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Thomson Tg 787

Discussão em 'Dúvidas e Suporte—Internet, Redes, Segurança' iniciada por tiagomiguel, 23 de Dezembro de 2008. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 10030)

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  1. tiagomiguel

    tiagomiguel Power Member

    Customer Acceptance Release (CAR):
    • CANT-3: TG870, TG870i
    New Product Release:
    • CANT-S: TG787n, TG787in CANT-T: TG797n, TG797in CANT-W: TG782, TG782i CANT-Y: TG784, TG784i CANT-Z: TG797, TG797i
    • GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-G SIP : TG787: ZZ72AA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-G SIP : TG787: ZZ73AA8.215.bli
      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-G MGCP : TG787: ZZ6WAA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-G MGCP : TG787: ZZ6XAA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-J : TG585n: ZZBSAA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-J : TG585n: ZZBTAA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-O : TG587n: ZZ1MAA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-O : TG587n: ZZ1NAA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-S SIP : TG787n: ZZ0FAA8.214.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-S SIP : TG787n: ZZ0GAA8.214.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-T SIP : TG797n: ZYZNAA8.214.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-T SIP : TG797n: ZYZOAA8.214.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-W SIP : TG782: ZYUNAA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-W SIP : TG782: ZYUOAA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-Y SIP : TG784: ZYU3AA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-Y SIP : TG784: ZYU4AA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-Z SIP : TG797: ZYY8AA8.215.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-Z SIP : TG797: ZYY9AA8.215.bli

      GoLinux RBI-image - CANT-3 SIP : TG870 CAR: ZYVQAA8.214.rbi
      GoLinux BLI-image - CANT-3 SIP : TG870 CAR: ZYVRAA8.214.bli
    New Features:
    • All models:
      • 48ms echo cancellation in DSP
      • (VLAN / Bridge:) Configurable P-Bits is supported (ARP & PPPoE classification)
    • DECT, incl USB DeXtenTion DECT:
      • 2 simultaneous DECT calls
      • Multi-number support (latter requires the following scenario: 1# per FXS + 1# per DECT + 1 common DECT + 1 common FXS + 1 common#)
    • USB DeXtenTion DECT Adapter:
      • Auto DECT pairing on insert
    • GoLinux Wireless Firmware:
      • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) certification
    • Multicast video streaming now possible: previously not possible when one of the gateway ethernet ports was used as a WAN connection (due to the IGMP snooping implementation used).
    • Internet connectivity checks now correct: previously, if the DSL line was not synchronised, or an ATM ping was not supported, it was possible for this check to give wrong results.
    • Cone ALG connection time-out: “The issue where a child connection of a Loose connection created by the CONE ALG is dropped after it’s timeout is exceeded has been solved.”
    • GoLinux Wireless Firmware:
      • Various crashes and LED behaviour bugs fixed
    • VLAN / Bridge:
      • Traffic will now run between 2 Gateways connected back-to-back via Ethernet
    • UPnP / TR-064:
      • UPnP certification discovery now works (IPv4_2_1_12/14/15/16/22 failure cases)
    • IPQoS:
      • WFQ weights are now applied
    • 11n Wireless:
      • Output power control now possible
    • VoIP:
      • Various low voice quality issues fixed
    • Remote Management:
      • Scheduled inform now matches ACS
      • TG585n: remote firmware upgrade now works
    • USB DeXtenTion DECT Adapter:
      • Certain instabilities after unplugging fixed
    • 11b/g/n Wireless:
      • WDS has been removed from the GUI
    • IPoE with 4 different MAC addresses:
      • now supported (more MAC address registrations on the logical Ethernet)
    • Ethernet WAN scenario:
      • Internet LED behaviour can be controlled via the new CONF_ETHWANLED environment variable
    • Remote Management:
      • Firewall configuration via IGD now possible
    Open Issues:
    • GUI:
      • (TG782, TG784, TG797:) links to Web Cameras and Voice Mail topics are present though non-functional
      • DSD crashes under heavy load
    • VLAN / Bridge:
      • Bridge Filtering “is not complete”
    • UPnP / TR-064:
      • (Wireless:) can crash on extended use due to ‘upnp_subscriptions’ (pool depleted) crash
      • Configuring wireless via TR-064 can crash the gateway
      • Firewall rules aren’t updated when a port map is created via UPnP
      • No default connection when invoking ‘GetDefaultConnectionService’ in UPnP
      • ‘SetDSLLinkType’ returns ‘810 Action not implemented’
      • ‘GetCommonLinkProperties’’ returns wrong values
    • IPQoS:
      • Queue based rate limiting does not work
      • (TG787:) Discard-Early does not work
      • WRR weight configuration does not work
    • DHCP:
      • System crash if PPP assigned IP address is part of DHCP pool range
      • When a public IP address is assigned via the GUI to a specific local host, the gateway may later give it to a different host instead (cheek!)
    • Wireless:
      • System crash possible with long-term heavy traffic to WAN
      • 11n throughput lower with WEP or WPA-TKIP compared with WPA2 or no security
    • Remote Management:
      • ‘ScheduleInform’ supported, but the event code is not preserved during reboot
      • ‘SupportSoft ACS’ causes reboot
    • VoIP:
      • IGD Line objects Instance number increases when editing VoIP parameters
      • CFNR doesn’t work with COMMON port
      • In the GUI, changing CFBS destination has no effect (workaround: use the CLI)
    • Call transfer (such as REFER message to be sent to WAN) does not work
    • Changing the mapping between intua’s and extua’s via GUI does not work
    USB DeXtenTion DECT Adapter:
    • (TG782, TG787v, TG787v Business:) Hot-plug sporadically causes reboot

    • FTP session authentication from LAN fails (scenario: Content Sharing FTP Server service enabled to allow FTP connections from WAN to shared media)
    • Host manager does not show host’s device name
    • VoIP, Video, TR-069 gets prioritized over normal traffic
    • (TG784:) when a DHCP client instance is assigned to the Ethernet WAN interface, the power LED will not change to solid green after start or restart
    • Initiating a FTP download from WAN on a local host may cause packet loss in running video streams
    • RTP streams are blocked by a NAT bug
    Este firmware saiu em 22 de fevereiro para este router será que alguém sabe de alguma maneira de alterar o firmware original, é que pelos vistos tem bastantes alterações ao firmware original.

  2. tiagomiguel

    tiagomiguel Power Member

    CANT-G : TG787 POTS / TG787i ISDN: Quote:
    • r7.2.0 CAR : (removed from Thomson sites)
    • r7.4.1 CAR : (removed from Thomson sites)
    • r7.4.2 CAR:
    • r7.4.3-SIP : ZZ73AA7.432.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ72AA7.432.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image) (initial release)
    • r7.4.3-MGCP : ZZ6XAA7.432.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ6WAA7.432.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image) (initial release)
    • r7.4.4-SIP : ZZ73AA7.447.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ72AA7.447.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image)
    • r7.4.4-MGCP : ZZ6XAA7.447.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ6WAA7.447.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image)
    • r8.2.1-SIP : ZZ73AA8.215.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ72AA8.215.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image)
    • r8.2.1-MGCP : ZZ6XAA8.215.bli (GoLinux BLI-image), ZZ6WAA8.215.rbi (GoLinux RBI-image)

    Se alguém souber da versão 8.2.1 e como fazer o upgrade é que era.
  3. amjpereira

    amjpereira Folding Member

    Alterações ao firmware original?

    Estás no forum errado.

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