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Samsung Makes Speedy GDDR4 Even Faster

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Zarolho, 27 de Fevereiro de 2007. (Respostas: 2; Visualizações: 845)

  1. Zarolho

    Zarolho Power Member

    Samsung claims to have broken speed records with its new graphics memory

    Samsung Electronics announced over the weekend that it has increased the data transfer speed on its extremely fast GDDR4 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 4) graphics memory. The South Korean electronics giant claims that it has increased speeds by two-thirds.

    Using 80-nanometer production technology, the 4Gb/s (2.0GHz) is 66 percent faster than today’s fastest commercially available memory – the 2.4Gb/s GDDR4. The new 4Gb/s graphics memory, offered in 512Mb density, has a 32-bit data bus configuration. GDDR4 uses JEDEC-approved standards for signal noise reduction to help attain the highest possible speed.

    “Our new GDDR4 memory will add even more zip in video applications, making gaming, computer-aided design and video editing faster than ever before,” said Mueez Deen, marketing director, graphics memory, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “This will enable ultra-smooth movements in animation and make games incredibly realistic, resulting in a truly immersive user experience,” he added.

    Samsung cites analyst expectations for GDDR4 to significantly boost demand for high-performance graphics memory over the next 12-18 months. The company said that it will begin customer sampling of its new chips this month.

    Most video cards on the market today from NVIDIA and ATI are still using GDDR3, including solutions inside the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. GDDR4 memory thus far has seen limited use in recent high-end cards from ATI, and is expected to be paired with the upcoming R600 GPU.

  2. Arrakis_Dune

    Arrakis_Dune Power Member

  3. lucalzada

    lucalzada To fold or to FOLD?

    Isso dos Timings, tem muito que se lhe diga...

    Há muito que ando pra dizer isto cá vai....

    "Que Interessa alguns milissegundos de espera, para ter uma largura de banda brutal?"

    Em aplicações tipo, [email protected], vê-se de longe que, a velocidade é um factor muito mais importante que os timings...


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