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PlayStation Tales of Xillia 2 (Namco Bandai)

Discussão em 'Console Gaming' iniciada por Soadi, 2 de Junho de 2012. (Respostas: 4; Visualizações: 660)

  1. Soadi

    Soadi Power Member

    Tales of Xillia 2 announced, out in Japan this winter


    The PS3 sequel takes place a year after Tales of Xillia, with the main character being Ludgar, whose entourage includes his cat, Lulu, and a little girl named Elle is apparently the key to the story. It’s unclear at this point whether the game will use a dual, main character system like the first one, but it more information on the game is expected on June 27.

    What Andirasang has gleaned though, the ability to make key choices. One decision shown in the the trailer involved using tomatoes in a recipe, an ingredient Elle is not very fond of, apparently.

    Another sequence involved choosing whether to fight an enemy or back off with the event changing depending on the player’s choice.

    In battle, Ludgar has a weapon shift ability he can use which allows him to use a weapons such as a hammer, or dual wiled weapons such as pistols and swords.

    The game is slated for a winter release in Japan, and a more specific date will be announced on June 27. There will also be a special DualShock controller for it as well.

    Tales of Xillia 2 Trailer and Gameplay
  2. mlima

    mlima Power Member

    O primeiro já saiu cá em PT?

    Estava com muita curiosidade quando foi lançado mas depois de tampo tempo sem noticias de localização escapousse-me...
  3. Joao.Cardoso

    Joao.Cardoso Power Member

    Faz essa pergunta daqui a 5 anos!
  4. dRopEe

    dRopEe Power Member

    nunca ouvi falar, mas se é da Namco é bom :D

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