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MMO Warhammer Online - [EUROGAMER] GOA unveils enormous WAR update

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Astinus, 29 de Janeiro de 2009. (Respostas: 3; Visualizações: 656)

  1. Astinus

    Astinus Power Member

  2. Atheron

    Atheron Power Member

  3. PaliXo

    PaliXo Power Member

    ui, isto promete... já estou com vontade de voltar ao jogo...
  4. BrutusPT

    BrutusPT Power Member

    In order to alleviate the confusion and difficulty with flipping a zone, developers have announced changes for patch 1.1.1. When one mouses over the exsisting Zone Control bar, a breakdown of various bars will appear representing each element that affects Zone Control. Furthermore, Skalski added, "Moving forward, what we’re looking at doing is - battlefield objectives: once you capture them, you’ll have to defend them for 30 minutes and keeps: once you capture them they will have to be claimed by a guild and then held for two hours." Lastly, according to MMORPG, "This new feature will change the look of the zone control bar as well, adding six new blocks to the top and bottom. As Zone Domination criteria are met, the block begin to light up with the appropriate color. Basically, your side has to hold all six of their blocks in order to flip the zone." This is supplemental to other ways of flipping a zone.

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