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Toshiba to Launch the World's First SDXC Memory Card

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  1. never die

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    World's largest 64gigabyte (GB), with world's fastest transfer rate

    Toshiba Corporation, a leading innovator in NAND flash memory technologies and solutions, today announced the launch of the world's first 64GB SDXC Memory Card1
    with the world's fastest data transfer rate2 compliant with the new SD Memory Standard Ver. 3.00, UHS 1043.

    Toshiba also extended its industry-leadership in memory card solutions by unveiling 32GB and 16GB SDHC Memory Cards compliant with the world's fastest data transfer rate4.
    Sample shipments of the new SDXC Memory Cards for OEM manufacturers will start this November, and of the new SDHC Memory Cards in December. Both products will be available at retailers next spring.
    The new SDXC and SDHC Memory Cards are the world's first memory cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 3.00, UHS104, which brings a new level of ultra-fast read
    and write speeds to NAND flash based memory cards: a maximum write speed of 35MB per second, and a read speed of 60MB per second. The specifications meet strong market demand
    for cards combining high level performance with increased data capacity, in order to support such applications as high speed continuous shooting for digital still cameras
    and high resolution video recording for digital camcorders, and high speed transfers of those data from/ to other media.

    The high level specifications and wide range of memory cards announced by Toshiba will further open the way for developers to bring exciting applications to future generations of
    consumer products. By further enhancing its SD Memory Card line-ups with larger capacity and higher data transfer rate, Toshiba will continue to meet market demand, and to lead the NAND flash memory market.


    1 - SDXC Memory Card is the next-generation SD Memory Card standard defined by the SD Association in April 2009, in order to meet the ever-growing demand for high-capacity memory media,
    offering higher transfer rates for content rich storage applications. The new SDXC Memory Card Standard applies to cards with capacities over 32GB and up to 2 terabyte compared to
    the SDHC standard, which applies to cards with capacities from 4GB to 32GB.
    2 - As of August 4, 2009
    3 - UHS 104 is the new ultra high speed interface that delivers data at a rate of 104MB/ sec. It is the highest standard in the new SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 3.00.
    4 - Maximum read and write speed may vary depending on the host device, read and write conditions, and file size.


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