Samsung Galaxy S23 series (1/Fev às 18h)


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Infelizmente nao devem manter os precos.
Apple aumenta os precos, o povo continua a comprar... As restantes marcas fazem o mesmo.

É absurdo ver telemoveis de gama media nos 500eur e telemoveis de gama alta nos 1000+


Devem subir sem dúvida, ainda por cima se vão lançar tudo com Snapdragon.

Agora a Samsung vai dizer “tomem este processador novo Europeus, são mais 200 parrecos” :D


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Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera could take some knockout pictures

One of the standout features of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is definitely going to be its 200MP primary camera. While other manufacturers have already used 200MP camera sensors made by Samsung, the South Korean giant will be using one on its own phones for the first time next year. But how good will it be?
Well, if a new leak from tipster Ice Universe is to be believed, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera could take notably sharper photos than Samsung’s 108MP sensor (used in Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra). Not that we should be surprised – the megapixel count is being nearly doubled here, and the first real-life picture from the 200MP sensor, reportedly taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, has been leaked. That image is compared with a photo taken by a 108MP camera, captured possibly with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 108MP Camera Sample
108MP Camera
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP Camera Sample
Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP

The 200MP picture clearly has more resolved detail, but the question is: will this increased detail be useful for most customers? And how will this mode work in low-light conditions? The Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely to use pixel binning and capture 12.5MP photos by default, and the picture quality in that mode is what will matter at the end of the day. Unfortunately, it’s a question that won’t be answered anytime soon unless a major Galaxy S23 series leak occurs before the phones are officially announced.
It is also being reported that Samsung will offer a 50MP photo mode with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which isn’t available on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is exciting, isn’t it? What are your thoughts on this megapixels race and Samsung’s decision to use a 200MP sensor in its flagship smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.

@sondesix"Spoiler alert"&src=vibe
Ice Universe shared Galaxy S23 Ultra's first 200 MP image sample. The result appears to be incredible, a big upgrade from the S22 Ultra.

ce universe

Although the 3x and 10x camera specs are exactly the same as those of the S22 Ultra, the S23 Ultra still has an improvement in telephoto, and the improvement in color and some AI algorithms is obvious.

RGcloudS @RGcloudS

Gonna relist corrections on HP2

6,12,24 binning
Up to 2.7 μm
Accuracy 12 bit
Dual high gain
4 lanes 5.5 G bps
3 lanes 4.5 bps

The % here means light intake / better performance Despite smaller pixels, hp2 gained 30% more light and 43% in night mode compared to hm3
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Breaking: Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ promo material leaks, reservation begins late December​

Looks like, Samsung is going to introduce the Galaxy S23 series flagships in January 2023 as the recently leaked promo material promises that the pre-reservation activity will run from December 23 to January 5th, 2023.

Tipster @OreXDA shared a promo poster of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which mentions that Korea Telecom network carrier will start taking pre-reservation for the upcoming flagships on December 23.

In the promo poster, the network provider included the standard Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus smartphones with a pair of earbuds (Buds 2 Pro). These wireless earbuds might be a part of a freebie for pre-reservation customers.

Moreover, the image showcases upcoming Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus flagships in all their glory. As we saw in the leaked renders, the promo poster of Korea Telecom shows both phones with the Ultra-like camera module.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Poster KT

Apart from this, the poster mentions that consumers who pre-book for the Galaxy S23 series devices will have a chance to get their preferred model earlier, compared to general users.
However, it’s worth noting that there’s no launch date or availability timeline revealed through the leaked promo poster of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus. As a reminder, the pre-reservation allegedly begins on December 23.
Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series in February this year, while, and we are guessing the same launch timeline for the next-gen flagship lineup. Meanwhile, Korean media believes that Samsung may launch the S23 series its than their predecessor.


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Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample leaves S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro in the dust

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Galaxy S23 Ultra and how its new camera system will blow all other phones out of the water. And now, an alleged sample photo captured with the unreleased Galaxy S23 Ultra appears to back up those claims.
The three photos of a pumpkin you see below were supposedly captured with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the Pixel 7 Pro, respectively. The photos originate from “I ice universe” on the Chinese social media network Weibo and appear to have been captured using primary cameras, after which they were manually zoomed in and cropped for a closer look at the details. In the case of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, this should be a sample shot of the 200MP main sensor.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra camera captures a lot more details​

Color reproduction is similar across the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. That is: they appear to saturate colors a little bit more than the Google Pixel 7 Pro to make the scenery look more lively and higher in contrast. Whether you prefer Samsung’s or Google’s approach is mostly subjective, but colors aside, the purpose of these three photos is to highlight the level of detail — hence they were zoomed in and cropped manually.
As far as details go, the Galaxy S23 Ultra blows the other two phones out of the water. Although the photos captured with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro look good on their own, they almost look washed-out next to the Galaxy S23 Ultra sample shot. The latter shows many more details on the pumpkin, maintaining many more of the imperfections that make this pumpkin unique.
Assuming that this really is a sample photo captured with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, keep in mind that the phone is not out yet. Which means it’s running pre-release firmware. The camera software may get even better before the phone hits the shelves next year.
Samsung reportedly intends to announce the Galaxy S23 Ultra in early January or the first week of February 2023. According to previous leaks, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a 200MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, and two 10MP telephoto cameras, one with 3x optical zoom and the other with a 10x folded zoom element.

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Google Pixel 7 Pro


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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile SoC, supports WiFi-7 and AV1 8K60 decoding​

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Defines a New Standard for Premium Smartphones​



  • Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform to revolutionize flagship smartphones for truly extraordinary experiences
  • Snapdragon Smart enables groundbreaking AI experiences like faster natural language processing with multi-language translation and revolutionary INT4 support
  • Snapdragon Sight™ technology additions include new Cognitive ISP to power real time semantic segmentation for photo and video capture, delivering breakthrough customized professional quality enhancements
  • Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features fuel champion-level gameplay with the industry standard for real time hardware-accelerated ray tracing
  • Snapdragon Connect enhancements include unparalleled connectivity featuring the world’s first 5G AI processor in a mobile platform, and the only commercial Wi-Fi 7 SoC with High Band Simultaneous Multi-Link
  • Snapdragon Sound™ technology supports spatial audio with dynamic head tracking for ultra-immersive gaming and multimedia experiences
  • Expected to be launched in commercial devices by the end of 2022
During the Snapdragon Summit 2022, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. introduced its latest premium mobile platform, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform will define a new standard for connected computing, intelligently engineered with groundbreaking AI across the board to enable extraordinary experiences. This new mobile platform will be adopted by global OEMs and brands including ASUS Republic of Gamers, HONOR, iQOO, Motorola, nubia, OnePlus, OPPO, REDMAGIC, Redmi, SHARP, Sony Corporation, vivo, Xiaomi, XINGJI/MEIZU, and ZTE, with the first commercial devices expected by the end of 2022.

“We are passionate about enabling people to do more, so we design Snapdragon with the user at the center. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, will revolutionize the landscape of flagship smartphones in 2023,” said Chris Patrick, senior vice president and general manager of mobile handsets, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 delivers groundbreaking AI, unparalleled connectivity, and champion-level gameplay, enabling consumers to enhance every experience on their most trusted device.”

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Key Experience Pillars:

  • Snapdragon Smart: Powered by the Company’s fastest, most advanced Qualcomm® AI Engine, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 provides groundbreaking AI integrated across the entire system. Fueled by an upgraded Qualcomm® Hexagon™ Processor, users can experience faster natural language processing with multi-language translation and advanced AI camera features. The Hexagon processor features brand new upgrades to the architecture, including micro tile inferencing and a bigger tensor accelerator for up to 4.35X** increased AI performance*. This is also the first Snapdragon mobile platform to support INT4—a revolutionary AI precision format—with 60% performance/watt improvement* for sustained AI inferencing. The latest Qualcomm® Sensing Hub, which now packs dual AI processors, supports intuitive experiences that enable custom wake words. Expect additional features and tools from the Qualcomm® AI Stack, including the Qualcomm® AI Studio, so developers can give life to even more next-gen AI apps.
  • Snapdragon Sight: This platform defines a new era of professional quality camera experiences with the first Cognitive ISP. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 automatically enhances photos and videos in real time with semantic segmentation, which uses an AI neural network to make the camera contextually aware of faces, facial features, hair, clothes, skies and more – and optimize them individually so every detail receives customized professional image tuning. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is also tuned to support new image sensors. Sony Semiconductor Solutions is the first to develop quad digital overlap HDR technology, and which is fine-tuned for Snapdragon. The Samsung ISOCELL HP3, the first 200-megapixel image sensor optimized for Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, will deliver professional quality photos and videos. This is also the first Snapdragon to include an AV1 codec with support for video playback up to 8K HDR at 60 frames per second.
  • Snapdragon Elite Gaming: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 debuts new Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, including real time hardware-accelerated ray tracing that delivers life-like light, reflections, and illuminations to mobile games. The upgraded Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU delivers up to 25% faster performance* and the Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU enables up to 40% more power efficiency*, so users can achieve champion-level gameplay with longer battery life. Gamers will also be able to experience photorealistic human characters in their games with the world’s first mobile optimized support for Unreal Engine 5 Metahumans Framework on Snapdragon.
  • Snapdragon Connect: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is the world’s most advanced 5G platform, boasting unparalleled connectivity from 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Featuring the Snapdragon X70 5G Modem-RF System with Qualcomm® 5G AI Processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 harnesses the power of AI to enable breakthrough 5G upload and download speeds, coverage, latency, and power efficiency. This is the first Snapdragon platform to support 5G+5G/4G Dual-SIM Dual-Active, which harnesses the power and flexibility of two 5G SIMs at once. This ultra-advanced platform also features the Qualcomm® FastConnect™ 7800 connectivity system, offering the lowest latency Wi-Fi 7 and dual Bluetooth® connectivity for sustained immersion. High Band Simultaneous Multi-Link enables peak Wi-Fi 7 performance globally allowing for smooth, blazing connections when streaming, gaming, and more.
  • Snapdragon Sound: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 supports Snapdragon Sound technology for premium and immersive music, calls, and gaming. It features spatial audio with dynamic head-tracking for complete surround-sound immersion and support for 48kHz lossless music streaming so every detail of music sounds like the artist intended. Gamers can stay in the moment with the lowest-ever latency at 48ms, made even better by a built-in voice backchannel for crystal-clear communication to and from other players.
  • Snapdragon Secure: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform is safeguarded with Snapdragon Secure, offering the latest in isolation, cryptography, key management, attestation, and more—all intricately designed to protect users’ data and privacy. This premium level of protection limits the exposure and exploitation of data on devices powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

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Tou de olho nisto. Não queria mesmo um smartphone enorme como será o S23 Ultra (e já são os antecessores) porque tenho as mãos pequenas mas tenho de admitir que é o único que oferece praticamente tudo o que quero. Os outros falta sempre alguma coisa, Pixel falta o 5G cá, iPhone 14 Pro detesto a crazy pill e não tem zoom decente (mas tem o tamanho ideal para a minha mão), Oneplus já foram bons agora desiludem, Vivos, Oppos e Xiaomis não me convencem na consistência do software etc resta o S23 Ultra que tem performance de topo, fotos de topo, zoom de topo, 5G, ecrã de topo, software topo só pena ser tijolo...


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Este SOC parece estar mesmo muito bom. Vamos ver se a nível de bateria vamos finalmente ter um boost na longevidade, ou o OneUI vai estragar toda a eficiência do SOC.


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Este SOC parece estar mesmo muito bom. Vamos ver se a nível de bateria vamos finalmente ter um boost na longevidade, ou o OneUI vai estragar toda a eficiência do SOC.
Exactamente...tem tudo para ser fantástico agora, agora esperar que façam realmente uma boa optimização entre software/ Hardware


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Alguma previsão de quando serão anunciados e lançados, especialmente o S23 Ultra?

Em termos de retomas do modelo anterior a Samsung costuma ser porreira?
O que são porreiras para ti?
Compensa sempre mais venderes tu, se não quiseres perder tempo diria que as retomas não são más a juntar às ofertas de pré venda.


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@night_sign estava a perguntar por exemplo um S22 Ultra de 256GB que custou 900€, quanto será que eles valorizam quando sair o S23 Ultra
Ao dia de hoje pela Samsung 627€ a retoma do teu . Na altura dos lançamentos/pré vendas costumam dar extra nas Retomas até 100€ se a memória não me falha.

O teste que fiz foi simular compra do Fold 4 com a Retoma do teu modelo e versão. Fica só a faltar acrescentar o valor extra retoma que costumam dar.