaniment of Janet Street Porter singing the greatest hits of Louis Armstrong, than ever have to play them. Comrade, it is over.”

    Cry freedom
    Comrade, you do not understand! Republic is here, at last. We have been promised a living, breathing city, where a good worker can go anywhere, and do anything. No rules, no restrictions, no guidance - anything!

    “This Republic - there is none of what we were promised. None of the Westerners’ Grand Theft Auto roaming, no right to shoot, threaten and kill as you please. You are deluded, and have the wit of a hamster drunk on the Americans’ moonshine and fat on their hamburgers. Comrade, you are a retarded hamster. A retarded hamster!”

    You are correct in a fashion, comrade. No dream can ever be as bright once it becomes reality. And society cannot be reformed through violence alone. The people say Republic is a game of strategy, of cunning and of planning. The worker, they say, assumes the mantle of a great revolutionary in the country of Novistrana, who must ultimately overthrow its corrupt and evil president, by forming his own political party and convincing the people to join him. He moves at his own pace, the people say, and can play out over 70 different actions, and may choose whether he wins by strength, money or influence. Word has it that, depending on his actions, his path to power will constantly shift, and no two games will ever be the same. Surely, Comrade, this is what we have been waiting for.

    “Others wiser yet say, Comrade, that there is no real choice in this game. That it is not truly a world, but rather nothing more than a gaily-coloured calendar, akin to one in which painted whores display their flaccid bodies each month, save that this one features men with beards and narrow faces, without bosoms. For is it not true that the worker must spend most of the game staring at a flat two-dimensional map of the city, staring at pie charts, percentages and making appointments in his followers’ diaries? This is not a revolution, it is more like running a flower shop.”

    Action, man!
    Comrade, a good politician knows better than to get his hands dirty. He controls from above, he manages his party. From that, yes, visually unexciting map, the worker can recruit followers, gain support from the people by canvassing, rallying and protesting, or by making deals and promising change. But he must also reduce any support for rival parties. All of this is done through ‘actions’, and each member of your faction can perform a single action every half-day. Surely Comrade, with so many actions and up to six members of your party, there is enormous scope for diversity?

    “You speak false, Comrade. Have you been eating those putrid substances found in the bins of Western restaurants again, feasting on scraps thrown from the table of the middle class and now convinced that theirs is the right way, the only way? I hear that while each action may indeed have a slightly different effect, and offers a few seconds of brief entertainment, a precious commodity these days, in truth each is depressingly similar, merely a click on a face, then on a place, and then all the worker can do is wait. Wait, as how in life he waits every day for a forgotten death, knowing that there is nothing else to look forward to, apart from Half-Life 2.”

    Comrade, your lack of positivity troubles me. Republic is not about interactivity, not any more. It is strategy, the delicate balancing of areas of a city - you must build new support in areas you are weaker in, while still protecting your existing territories from being swayed to your rivals’ insidious promises. There is tension, great rivalry and great risk of failure.

    “Pah. It is simple management, as we’ve seen 10 thousand times before. I remember the old rhetoric, Comrade. I remember the promises that we could zoom right down to a lettuce leaf, and roam anywhere in the city at will. They sounded like typical Western lies at the time; even more so now.”

    Whine making
    Comrade, please curtail your incessant whining, else I shall alert the Presidential Alpha squad to your subversion. It is true the level of detail promised has not been delivered, but it is possible to float around the streets, looking for information, secrets and clues, or quizzing the workers as to their opinions of your faction. People walk the streets, cars drive by, and you may even catch your rivals red-handed in an illegal act, then use this knowledge to publicly discredit them.

    “Your claims sound good on paper, Comrade, but in practice the streets look dated, and hunting for essential information is a laborious task of clicking on building after building after building in the vain hope that you might stumble across the right one. A needle in a haystack, in a field of haystacks, on a planet of hay. Surely any intelligent worker would observe that the cars are pure scenery, and the people pointless. There is a pretence of world, but in reality it is all about the pie charts. It is nothing but yet another soulless iteration of Western stereotypes such as SimCity or Theme Park, but with Communists.”

    Comrade, you are too harsh, and disagreeable. This is why the women will not sleep with you, and the men will not drink with you, and even the monkeys turn their heads away as you pass. It is true that promises have been broken, and the imagination not fuelled as it should have been. The revolution may not have yet occurred, but the care and detail in this, the people’s game, reveals that, at least, the old guard still lives, and still remembers how to craft.
    Alec Meer

    This article first appeared in PC Format Issue 152 - September 2003
  5. Punkas

    Punkas I fold therefore I AM

    joguei bastante e adorei, grande jogo mesmo!
    ainda o tenho no disco tenho de arranjar tempo para o acabar :)
    Puxa mto pela memoria do sistema :( 512 ja n xegam lol

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