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Xbox Want DivX on your 360? Join the petition

Discussão em 'Retro / Legacy / Arcade' iniciada por pofxxx, 23 de Outubro de 2006. (Respostas: 4; Visualizações: 995)

  1. pofxxx

    pofxxx Power Member

    One thing Xbox 360 gamers might notice about their consoles is the inability to play or stream certain files through it. Specifically, there doesn't seem to be a legitimate way for you to stream DivX video from your PC to your 360. While there's probably at least one obvious reason why the movement for DivX on the 360 is taking a while (*coughWindowsMediacough*), it doesn't stop people from making their voices heard.

    That's why now would be a good time to make YOUR voice heard. It seems that people have been clamoring for DivX format support so much that they've made an online petition. Now, this petition has been up for a long time, but until Microsoft does something can see on Xbox 360s, instead of simply talking about it, people will still be plugging this and nagging the console maker for this one particular upgrade.

    Of course, a workaround's already been made by enterprising programmers, but it doesn't do much to stem the flow of the monopoly of one video format over another. Better to let the people decide by seeing which one suits their needs more than to place a stranglehold on competition. If you agree with that sentiment, then you may just want to sign on it and hope Microsoft takes notice.

    Va pessola toca a fazer a petition
  2. omni0ne

    omni0ne Power Member

    Embora eu tenha as minhas duvidas quanto ao facto da MS prestar alguma atenção a estas coisas, acho k toda a gente devia assinar.

    Não se perde nada... :D
  3. Slider

    Slider Colaborador
    Staff Member

    Por acaso xvid até era melhor ideia..... divx.... well, melhor que nd.
  4. PROD

    PROD Power Member

    Parece que não vão precisar de petição.... Faz poucos dias li sobre isto, e parece que a principal razão é porque a Sony vai logo ler de origem divx e xvid...


    The latest news floating around the web is that XviD and Divx playback will be coming to an Xbox near you soon...

    It would seem Microsoft have announced at an event in Rotterdam called Mission 360 that there will be a firmware patch coming out in the next few months that will address the lack of support for these very popular video formats.

    Also noted was that Microsoft want to release the Xbox 360 in a variety of new colours. Which is all well and good but I feel a little to late as i'm surely not going to go out and buy a new console just for a colour change.

    Especially when there are some extremely nice 3rd party cases out there which I feel sure will blow away whatever Microsoft brings out . :)

    News-Source:- www.maxconsole.com
    News-Article:- www.xlife.nl (In Dutch)"
  5. freakdahouse

    freakdahouse Power Member

    Também ja tinha ouvido falar nisso por outros forums, as peticões de nada servem, afinal eles bem sabem que toda a gente que tem a x360 quer ver esses formatos a serem reproduzidos.

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