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Solus OS

Discussão em 'Novidades GNU/Linux & *nix World' iniciada por never die, 29 de Junho de 2015. (Respostas: 79; Visualizações: 23571)

  1. never die

    never die Power Member

    We’re enormously happy to be shipping our very first daily ISO today! In a nut-shell, its built directly from our latest unstable development material, meaning its brand spanking new, and all yours for the humble price of $0.00! This ISO is configured to continue using our unstable software sources, and as such is not meant for production usage. However, we’ll be uploading ISOs every day now, in a fully transparent development process. This enables you, our awesome users, to give us real time feedback on breakages, feature enhancements, and see tangible results every single day.

    This image features the 4.1.0 Linux Kernel, Budgie Desktop taken directly from git, latest stable GNOME stack (3.16.x), and many other goodies. New packages are appearing in the repositories daily, such as our initial Blender build! As always, get your package requests in, and we’ll get them in for you!

    More here.
  2. Wardlee

    Wardlee Power Member

    Tentei instalar mas não consegui... Ficava em constante "reboot" durante a instalação.
    Dava jeito pois preciso de uma distro "leve" e bonita para um tablet que tenho ali encostado xD
  3. never die

    never die Power Member

    This is our second daily ISO, which features more hardware support, a slight visual refresh, along with some core bug fixes. This came a few hours late due to some technical issues, an ISO for July 1st will be issued this evening. (Timezones are relative. :])

    Main changes:

    See our first daily ISO announcement for instructions on writing this 64-bit, Hybrid, UEFI-compatible ISO to USB medium. Remember, unetbootin is not supported!

    Head over to the download page now to obtain the latest daily ISO
  4. never die

    never die Power Member

    The most recent daily is now available for download. In this snapshot we’ve concentrated on enabling. As such we’re now actively collecting powertop reports and optimising power consumption of Solus systems.

    Main changes:

    • Initial VPN support (openconnect) is in the repos
    • We’ve migrated to NetworkManager 1.0.2 to enable usage of a more modern openconnect for Cisco AnyConnect based VPNs
    • More hostname changes were introduced, enforcing the use of /etc/hosts via nsswitch. This is a temporary solution, and will be replaced with a stateless mechanism soon.
    • Last UEFI related issues fixed inside installer
    • Kernel changes: Tracing enabled for powertop, INTEL_IDLE replaced X86_SPEEDSTEP_CENTRINO, BPF enabled, and BGRT for boot time ACPI graphics handovers.
    • “Beta 2″ label dropped, now referred to internally as “Betaish” :]
    Head over to the download page now to obtain the latest daily ISO
  5. vale a pena testar ou ainda tem muitos problemas de estabilidade?
  6. never die

    never die Power Member

    É provável que nalguns máquinas tenhas mais instabilidades, tenta correr numa pen e testar.
  7. never die

    never die Power Member

    The latest Solus Operating System Daily ISO is now available for testing. Be reminded this is an unstable development ISO.
    In this release, we feature severa key updates, along with the 4.1.2 LTS Linux Kernel and Firefox 39.0. We’ve also taken our steps towards being a stateless OS.
    More here.
  8. Crow-

    Crow- Power Member

    Já testaram? É leve?

    Parece engraçado para um Magalhães já que não consegui ainda por a correr o Chromium OS, falta ver é se aguenta.
  9. never die

    never die Power Member

    Yeah we decided one of these would be kinda handy. We used to have one, but then we hit these things called “setbacks” and “renames”.
    So, we’re announcing our new release date for our final version of Solus Operating System 1!

    October 1st, 2015 ← burn this into your eyeballs. You’ll want to remember this.

    Solus v1 will be supported for 2 years. Solus v2 will be released 1 year after Solus v1, supported for 2 years, and well, you get the idea.
    You’ll be able to upgrade from v1 to v2 without a reinstall, so don’t worry yourself about that stuff.
  10. never die

    never die Power Member

    We've now got an amazing array of browsers available through our repository and our 3rd Party installations!

    Chrome (Stable, Beta & Dev)*
    Vivaldi (Technical Preview)*
  11. never die

    never die Power Member

    Solus 1.0 will be codenamed Shannon, after the River Shannon in Ireland. Codenames for releases will continue this theme, using Irish rivers.

    Via Google+
  12. never die

    never die Power Member

    Raven is the new name of the Budgie's notification center.
    Screenshot here.
  13. Hellgardia

    Hellgardia Power Member

    Parece estar interessante. Hei de experimentar
  14. never die

    never die Power Member

    Isto parece que anda atrasado, segundo as palavras de Ikey Doherty, líde do projeto:

    "Many apologies about the consistent delays, but we're being hit by Murphy's Law from every angle. So far we've had me being internetless twice, a builder has been bricked, my own install has been
    bricked once (but fixed), etc.. We'll let you know when things are ready. We're now not putting an absolute 'this is when you can get it' time out, because it seems to be causing infinitely bad luck."

    O pessoal anda ansioso para instalar isto, vamos lá ver quando sai definitivamente...
  15. never die

    never die Power Member

    We were happy to announce Solus 1.0 Release Candidate 1 last Thursday. We have gotten an immense amount of feedback since then, bug reports to tackle, and lots of new package requests!
    We also can confidently say that we reached over 2000 downloads of the RC1 ISO, across reported mirrors and BitTorrent, which is fantastic for a Release Candidate!

    We’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and updating software, something that’ll be highlighted below.

    More here.
  16. RuFuS

    RuFuS Power Member

    Alguém testou que possa colocar screens e dar feedback?
  17. never die

    never die Power Member

    Ikey has posted a “quick and dirty” video of Budgie Next stuff to show people the progress that has been made and how glitch-free it is compared to the “Old Budgie” (the bottom panel in the video).

    More here.