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MMO Warhammer Online - Patch 1.3

Discussão em 'PC Gaming' iniciada por Leuggim, 15 de Maio de 2009. (Respostas: 10; Visualizações: 1087)

  1. Leuggim

    Leuggim Power Member

    PATCH NOTES:http://herald.warhammeronline.com/patchnotes/index.php?id=2009_1-3-0

    The WAR team has been hard at work on our 1.3 version and in just a few short days we will be opening up our test servers for public testing. Due to the massive amount of new content introduced with the Land of the Dead, we will be conducting testing in phases and releasing pieces of the new content to players over the course of a couple of weeks. As always we'd like to share a few of the patch highlights with you all.

    * Land of the Dead - The Land of the Dead is an expansive new "Darkness Falls" style dungeon area offering an array of new game play-experiences, including instances that can be invaded, base camps that can be besieged, challenging boss fights, new types of Public Quests, and of course loads of new RvR content. Players will be pitted in brutal head-to-head conflict for control of the dungeon. To the winners goes the spoils!

    * Sigil System - The Sigil System represents a new and exciting way for players to progress through WAR's endgame content. Wards have been removed from specific items and have instead been attached to Tome-based achievements. Once players unlock a particular Ward, it stays with them forever regardless of the items or equipment they decide to use. In addition, we have streamlined progression through endgame content by offering new alternative ways to unlock each Sigil in both PvE and RvR. These new unlocks will allow players to move through WAR's endgame content quicker and more reliably so they can focus more on bashing heads instead of rolling for loot.

    * Public Quest Loot Improvements - We are excited to introduce two new features to our Public Quest system in 1.3. First is the ability to opt out of a Public Quest. This feature will allow players to choose not to roll for PQ loot so they can help their allies without potentially earning a reward they have no use for. In addition, any player who does not loot before the PQ timer expires will automatically have their reward mailed to the character that earned it!

    * Dungeon Improvements - We have made numerous improvements to the dungeon lock-out system, including the ability to invite players without lock-out timers to groups already in progress. In addition, we have made a number of changes to the Tier 3 Mount Gunbad dungeon that will make the experience much more enjoyable for all players.

    * Crafting Improvements - Crafters Rejoice! We have added additional inventory slots in the player backpack just for crafters! These additional inventory slots can be unlocked through skilling up both trade and gathering skills. In addition, we have made numerous adjustments to the Talisman Making system, including the introduction of new talisman types, and more potent versions of existing talismans.

    * Ordnance Improvements - The RvR Ordnance system continues to improve! With the arrival of 1.3, players will be able to purchase additional Keep upgrades as well as a number of new siege weapons each with a special ability intended to help players on both assault and defense!

    * Career Balance - As always, we never rest when it comes to Career balance and 1.3 is no exception! Version 1.3 will introduce numerous balance tweaks to area-of-effect and direct-damage abilities for all careers. In addition, 1.3 continues our ongoing improvements to the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion, and Marauder careers.

    These highlights are only the tip of the version 1.3 iceberg, and the development team is hard at work squashing bugs, improving performance, and tuning the game for the release of this massive patch. We look forward to joining everyone on the public test servers over the next few weeks for a brutal romp through the Land of the Dead!
    As always thanks for playing!

    -The Warhammer Team

    Adam Gershowitz
    Producer - Character Systems
    Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning

  2. Radeon Force

    Radeon Force I fold therefore I AM

    Realmente a Mythic é fantastica, sempre a trabalhar em prol da comunidade, se existe companhia que mereçe os 14.99€ no final do mês é a Mythic de certeza.
  3. HunterPT

    HunterPT Power Member

    Epa mesmo uma má altura para algo deste género, quero mesmo joga mas com uma wii acaba de chegar (uma dezena de jogos para ela), mais bionic commando e infamous no final do mês, não vale mesmo a pena dar 13€ para jogar uma hora ou 2. BTW depois deixem feedback sobre o novo conteudo.

    Não era 13€, eles mudaram isso? É que tinha mesmo a impressão que o preço era 12.99 por mês no site deles, e cerca de 10€ por mês caso se compra-se os cartões nos polacos.
  4. Radeon Force

    Radeon Force I fold therefore I AM

    Sim é 12.99€, enganei-me:D
  5. HunterPT

    HunterPT Power Member

    Então pessoal digam lá como é que está o novo content.
  6. Radeon Force

    Radeon Force I fold therefore I AM

    Ainda não saiu a expansão, entrou hoje na fase 3 de testes.
  7. HunterPT

    HunterPT Power Member

    Ah ok achei estranho não ter visto nada por aí, mas como pensei que a expansão tivesse saído no final do mês passado tinha de perguntar lol.
  8. Leuggim

    Leuggim Power Member

  9. Radeon Force

    Radeon Force I fold therefore I AM

    O meu já vem a caminho:D, mas não vi em lado nenhum que o patch será instalado amanha.
    Bem o patch aka expansão é enorma com 800mb de tamanho.
  10. Leuggim

    Leuggim Power Member

    Sim tens razão, hoje era nos US..Amanha é na europa :D

  11. O evento dura até terça-feira (amanhã 23-06-2009), a partir daí vai ser sempre a abrir.

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