Ubuntu Intrepid em Mac OSX Leopard look-like


Aqui fica um guia completo para transformar (visualmente) ubuntu num mac OSX Leopard look-like :)

Turn Your Ubuntu Intrepid Into Mac OSX Leopard

Posted by: Damien January 8th, 2009
Filed under: Linux, Mac


This is an updated version of my previous post Turn Ubuntu Hardy into Mac OSX.
That post was written six months ago and many things have changed during this period of time: release of Ubuntu Intrepid, newer Mac4Lin theme, better globalmenu applet etc. As such, I have decided to rewrite this tutorial for the Intrepid platform.
Disclaimer: This tutorial was based on Ubuntu Intrepid and Mac4Lin RC1 themes. I don’t guarantee that it will work on other distro or other version of Ubuntu.
Download the Mac4Lin themes and extract it to your Home folder. You should see a Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 folder that contains all the configuration files in your Home directory.
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