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S3 with Dx10

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Arrakis_Dune, 29 de Agosto de 2007. (Respostas: 5; Visualizações: 1359)

  1. Arrakis_Dune

    Arrakis_Dune Power Member

    Possivel S3 em Dx10?

    S3Graphics 07年底重返, 將支援DirectX10 及10.1 !
    現在進入DirectX10時代, ATI已推出了R600, RV610及RV630; 主對手NVIDIA 已推出G80/G84/G86核心, 大家都正為DirectX10.1 計劃中. 曾經在今年已傳將推出支援DirectX10 的S3Graphics Destination繪圖核心, 到現在都還是不知所蹤, S3Graphics 打算放棄嗎?今天就有它的消息了....

    根據Digitimes的報導, S3Graphics 將今年年底推出新的顯示卡, 重新打入市場, 而將推出的顯示卡將會支援DirectX10 及 10.1, 型號為Chrome 430 同 460.

    Chrome460 是一款支援DirectX10 的繪圖核心, 以90微米制程. 而另一款 Chrome430繪圖核心將支援 DirectX10.1, 以65微米制式的, 注意的是Chrome430 功耗比460低.

    2款核心的共同之處為支援PCI-e 1.0 , 及內建原生HDMI & HDCP. 最高核心的速度會為1G.

    而2款繪圖核心都是跟上一代Chrome25/27一樣, 由富士通生產, 而報導指出已進入" Design Verification Test " 的階段.

    VIA 有意的已其下的CPU , 配上S3Graphics 的Chrome4x0 系一起發售, 希望在08年能增加5%市場佔有率.


    S3Graphics 460:DirectX10 , 90nm? , PCI-e 1.0, HDMI & HDCP?

    S3Graphics 430:DirectX10.1, 65 nm? , , PCI-e 1.0, HDMI & HDCP?



    S3 Graphics, a struggling developer of graphics processing units (GPUs) and a subsidiary of Via Technologies, reportedly plans to release a lineup of DirectX 10-compatible Chrome 4 graphics chips by the end of the year. The move will allow it to revive sales of its graphics cards, but will hardly return S3 back into the global market of discrete graphics cards.

    The new S3 Graphics Chrome 4 lineup will consist of two chips: the Chrome 460, which is projected to be made using 90nm process technology and is fully compatible with DirectX 10, as well as the Chrome 430, which is expected to be manufactured using 65nm fabrication technology and is clamed to support DirectX 10.1 specification. The new chips will feature native support for HDMI connector as well as HDCP technology and will use PCI Express 1.0 interface.

    Both chips will be manufactured by Fujitsu and have already entered the design verification test stage. Volume production is expected to start before the end of the year, reports DigiTimes web-site.

    The new chips from S3 Graphics in nearly two years will be aimed at mainstream and entry-level markets, which means that S3 will not compete for high-performance market this round as well, meaning the lack of “halo” effect and lackluster welcome by the market.

    Considering that both Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Corp. are pretty aggressive in terms of releasing new graphics products, even if S3 succeeds in creating chips competitive against contemporary ATI Radeon HD 2600/2400 and Nvidia GeForce 8600/8500/8400, it will not enjoy its victory for long, as both leading GPU designers update their product lineups once every six months. Nevertheless, it still makes sense for S3 Graphics to proceed with discrete GPU development because its parent company Via Technologies needs graphics cores to integrate into its chipsets.

    In order to somewhat revitalize sales of its discrete GPUs, S3 and Via will pair S3’s Chrome 4 chips with Via’s microprocessors and chipsets, creating inexpensive low-power multimedia platforms for cost-efficient computers.

    Fonte (obrigado Scarecrow e outros)
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  2. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Já há muito tempo que a S3 anda a desnvlver um GPU Dx10

    Até há imagens da placa, do ano passado

    Já agora....

  3. é de aplaudir o esforço da S3 para entrar no Dx10, mas não me parece que se consigam meter no meio da nVidia ou da ATI/AMD.
    tanto a nível de hardware como, principalmente, a nível de drivers... mas espero que me engane.
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  4. Nemesis11

    Nemesis11 Power Member

    Acho que o objectivo deles também não é esse.
    O objectivo é que seja barato, e que forneça a base para ser integrado nos ***** da Via.
  5. Jonezine

    Jonezine Power Member

    Possivel S3 em Dx10?

    The S3Graphics 07 year's end return, will support DirectX10 and 10.1!

    Now entered the DirectX10 time, ATI has promoted R600, RV610 and RV630; Main match NVIDIA has promoted the G80/G84/G86 core, everybody just is in the DirectX10.1 plan Once passed on in this year promotes supports DirectX10 S3Graphics the Destination cartography core, to the present all or did not know the trace, S3Graphics plans the giving up? Today had its news....

    According to the Digitimes report, S3Graphics end of this year promotes the new indicator, rewill infiltrate the market, but will promote the indicator will be able to support DirectX10 and 10.1, models will be Chrome 430 with 460.

    Chrome460 is section supports DirectX10 the cartography core, by 90 micro metric systems regulations

    But another section Chrome430 cartography core will support DirectX10.1, by 65 microns service patterns, the attention will be the Chrome430 power loss 460 is lower than 2 section cores somethings in common for support PCI-e 1.0, and in constructs primary HDMI & the HDCP. highest core the speed to be able to be 1G.

    But 2 section cartography cores all are same with previous generation Chrome25/27, produces by Fujitsu, but reported pointed out already enters "Design Verification Test" the stage VIA intends already its under CPU, is joined to S3Graphics the Chrome4x0 department to sell together, hoped can increase 5% market share in 08 years

    Specs? :

    S3Graphics 460irectX10, 90nm? PCI-e 1.0, HDMI & HDCP?

    S3Graphics 430irectX10.1, 65 nm? PCI-e 1.0, HDMI & HDCP?

    Mais ou menos traduzido - Chinese-trad to English - http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr
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  6. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Power Member

    S3 Graphics Aims to Intro DirectX 10 Graphics Chips By Year End.


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