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Gráfica The Fastest 3D Cards Go Head-To-Head

Discussão em 'Novidades Hardware PC' iniciada por Boobaloo, 1 de Setembro de 2008. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 1921)

  1. Boobaloo

    Boobaloo Power Member

    Conclusions – Radeon HD 4850 Is The Winner

    The minimum values can barely be achieved even by the fast graphics chips, but working upwards, the increase in frame rates are considerably higher. The GDDR5 RAM is not a wondrous answer to performance holes caused by anti-aliasing or minimum values, but Assassinhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination ’s Creed, Half Life 2: EP2, and World in Conflict do become evened out slightly. The HD 4870http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_R700 has an almost identical progress to the HD 4850, just at a higher level.
    The switch from a Radeonhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon HD 3850 to a 4850 really is worth it. The overall results show an increase of up to 47.5%, while an upgrade from the HD 3870 to HD 4870 achieves a total of 40.6% more frames. If you are happy with a little less 3D performance, then the HD 3850 at $90 is a good buy, and is currently the best in terms of price/performance.


    With the Nvidia cards, you need to take a closer look. Changing from a GeForce 8800 GTS 512 to an 8800 GTX or 9800 GTX would be pretty silly, as all three models show very little difference in the overall results. An upgrade from the GeForce 8800 GTS 512 to the GTX 260 would bring a total of around 18% more power, while changing to the HD 4870 would result in a 14% to 15% performance increase. The Nvidia recommendation is the 8800 GT for $120, which holds second place in the price/performance comparison.

  2. rpsgc

    rpsgc Power Member

    Testaram as HD48xx com os Catalyst 8.6... está tudo dito. Perda de tempo.
  3. lohka_86

    lohka_86 Banido

    Se isso tivesse sido feito em Janeiro, a vencedora teria sido a 8800GT. O que significa que o mercado está muito vivo.
  4. possessed

    possessed Full Throttle BOINC Roller

    Se tivesse sido em 1998 tinha ganho a voodoo2 :zzz:

    o site apenas veio evidenciar o que quem tem seguido as performances das novas gráficas que a série hd48x0 é um best buy. já mandei passear a minha 8800gts e pus uma hd4870 no lugar e o aumento de performance foi mesmo :wow:

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