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PC/Mac Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (BioWare, LucasArts)

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Korben_Dallas, 8 de Setembro de 2002. (Respostas: 108; Visualizações: 18214)

  1. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor


    Este jogo vai rular!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  2. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    ja li coisas maravilhosas sobre este jogo, e aparentemente, vou mesmo compra-lo (com caixinha e tudo! :) )

    ta brutal!!! :D
  3. Madril

    Madril 1st Folding then Sex

    Hmmm tasty !!! :P

    Raptor ... pk ... na costumas comprar (os) jogos ? :D
  4. Raptor

    Raptor OC Legend

    costumo, mas é sem caixa, sem manual, o cd costuma dizer kodak, ou basf, ou lead-data... :P
  5. Morais

    Morais Power Member

    Cuidado com os olhares indescretos

    Eles andem ai ...
  6. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Pessoal... off topics desses dispensam-se...
  7. Vash

    Vash Power Member

    hehe o jogo promete! mas nao e nesta lata velha k vai funcionar lol...
    i need a new machine :(
  8. Dan

    Dan Power Member

    sim, acredito ate que em termos de animaçoes (graficos nao digo... mais nao me atrevo ;) ), espero que em jogabilidade e promonores, como o se poder lutar com 2 sabres diferentes (o SWG tb vai ter o dual-lightsaber) "podera" ultrapassar o StarWars Galaxies (que sai ainda este ano... espera-se :P ) (enquanto que o KOTOR so la para Maio... com sorte;) )

    Pena ser so SP.... pelo menos um DMzinho dava jeito.... :( as lutas com os LightSabers (que checkei no video da E3) parecem ser as mais realistas ate a data, mas se for um RPG ao estilo Neverwinter, nao seremos nos a controlar os movimentos das personagens... espero que seja mais ao estilo do Morrowind :) ! ja a muito que espero um jogo da SW que tenha um motor de combate, com sabres, de jeito :D
  9. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    Jogaste ao Jedi Knight 2? Acho que a nivel de combate estava BASTANTE bom... e verdade o jogo tem mais 2 stances para alem das 3 originais... :D
  10. Dan

    Dan Power Member

    Nao o acho assim BASTANTE bom... gostei ao principio quando lutava contra o pc, pronto era novidade e, nao o caho mau, nem digo que e mau, nao ponho isso em causa... agora e realmente bom??? ( Ja me vao cair os membros de Clas de JKII em cima... :P )

    Ja o joguei online durante uns tempos e cheguei a conlcusao de que, mesmo com uns combos realistas, nao fica muito longe do sistema de combate do "Episode I: The Phantom Meanace", alias, neste ultima tinhas-mos uma maneira de atacar, e uma de defender, enquanto que no JKII ele e suposto defender sozinho... e basicamente e isso: carregas na tecla para ir mover o sabre e ja ta...

    Estava a dar uma volta na Fnac quando me deparei num ecra em que estava a passar o jogo Obi-Wan (qualquer coisa... o Rudzer deve saber) para XBOX, que embora nao pareça grande coisa (em graficos e efeitos de luz nao sao nada de especial), tinha um sistema de combates de sabres para 2 jogadores que penso ser melhor que o do JKII, isto porque ha de novo um botao para defender, e espero que novas maneiras de atacar ( li numa review que o jogo era fracote, mas que a 2 jogadores neste mode de combate ate que era engraçado... e que era o melhor neste modo :) )

    Para um fanatico como eu de SW, sempre quis jogar um jogo com um sistema de combate que fizesse juz ao nome StarWars ( acho que um sistema parecido com o do Soul Reaver 2 funcionava que era uma maravilha neste caso :D )

    Korben: da uma vista de olhos na trailer do KOTOR da E3 e diz-me la se as animaçoes dos combates dos sabres nao estao espectaculares :cool: ( eu pelo menos adorei :D )
  11. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor


    It’s been a long time in coming but it finally looks like the very first Star Wars video game RPG is getting close to release. We first got to see the first glimpse of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from developer BioWare and publisher LucasArts behind closed doors at E3 2001 and we got to see it again briefly at last year’s expo. However, at last week’s Game Developers Conference HomeLAN got a more detailed demo of the Xbox version of the game thanks to BioWare’s co-CEO Ray Muzyka and director of marketing Scott McLaughlan.

    Most folks who have been following the game’s development know that Knights takes place thousands of years before the Star Wars films yet while most of the same basic technology and settings are in the game (hyperspace powered ships, droids, Jedi lightsabers and the like), the graphical look of the game definitely suggests a much older feel with a less polished feel to the ships and settings. We got to see a few of the prettier scenes in the Xbox version like the city of Taris and a beach on another alien world. The graphics are sure to be one of the big highlights of Knights with moving trees and grass, detailed textures and solid character design. Indeed, the scene on the alien beach where your ship in the game, the Ebon Hawke, has to stop for repairs, looks like something out of Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball (When we mentioned this to Muzyka, he said we were not the first to say this and joked that they might put in the DOAX girls on the beach somewhere as a secret bonus). In another section of the game we saw individual dust motes floating around in a building. In addition to their Odyssey 3D game engine, BioWare has also created over 20 minutes of CGI cut-scenes that progress the story.

    The character generation system will allow you to play as either a male or female Jedi Knight. You can whip up a character on you own with a number of different skills, attributes and so on or you can use the randomly generated character, complete with a random but very Star Wars sounding name for your player. There are a few consequences in picking either a male or female character in the game. In our demo of the game, the BioWare folks showed that a male character may get brushed off by a male NPC in a cantina but will get hit on by that very same NPC while playing as a female.

    Since this is an RPG, you have a chance to upgrade your skills, attributes and items in the game. You can select what kinds of lightsabers you can carry via different types of crystals and yes you can also use those double bladed sabers like Darth Maul used in The Phantom Menace. There are several different types of controllable characters that you can play in Knights and you can control up to three at any given time. We were shown how the game’s combat could be played either as an action-style real time endeavor or in a turn-based like pause and play mode, where you select what character to play, what attacks or force powers to use and what NPC enemies you wish to attack. This particular type of combat should appeal more to the strategy player in the game.

    We also got to see a couple of Knights’ mini-games in our GDC demo, including a Millennium Falcon-style laser turret battle against attacking fighters as well as a pod-race on Tattooine (all Star Wars games have to visit Luke Skywalker’s homeworld and Muzyka said that among other things we will find out why Jawas always roam around in those big sand machines in the game) Although we didn’t get to see this played, we were told at GDC that you can actually play a card game in Knights that you can actually win credits to purchase items.

    The game’s conversation system is now in place and with over 13,000 lines of spoken dialogue in the game there won’t be a lack of chatting with other characters and NPC in Knights (Your player character will not speak however, since BioWare felt that this would be distracting). The voice acting we got to listen to was top-notch and above what the usual standard is for a video or PC game.

    Muzyka told us that the build we got to see was about 80 percent complete for the Xbox version and while development of both the Xbox and PC versions of the game had been running at the same time, the decision was made recently to put most of the resources into the Xbox version to release it by the scheduled June date. While Muzyka wouldn’t talk much about what the PC version would be like last week, we can safely assume that the PC version will at least contain higher resolution textures for PC monitors. Muzyka also said that BioWare would also like to have new downloadable content for both the Xbox and PC version of Knights but that proposed feature is still up in the air at the moment.

    With at least 40 hours of play time in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, long time fans of BioWare can be assured of a typical gameplay length for their next project. With the Xbox lacking in solid RPG’s, it seems pretty certain that this game will be a big hit for the console when it is released in June with PC players having to wait until autumn to play Knights for themselves.
    fonte: homelanfed.com
  12. As imagens desse jogo parecem prometodoras :D. Adoro SW, mal posso esperar.

    P.S. Vi screenshots no gamespot.com
  13. Gandalf

    Gandalf I fold therefore I AM

    Foi programado pela Bioware .. so pode ser bom :D
  14. Sacripanta

    Sacripanta SuperModeradorzinho
    Staff Member

    Nem mais! :cool:

    Ah.. se ao menos fizessem tb uma sequela para o Jedi Knight :Outcast 2.. :sad:
  15. Madril

    Madril 1st Folding then Sex

    Ya ... w8ing 4 JK3 :D

    Esse parece jeitoso ...

    K axam do Clone Wars pra PS2 ?

    Tenhu o Bouthy Hunter ... mas ainda na tive mt tempo pra jogar akilo :D
  16. PlaneT_Sss

    PlaneT_Sss Power Member

    nunca fui grand fa de jogos Star wars.
    o k gramei + foi o Racer... vuuuummmm :P :005: :P


  17. Sacripanta

    Sacripanta SuperModeradorzinho
    Staff Member

    Experimenta o Jedi Knight Outcast.. pode ser que mudes de opinião..:cool:

    O Pod Racer é de facto um jogo mto bom:001:
  18. Korben_Dallas

    Korben_Dallas Zwame Advisor

    O Pod racer foi excelente... nunca me diverti tanto com um jogo do género desde o Wipeout!

    Quanto ao Outcast 2 até apanhares o sabre é uma seca mas depois RULA! As armas de fogo eram dispensáveis!! Jedi POWA! :D
  19. Watchout

    Watchout Power Member

    Quanto a mim só já falta uma sequela á altura para o X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter... Tenho saudades de pegar naquelas bombas (A-wing, Tie Defender, etc...), infelizmente a LucasArts nuncas mais lançou simuladores espaciais tão bons como os de antigamente :sad: Alguém mais também deu cabo de uns quantos ratos a jogar o velhinho Tie-Fighter :D ?
  20. Gandalf

    Gandalf I fold therefore I AM

    Eu nem pedia mto .. apenas um RPG feito pela Bioware e baseado no Lord of The Rings .. tinha jogo para meses :D

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