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[Tópico OFICIAL] 50 Cent Blood on the sand [MULTIPLATAFORMAS]

Discussão em 'Jogos - Discussão Geral' iniciada por .Zxtr., 26 de Abril de 2008. (Respostas: 25; Visualizações: 3099)

  1. .Zxtr.

    .Zxtr. Power Member


    Nada melhor que um trailer...

    Novas informações a serem adicionadas brevemente.....

    Site oficial: http://www.50bloodonthesand.com/us/

    This review was not written by me, but I do support everything it says...)
    Apparently, we live in a world where, if you’ve been shot (or tell people you’ve been shot) more than once,

    you get a free ticket to a rap career and wait!
    There’s more!

    Your own gangsta video game!

    This is taken directly off of the website for the game:

    “50 Cent and G Unit have just played to a sold-out crowd in a war-torn country. But when 50 tries to collect from the shifty promoter, he’s told that a local drug lord named Kamal has f**ked him over and stolen the box office receipts. 50 is ready to take his wrath out on the promoter, who begs for his life and convinces him there’s a way to get his money back and get revenge on Kamal. With YOU playing as one of the world’s biggest Hip-Hop star, cue an all out battle across two countries to collect a payday and payback on those who have crossed 50 Cent!”

    Does anyone else have a little throwup in their mouth?

    This is the worst thing I have ever read on the internet! And you know the internet, so that is saying something. Here comes one hell of a rant.

    There are many things that come to my mind when reading this disgusting excuse for a game overview.

    First of all, I think war torn country, I think poverty, I think, people dying.

    I don’t think, people paying 200 bucks a seat to hear some guy “singing” about killing and raping people.

    But that’s just me.

    The people of war torn countries have more important things to worry about, like finding food and water and avoiding the bombs being dropped on them.

    I also doubt this “artist” would be caught dead near any war torn country; they probably wouldn’t have luxury suites for you to stay in there, pal!

    Second of all, since when is it o.k. for one’s name to be a number?

    I love how the description calls him “50”.

    I’m thinking, what? 50?grapes? 50?.lollipops? It’s a number!! Not a name!! And I know people have been naming their kids weird things lately, like Apple and Talula, but for goodness sakes, not a number!

    Third of all, it makes me very uneasy that the “shifty promoter” has to beg for his life.

    Is this harmless video game insinuating that this megastar rapper is (gasp!) a murderer?

    I think?yes.

    It’s so bizarre that he would be all right with that, since the game is portraying him and all, but I suppose since it fits his “super-bad, gangsta image”, Mr. Number for a Name is pleased.

    Fourth of all, I think there is a better reason to start a “battle across two countries” than one unpaid show.

    They are a poor country anyways!! And doesn’t this guy have like a gazillion dollars anyways?!?!

    If anything, he should be giving them money to support their hospital system.

    I am sure it’s not doing very well considering its war torn and all. Man, if this was happening in real life can you imagine how ticked off I’d be?

    It really just seems to be supporting rudeness is all.

    I sentence 50 Cent to make his next video game about donating to war torn countries.

    How’s that for a video game, eh? I know I would finish the game feeling really amazing about my positive contribution to the world.

    Not thrilled that I started a world wide gang war to earn a few grand when I probably have about a gazillion in the vault in my solid gold mansion.

    As you can see, the whole premise really rubs me the wrong way.

    I can’t believe I just stumbled upon this; that I haven’t even heard any outcries about this disgusting premise for this so-called game.

    All I know is that if aliens come to Earth in thousands of years and find this game, they are going to think that humans were sick freaks with absolutely no morality whatsoever. And that’s not really how I want to be remembered, do you?

    One last thing: when did it become acceptable for anyone to just make a video game?

    This guy is apparently an “artist”. I’m confused?is he an artist of video games?

    I think not. He just plasters his name and picture on a box and earns a few mils. What a way to make a living, eh? Ruining the human race one video game at a time.

    (So I hope you enjoyed it, but with all serious intentions, I wouldn't waste 50 cents on this game... If you like gunplay, try Call of duty, or medal of honor, something with a real story...)
    Última edição: 26 de Abril de 2008
  2. Neurotical

    Neurotical Power Member

  3. .Zxtr.

    .Zxtr. Power Member

    Eu nunca experimentei o 50 cents 1 ....mas como ninguem tinha postado.......nem curto o som dele!!!
  4. JonyJC

    JonyJC Power Member


    Eu acho que não há ninguem que goste desse jogo...
    Pera... O Fifty Cent no Middle East, wtf? Como é que isso pode ter algum sentido?
    Há pois, não tem.
    Última edição pelo moderador: 27 de Abril de 2008
  5. elwan

    elwan Suspenso

    Se for como o primeiro esquece la isso.
  6. 大地 大智

    大地 大智 Banido

    Vão trocar a personagem principal do Final Fantasy 13 pelo Fifty, ele é muito melhor, mais rico, mais bonito, mais pausado e tem montes de gajas.
  7. azeiteiro

    azeiteiro Power Member



    my 2 cents :D
    Última edição pelo moderador: 27 de Abril de 2008
  8. orange_cap

    orange_cap Power Member

    deêm uma chance. pode ser que seja fixe. mas realmente 50 no middle east.. wtf?? se inda fosse em NY em lutas de gangs compreendia se... mas assim.. ele ta a querer ser um Rambo xD
  9. SpikeDaCruz

    SpikeDaCruz Power Member

    Um jogo destes nunca pode ser "fixe".
  10. Mr.Clean

    Mr.Clean Power Member

    Até curti o trailer.:D
  11. Samuka Klax

    Samuka Klax Power Member

    O enredo do jogo parece muito fixe!!

    Mas podemos ser surpreendidos.
  12. BDesign

    BDesign Banido

    Se os US quiserem acabar com a guerra é só chamar o 50cent. LOL
  13. 1Coelho1

    1Coelho1 Power Member

    OMG!... Espero que estejas a brincar... porque o trailer foi uma palhaçada. Quase que aposto que saído da cabeça do próprio 50cent.
  14. tommy v.

    tommy v. Hard BOINC

    outro não por favor :002:
  15. É quando vejo estas coisas que de certa forma os regimes totalitários fazem uma ponta de sentido na minha cabeça. A respeito do enredo, penso que se baseia nisto:


    Fonte: BBC
  16. .Zxtr.

    .Zxtr. Power Member

    Informaçoes post inicial
  17. Jert123

    Jert123 I'm cool cuz I Fold

    Gostaria de lancar a pergunta sera que e o rambo ? em versao negra?
  18. Neurotical

    Neurotical Power Member

    e mm que n queiram podem mandá-lo para lá tb :002:
  19. M4N!4K

    M4N!4K Power Member

    ignorem o facto do fifty ser o personagem, e talvez seja um bom jogo :P

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