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Samsung Galaxy Note III

Discussão em 'Android' iniciada por Nunes91, 7 de Março de 2013. (Respostas: 1; Visualizações: 519)

  1. Nunes91

    Nunes91 Banido

    The Samsung Galaxy Note II is just six months old now, but the rumors of the next generation Galaxy Note phablet have already started to make its rounds. The potential successor of the sensational Galaxy Note II is said to feature a 5.9" display, according to a report from Korean Times.


    Samsung Galaxy Note III is also rumored to come out with an AMOLED display and the plablet is very likely to use the latest octa-core processors from the company, but take it all with a pinch of salt, since the information is not from an official source.
    Meanwhile, Samsung will be unveiling its next-generation Galaxy S smartphone on March 14. Watch this space to see how things unfold.


    Ecran 5.9" OLED , isto já é um mini tablet :007:
    Última edição: 7 de Março de 2013
  2. ruijmaio

    ruijmaio Power Member

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